Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crayon Burger, SS15, Subang Jaya Food Review

Near Taylor's College in SS15, Subang Jaya, at the quieter side of town during the night resides a burger joint named Crayon Burger:
In spite of it's name, be assured that the burgers are not made of crayons but rather edible material. LOL.

The place, although sits in a quiet area during the nights, yet it's bright and a tad colorful on the inside.

There's scribblings on the right hand side wall in crayons which I couldn't make out how it came about so if you're sitting on that side of the wall, be sure to remind yourself not to lean on the wall as tempting as it may be sitting on a stool without any back rest.
Before the burgers came to appease our hungers, an appetizing basket of fries was served as we await the burgers.
It's interesting to note that the fries comes with some cheese sauce which makes the fries more delicious to me to an otherwise plain, salted fries. I very much delight in the sauce.

This burger is called Hashtag:
It comes with hashbrown along with the patty and some jalapeno cheese cream. By the way, all the burgers can either be ordered with a beef patty or a chicken patty depending on your preference. If you see a light color patty like the one above, it's chicken whereas the beef patty will be in a dark shade color.

And this here is the Zombie Burger:

It's the most recognizable to me even from afar with it's black poppy seed bun. It contains Swiss cheese some onion and a special sauce to it.

Here's the only burger in the menu that's with egg:
Called "The Boss", there's some mild Wasabi mayo and onion ring with Swiss cheese.
To me, this is the only burger that tasted worthwhile enough to eat. Even so, with the size of the burger, don't expect to be full from eating it.

Cheese Fondue:
Which I couldn't taste much of the cheese in it. There's some crispy items in it which is corn chips/Tortilla in it.

An interesting mixture of ingredients in this burger:
Called Peanut Butter Bacon, it contains raspberry jam, peanut butter and beef bacon in it. Sadly, though, I find the taste not as interesting. It tasted weird and it's a combination that's not something I fancy.

This one here is called the Classic Crayon:
Along with the patty, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, there's also caramelized onions. Somehow, there's a weird taste to the caramelized onion which is not to my liking.

And the last burger tried was the Double Rainbow:
It's basically a double patty burger. Oh, and there's some caramelized onions in it but the patties overwhelmed the onions more.

The different colors of the bun generally do jack squat to the taste except to provide aesthetically different. So far to me, Hashtag, Zombie, Cheese Fondue hardly provide any taste to me while the Peanut Butter Bacon and Classic Crayon tasted weird. Double Rainbow is just overdose of the patty meat to me. The only burger that I find nice is The Boss with some slight taste of saltiness to it.

I hope they would improve on the taste of these burgers as I just don't fancy any except 1 of them.

Anyway, I wanna thank their particular friendly staff who was quite hospitable and if you wanna check out the burgers at this place, it's at:
38, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya 45200 Selangor, Malaysia
 Operating hours are Tuesdays to Sundays: 11am - 10pm.


Honey Lemon Girl said...

Burgers look small?

Spicy Sharon said...

Rest assured the burgers are not made out of crayon! Hajahahahahaha lol

Ken said...

The burgers seem enticing from the colors :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Honey Lemon Girl
Yes, it is quite small to me. So you might need the drink which is bottomless to compensate.

LOL. I've always wondered why they chose the name Crayon Burger.

Well, that's what it does. To provide colorfully different to entice you. :)
But taste-wise, it doesn't do anything.