Monday, October 21, 2013

Malaysian Ladies Polo Championships 2013

On a Saturday afternoon, I braved the heat and the scorching sun to make my way to unknown territory where I've never gone before, all that to go...........for a polo match.
Okay, it may sound unlike me since I know nothing much about polo but hey, there's always a first for everything, right? No? Okay. You'll know why I'm there later on. LOL.

The rain started to pour out of a sudden during my journey and as quickly as it came, it went away just as fast while I'm trying to locate where exactly I was.

Anyway, it's the Finals and the decision for the winner, 2nd place and 3rd and 4th place after earlier rounds during the weekdays. The playing teams were defending champion La Boheme, La Pampa - GTM, Jennzilla and Butterfly Twists:
The great lady polo players were playing for the honor of being champions and the world's leading luxury Scotch Whisky, Royal Salute.
And that's partially why I'm here for as well, to savor for the first time, the fine taste of the whisky in addition to kick back and relax while watching the ladies play their game.

I started off with some Chivas cocktails which is also available to chase the throat dryness away:
The concoction was named as Chivalry with some apple juice, lemon juice and soda water finishing with a slice of apple on top. Of course it also contains Chivas 12. Small subtle sweet flavors intermingle within the bottom of my glass

While the rain stopped after I made it to the Polo ground, the weather throughout the day was hit with sporadic rain rendering the playing condition challenging. Nonetheless, the valiant ladies polo players continued on despite the rain.

La Pampa - GTM consisting of players Fazila Filippi, Melissa Tiernan, Claire Donnelly and Sarah Wiseman manage to win the tournament against previous winner La Boheme with a 4½ - 4 scoreline while the 3rd place was captured by team Butterfly Twists as they defeated Jennzilla with a score of 6½ to 4.
With the match over and the bagpipes and drums performance doing their thing:
I settled down for a tasting session on the Royal Absolute with a person explaining the tasting notes to me:
We tasted the Royal Salute 21 and the Royal Salute 100 casks first neat then with water added:
When you take a whiff of the whisky, the 21 smells a little fruity while the 100 casks, in the words of the person explaining smells a little of detergent. Haha. I do agree as I did smell a little of detergent smell among other things. The 21 has a more milder, smoother taste as compared to the 100 casks also the oaky taste is less apparent. The 100 casks is spicier, bolder.

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Blended Whisky was originally produced as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:
There are also 4 Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee bottles that were auctioned off where the proceeds went to the Yayasan Chow Kit and Haemophiliac Society of Malaysia.
The Malaysian Ladies Polo Tournament is an internationally recognised polo event,
part of the Women’s Championship Tournament of Polo, which is played in over 20
countries around the world.


Tekkaus said...

a sports for the elite. :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

You don't say. First you need to get a horse.

Merryn said...

wow. i've never watched this upclose. am scared of horses...

Isaac Tan said...

bojio! hehe. alcohol, alcohol everywhere..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Scared of horses? O_o
First time I'm hearing.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. I thought you need to watch your kid?