Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chef Low Organic Kitchen Food Review

There was a time in my life where I ate quite a lot of organic food circa 2008 era. This was back then when I was hanging out a lot with this couple friend of mine whom the wife had gotten ill and was determined to eat healthy so we followed suit to accompany her. There's not many places that we know of in order to get such a dish and most outlet just gives me the impression that organic food aren't that tasty and is expensive. But one restaurant impressed me with their organic dishes that tasted quite good.

Though I've long since abandoned the habit of eating healthy, I decided to see how much has organic food evolved since now it's gaining more awareness and more places such as Chef Low Organic Kitchen is coming up.
It's located at Boulevard 10, Bandar Utama area.
This place looks like a ghost town after office hour but putting aside the scariness of an almost barren place, it's actually quite beautiful with a nice walkway in between buildings.
But the sole purpose of my visit was of course to see how good can this restaurant's organic food be and how much does it closely resembles your normal MSG and preservative food that you consume outside.

Now before I go any further, I want to clarify that this restaurant is not only an Organic restaurant but a Vegan one as well since it does not serve food that is made from animals including eggs and milk.

They have organic items on display and for sale at the shelf entrance too:
But this place is mainly a restaurant than a shop that sells organic items.
The interior has homely lighting to brighten up the place with a dining room feel and mirrors at one side of the wall which gives out the impression of spaciousness to the place.
So then, it's onwards to the tasting of the food.
Some Fruit Tea were served to quench our thirst.

It's generally served in shot glasses. The fruit tea has Green Apple, Red Apple, Passion Fruit, Orange and a little bit of honey in it. When I opened up the lid to have a whiff of the tea, the aroma was mainly oranges to me and when I took a sip of the warm Fruit Tea, it tasted lemony to me. The cost of the fruit tea is RM14.50 for a small jug and RM17.50 for a large one.

So we then dived in on the food that were presented to us. The Nyonya Assam Fish was my favorite of them all.
The Assam sauce that were made is what gives the edge to why I like this dish. Of course, it's not really fish that is served but rather a mock fish which taste more like tofu. But I could just eat the sauce with the rice all day.
To compliment with the veggie dishes, brown rice were served to go with it.
Chinese Mahogany Beancurd:
Beancurd is smooth and nice on the inside sauce was not bad. Overall, alright. Priced at RM14.50 for small and RM18.90 for big.

The Classic Carbonara Spaghetti:
Sauce tasted good and portioned in perfectly with the spaghetti & button mushrooms but I find the combination with the veggie (not the salad on top) pacifies the Carbonara sauce and the spaghetti too much. It would be better with less of that. RM16.50 is the price of it.

Pine Nuts Lotus Root is what is served next:
It's cooked nicely with a little bit of carrots, green peas and there's also Ginkgo nuts in there. Eating on it's own is just as good. RM15.50 for small RM19.90 for large.

Ying Yong Kai Lan:
Nice presentation, the stem portion is soft and pleasant to eat but the crispy portion at the top leaves a bit more to be desired as it didn't do anything taste-wise and it doesn't have that melt in your mouth feel to it like I've eaten at some restaurants before. There's also sprinkles of pumpkin floss on it which I can also barely taste it. If the top portion could produce a little more taste to it then it would be good. The dish costs RM18.90 as of current.

Hakka Claypot Beancurd:
Looks delicious and tasted okay. The crispy bits on the top actually contains mock salted fish in it. A little too salty for my taste. Priced at RM14.50 for small and RM18.90 for big.

One more western dish for us to try and that is the Fruit Pizza:
Surprisingly for an Organic and Vegan dish, the cheese tasted just like a normal cheese and the sweetness of the ingredient goes really well with the pizza dough. It contains Red Apple, Green Apple and strawberry sauce on top and as mentioned before, cheese which is made of soy milk. The price is at RM21.90.

This is the Basil Fried Vermicelli:
It has a distinct sweet taste to it. RM14.50

And the final dish that we tried is the Nangka Fish:
I rate this Ok.

The full address of Chef Low Organic Kitchen:
C-G-43, Block Camelia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint, PJU 6A, Petaling Jaya, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400
Open from Tues - Sun, 10.30am till 9.30pm.


Bahrain said...

look ur food picture make me so hungry.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...


foongpc said...

Oh this restaurant is still around? I visited it several times many years ago and even blogged about it LOL! Love its fruit tea and the fruit pizza! Yum! But organic food are normally more expensive, what more vegetarian organic food! I prefer to cook myself cos cheaper. LOL!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, I read your entry on it. :)

That's what my friend did last time once she realized eating out everytime at an organic food outlet is too costly, she decided to cook herself. But of course, it won't taste that good. LOL

Honey Lemon Girl said...

Woah, didn't know it looks so big inside! Always pass by the place.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I think the mirrors make it look like a bigger place than it actually is.