Thursday, October 17, 2013

D'Dream Cafe, SS2 Food Review

Sometimes, a food joint attracts patrons to their establishment by way of their theme.
I would say D'Dream Cafe is one such place.
From the exterior of the building that it's located at, it seems just like your normal, regular, business-as-usual place; but once you step inside the cafe, you'll immediately recognize the world that the owner transport you to.
It's the fantasy world of Doraemon - the blue robotic cat from the future that has grown to more than just being an icon in Japan.

As can be clearly seen around the whole cafe, the owner is a much avid fan of Doraemon ever since he was a child and has a very large collection of Doraemon items and memorabilia.
The items displayed around the shop are just a small portion of his entire collection which the rest are in his home.
Surrounded with Doraemon related things, we entered into a cozy room that feels like a bedroom atmosphere to savor the dishes in this place.
Taiwanese food is what is served here and our first dish was the only dish that we ate that has something that goes along with the Doraemon theme:
It's the Minced Pork Rice. On the dish where the minced pork is piled in the middle on top of the rice with vegetables making a circle around it also lies some Doraemon shaped Fish Cakes. The fish cakes may proved adorable to be decorated in the dish but in terms of taste provided zero influence. But then again, the main thing in this dish IS the minced pork since that is what it's named. It costs a mere RM5 for it.

We then tried the "Three Cup Phoenix" minus the rice:
No doubt, the chicken may be tender and nicely cooked, yet it still requires the dish to be consumed with rice. Else it will be too salty to be eaten on it's own. Of course, this is a portion of just the chicken for us to taste. It's usually served with rice or ramen in a dish with the price of RM7.50.

The next thing that we tried is the Red-Braised Beef with Ramen:
The beef is juicy and tender, not too chewy and has a little sweetness to it but lacks in taste in the middle. The soup is quite salty and provides a little spicy aftertaste to it while the noodles taste just like instant noodles.

Next, we tasted the Popcorn Chicken:
This is the type of chicken that I like to eat and is what I always order at one of the Taiwanese joint to go with my rice most of the time. It's basically fried chicken with curry powder(?) on top. For D'Dream Cafe's version, they seem to have sprinkled the curry powder after they plated it onto a bowl for us. That makes it unevenly seasoned with some chicken having too much of the curry powder which is very salty while others none at all. For the top ones, I tried to shake off the excess curry powder but it was futile as it stuck to the chicken like glue. I wish I hadn't finish my rice so soon so that I can eat along with this chicken to soften the salty taste. The fried chicken itself was okay, some were mildly hard which makes it too chewy partially due to the batter, I guess. Usually served with rice or ramen and costs RM7.50. Also can be ordered just as a side dish for the price of RM6 small or RM9 large.

Some Stewed Bean Curd were presented as well:
The tofu is cooked with some chewing needed and not the type where it's real soft till it melts in your mouth. From the picture above, you can see that it contains some minced meat on top and what looks like some oyster sauce. Eating on it's own is salty but eating it with rice would be just nice. The minced meat complements the flavor of the tofu.

Deep Fried Pork Ramen:
Pork chop was okay. Noodles proved to be too salty. I couldn't go more than 3 bites on it. Needs some veg to lessen the saltiness which unfortunately was missing in this plate. I believe, usually there will be a stalk or two of veg.

Next up was the Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder:
When I imagine how it's gonna taste like, I didn't think it would be such a good combination. But when I tasted it, the sour plum powder actually complemented the sweet potato fries well. The sweet potato fries eaten on it's own is already quite nice but when you add the sour plum powder to it, it sweetens and strengthen it's taste further. Of course, too much of the sour plum powder and it's going to be too sweet but the powder is easier to shake off than the popcorn chicken. This is something unique that I've never had before.

Some Golden QQ Balls:
It's nice as dessert. Sweet, sticky on the inside with a harder exterior shell. Not bad. Costs around RM6.

We were also served 2 beverage as desserts too. 1 is the Herbal Jelly Milk:
Be sure to stir it well or else the sweetener/syrup will concentrate at the bottom always. A cup is equivalent to RM4.90

And 1 more beverage as dessert is the Fruit Tea:
We tasted the cold version of it and it's very refreshing. Although much lesser ingredients than a previous fruit tea that I've tried, yet the flavors of the fruit seems to be equally balanced.

D'Dream Cafe is located at SS2, same row as CIMB Bank and is on a 1st floor level.
The address is:
70A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/60, Petaling Jaya (North), 47300

Although you can walk in to eat here, it's better to make a reservation because if the restaurant is packed, they'll serve customers with reservation first before attending to walk in customers. Even with a reservation, the wait for the food may take awhile too if it's a lot or if there's a lot of customers. Best is to go off peak hours. LOL. You can take your time looking at the Doraemon displays instead while waiting. XD


Henry Lee said...

i saw this shop in ss2 before but didnt know they have so many doraemons in there. Hahaha... Food seems ok but nothing out of the norm. Just that it feels bad for them to have a shop in 2nd floor... unless it's a boardgame cafe or chatime or else its hard to survive

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

So far, they seem to be doing okay. The main thing for them is the display of Doraemon stuffs. :)

Jackson Oh said...

I notice that nearly every dish you commented that it is too salty. Hahahaha....

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, it is. LOL. Taiwan food is a little salty.