Sunday, November 03, 2013

Asahi Super Dry AllStars Tour at Chyna Black

The night after the MSN party, I head on down further to Chyna Black for another night of drinking some Asahi Super Dry.
Initially, I had trouble knowing where Chyna Black is since I've never heard of it before. After a bit of research, I discovered that it's exactly the same place as The Pool, just that it's located on the 1st floor above it. So off I went on my trusty steed of a car to make my way there hoping there isn't a Friday night traffic jam where often it consists of party revelers thronging to KL for a night of indulgence just like what I was also up to.

I've gotten there fairly early since there wasn't much of a jam and was shown the way to the exact place. Upon entering the venue, I was briefed on a digital looking clock counting down to the end of the happy hour but with every bottle purchased will add on 10 minutes (I think) to the clock so that anyone can purchase for a cheaper price while there's still time on the clock. Should a person purchased a certain number of bottles (I can't recall how many were needed) they can fill up an entry form and be entitled to win a brand new HTC phone through lucky draw!

Since it's my first time stepping foot into Chyna Black, I compared the surroundings against the pictures on it's website.
Chyna Black is supposedly themed to olden Chinese style. There's a pool table right up the front at the entrance and the dimly lit place had reddish lantern lights decorated throughout the small vicinity. Sofa sets are aplenty too at the location and intriguing enough, a door beside the bar opens to a dining room with a bar that hides away from the club room and muffles the sound. This is also the way to the toilet so one way or another, you will need to come through here if you're here for a night of drinking.

The DJs that started pumping the beat when I was there were DJ Monkey & DJ Funkzu:
And later on, DJ Faith hit the decks after midnight:
Ain't she gorgeous with her strikingly blue hair. LOL.

Some smokin' gun action going on that night:
Definitely a cozy enough atmosphere to keep me there for a good long time.