Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prost! with Carlsberg Malaysia at Oktoberfest Finale

After being around the Peninsular Malaysia bringing the Bavarian festival of Oktoberfest with the many parties, Carlsberg Malaysia finally draws the merriment to a hearty conclusion at the Old Wing outdoor car park of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya.

First thing that I did there was scout out my food as it was dinnertime for me when I arrived there.
There were a buffet spread of food that was laid out by certain participating outlets including Ninja Joe:
But what I was searching for are the food that keeps the Bavarian theme and something to go well with my beer since I intended my beverage to be beer:
So I settled for some Bratwurst and Pork Neck to go with my Carlsberg:
It may seem little but it was enough for me for the time being. Later on when the night was late and the 1 Utama shoppers throng the tent, I had more food consumed.

On top of Carlsberg beer, there's also Erdinger, Franziskaner (one of my favorite) and Lowenbrau that were served icy cold in limited edition 'stein' mugs as well. That quenched the throat of the people that were present there:
There's even Jagermeister there. I quite like Jagermeister :)
Sorry for the blurry pic. My hands aren't as steady that day after a couple of beers.

So the celebration starts after the ceremonial keg was tapped by Carlsberg Malaysia's Managing Director, Henrik Andersen and they toasted their mugs to the party people:
The Oom-Pa-Pah band that were flown in from Germany which performed at all the selected Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest celebration also performed at the finale:
They sang their traditional Germanic folk songs and some contemporary favorites. Also another thing that flew in from Germany was the Malaysian Book of Records 'Longest Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfest Long Horn':
And of course, no Oktoberfest party would be complete without the friendly Dirndl girls decked
in custom made Bavarian dirndl outfits and ever ready to top up dwindling steins of the revellers:
They were irresistible and soon had the braver, more spontaneous party goers there to participate in the 'chicken dance' with them and other fun activities:
Henrik said,"What a wonderful way to end this iconic Carlsberg Malaysia Oktoberfesst beer festival with a closing party of this size for our consumers. This is another great opportunity to share an experience as authentic as they come. After all, Oktoberfest is about bringing people together in the spirit of good cheer and good beer while enjoying good food and music."

Cheers to that, Henrik!


Tekkaus said...

One day I am so going to join Octoberfest...minus the beer of course. :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Hahaha. What will Oktoberfest be without beer.

Isaac Tan said...

Prost! Drink drunk drunkard.. :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. Must drink responsibly!