Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Riddick (2013) Movie Review

Genre: Action
Language: English
Starring: Vin Diesel
Story (may contain spoilers!):
Vin Diesel as Riddick again is all bruised and buried in a pile of rubble with only his bloody hand visible. A strange flying creature that looks like a Pterodactyl wanted to pick on the hand but was strangled by that very hand indicating Riddick, the main character was still alive.

That was how the movie started. It then continued on with Riddick in search of drinkable water but passed out from the exhaustion and heat. That's when it flashback to what had happened. Riddick was Lord Marshall among the Necromongers but after awhile, there were some dissent among his subjects towards him. So Riddick struck a deal with Commander Vaako to take him to his homeworld, Furya. In return, Vaako will be the Lord Marshall.

Upon arriving on an alien planet, Riddick discovered that he wasn't brought to Furya and that he was brought to this desolate planet to be killed but Riddick fought off the assasination attempt. Unfortunately, Riddick was bested by Krone when Krone blew off parts of the cliff so that Riddick will fall to his death which brought us to the beginning of the movie where he lay under a pile of rubble.

Riddick awoke, found water and also discovered some strange creature that is quite a threat. The creature has on one end like a scorpion's tail while the other end which contains a mouth to gobble up it's victim looks like a Brontosaurus type head which is usually submerged in water which is their habitat to sneak attack it's prey. The other head (or tail. I dunno what part is it) which is like a scorpion's tail contains deadly poison which could paralyze and kill it's victim within a minute and it's even more deadlier when it's in it's young stage.

Riddick, gathered the venom from those baby creatures and injects a little into his body to build his immunity. He also injects some onto a hyena like creature who was still a pup which he adopted as a pet. As they traveled the dunes of sand together, his pet, who's now grown up starts barking at a thunderstorm that's coming from a distance. Riddick, initially puzzled by his pets reaction soon realized the danger that's looming formulates a plan to get off the planet.

He found an abandoned mercenary station and broadcasts out his identity and that he's on the deserted planet.

2 spaceships heeded the call, one is a bounty hunter spaceship that wants Riddick dead to collect the bounty reward while the other is a team of high tech professional mercenary that is led by Boss Johns who wants answers on his son's death, William J. Johns, the person who pursued Riddick back in the movie Pitch Black

Will Riddick's plan to escape work? Or will one of the team after him will? Watch the movie to find out!
This movie is just what I expected out of it, Riddick being the guy who against all odds triumph over everything although there are moments in the movie that kept it real in which Riddick can be defeated. I can't remember much of previous movie on Riddick just that I watched The Chronicles of Riddick and not Pitch Black and I liked The Chronicles of Riddick but I can't remember the storyline. Anyway, Riddick is a fun character to watch with all the actions. The plot didn't matter much and there's not much thinking needed in order to understand the plot. Also, the effects were okay, not bad. It's quite an entertaining watch for the action other than that, it'll be just like The Chronicles of Riddick, easy plot to forget.
I give it 3 stars out of 5.


Henry Lee said...

so u like it ah? its watchable la... better than the previous one :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, I quite like it. But somehow my feeling tells me I like the previous one more but I can't remember what's it about. LOL.