Saturday, September 14, 2013

Paranoia (2013) Movie Review

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: English
Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Amber Heard, Harrison Ford
Story (may contain spoilers!):
The movie started off with Adam Cassidy running away from supposed killers.
It then goes back to the time where he's innovated something new and with his team, he was gonna pitch to the top dog of the company he's working for which is a leading tech firm. Him and his team were waiting for their turn to pitch their idea while sitting across them was another ambitious young lad with his team who traded insults with Adam Cassidy.

When Adam and his team were in the room presenting their idea to Nicolas Wyatt, the owner of the company, he seemed very disinterested and shot them down within minutes. Adam and his team walked out of the company dejected and without jobs but Adam decided to take revenge by using the credit card that the company had provided to him and spent all his team at a club. Adam met a girl at the club and before he knows it, it's already the next morning with him being kicked out by the girl out of her apartment as she goes to work.

After a futile attempt to change the girl's mind for him not to be just a one night stand, he was ushered into a car and jet off to see Nicolas Wyatt again.

During confrontation, Nicolas Wyatt blackmails Adam into being his spy by infiltrating the other leading tech company owned by his mentor, Jack Goddard, since they were on the verge of a breakthrough technology, Wyatt just gotta know how does it function and obtain a prototype of it. Since Adam is freshly fired from Wyatt's corporation, Adam would be a perfect candidate to step into Goddard's company and win the favor and trust of Goddard. Adam has to be his spy or else Wyatt would report him to the police for misusing company funds with the credit card that he was provided.

In order for it to go well and smoothly, Wyatt assigns Judith Bolton to train him and also offer assistance to him for any help.

During his employment at Goddard's firm, Adam found out that the person that he had a one night stand with is actually Emma Jennings, Director of Marketing at Goddard's company. Initially, she gave him a hard time but later mellowed down and fell for Adam. Adam, at first, had to figure out how to pitch a product to Goddard himself. But once he got through that hurdle, he manage to impress Goddard so much to win his trust.

Will he remain as a spy for Wyatt or will he side Goddard? Watch the movie to find out!

My first impression of this movie is that it's gonna be boring despite having Liam Hemsworth (whose not an actor that I like) and Harrison Ford (an actor that I like). Being a drama movie, the action as expected is not much and so it all boils down to the plotline. Although the plotline may not be a very fresh original one, yet I feel it sufficiently kept me entertained. I quite like the twist and turns of the outcome which drowns out the flaws of the movies hence making it watchable for me.

I give it 3 stars out of 5.