Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bavarian Bierhaus, Wisma UOA II Food Review

In my lifetime, as far as I can recall, I've only tasted 3 German restaurants in Malaysia and although German food may not be my favorite but it is to my liking. So far, I find that Bavarian Bierhaus is the best out of the 3.

Coincidentally, after pointing that out to a fellow friend, I was presented with the opportunity to savor a few more dishes from Bavarian Bierhaus which I immediately accepted to extensively find out whether other dishes that I've not tried appeal to me too.
The prices may appear to the common Malaysian as a once in a blue moon fine dining kind of thing but comparatively to other German restaurants, the prices are reasonable enough.

For starters we had a Selection of Cold Cut:
This is the Mix Cold Cut Platter that's fit for 2-3 persons. The price is RM88.
It's a plate sinfully filled with various pork meat to my delight.
It has Parma Ham, Salami Milano, Calabra Ham, Mortadella Ham and bacon with one spoon containing Pickled Cucumbers and another with onions. It's served with bread to counteract with the saltiness of the meat. A platter like this makes me long for a nice cold beer to go with it.

With that starter, we then had salad appetizers.
This is the Pork Salad:
Top most is bacon with grilled pork escalope with green salad and cherry tomatoes and some cheese seasoned with olive oil and a little mustard. It's mentioned crispy bacon that's in this pork salad but it's not as crispy as I find it to be. Rather, to me it's more of the chewy type which isn't a problem to me. I like bacon either way.

Caesar Salad:
Romaine lettuce with garlic dressing with Parma Ham as meat for the salad. Hard boiled omega eggs at the side with crispy Panini Croutons with grated Pecorino Cheese on top.
This is the first time I tasted a Caesar Salad that the meat feels like it's the main more than the overall salad dish. I've tasted 2 other types of Caesar Salad that contains meat in them before and that is with beef bacon bits or grilled chicken which complements the vegetables well. The Parma Ham though,(which I like eating) overpowers the other tastes in the dish, lettuce, egg, since it has a strong taste to it as oppose to lettuce and egg which has a way much milder taste to it. I'm not much of a salad guy but I presume a person asking for a salad would like a more balanced taste to it or the taste of greens to come on stronger combining with it's dressing. Not sure about croutons in the dish because I didn't see nor taste any at all. LOL. Perhaps it was at the bottom. No matter what, I like eating the ham. XD

One more salad dish is the Prawns Salad:
It contains prawns (obviously) that are grilled, some bacon, green salad, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, red onions and roasted pine nuts and some apples on the side. I'm not a fan of prawn but the overall taste of the dish is good enough. The combination may seemed a little weird but taste-wise not so and it gets the job done.

Next came the Mix Sausage Platter:
Various sausages with 5 different condiments on the side. I didn't try any of the condiments though. Just ate one of each sausage plain which is nicely done. Some of the sausages in the platter: Emmenthaler, Theuringer, Neurberger. Oh, and there's bacon again on top. ^.^

Next on the list, some nice Pork Ribs:
The sweet sauce, I presume it's BBQ Pineapple blends in well with the tender pork ribs. The meat itself is not salty like how a lot of places serve their pork ribs and is juicy but still needs the sauce to enhance it's taste.

Homemade Spinach Ricotta Cheese Ravioli:
Decorated with Basil Leaves on the top with Pecorino Cheese, the sauce hides the delicious Ravioli from sight. The Ravioli is wrapped around the Spinach which you'll be able to taste once you bite into it. Quite good.

Berlin Steak:
Another dish with bacon atop. :D The bacon wraps around the asparagus. Grilled pork steak is cooked nicely but with all the meat that I had consumed, this one needed more taste to it to be nicer.

And the heavenly Crispy Pork Knuckles:
The sauce didn't make a difference for me except to wet the pork knuckles. To me, it's good enough eating on it's own. It has a side of Boil Baby Potatoes and Sauerkraut served with it.

Once we're filled with the sinfully pork dishes, it's time for desserts.

The Italian Tiramisu:
Interestingly, the Tiramisu is not the usual soft kind but a hard solid one. There's loads of cocoa powder at the base where the pastry is where you immediately grasp a taste of it once you insert it into your mouth. The strawberry comes in sour which puts the dessert a bit off other than that, it's okay.

Next dessert tried, the German Pancake:
German Pancake relies more on the fruits to provide more of the taste. With the Vanilla ice cream on top and the syrup at the bottom, it's even sweeter. A little too sweet for my taste but should be nice for women.

And finally, the Strawberry Chocolate Mousse:
This dessert is actually sweeter than the German Pancake because it's pure chocolate in that Martini glass but because of the chocolate flavor sweetness, I find it better than the German Pancake because the German Pancake is more of sugar sweetness. Like the other 2 desserts, it's decorated with strawberry's on top which due to the amount of chocolate sweetness, the sourness of the strawberry dousing in the chocolate provides a good combination taste. There's also some nuts mixed in to provide a light crunch to it which makes eating it more pleasurable.

With now more dishes tried at Bavarian Bierhaus, I've proven to myself that my statement remains true that out of the 3 German Restaurants that I've tried in my life, Bavarian Bierhaus still maintain as my top choice.

For the UOA II branch, the full address is:
G8, Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opened daily from 11am to 12am and Saturdays from 2.30pm till 12am.


Ken said...

Wow, all these dishes will make meat lovers weak on their knees, would love to try the cold cut platter!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yup. It's like heaven to me. XD