Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unbeatable (2013) Movie Review

Unbeatable is a Cantonese movie with a mix of Mandarin in it.

It starts off with laying the foundation of Lin Siqi's storyline where he was out with a rich friend but when he came back out from the toilet, his friend had left. He then saw the reason in the papers that Siqi's dad had gone from a successful businessman into a bankrupt. He then went to find his dad to take care of him.

Next, they lay the background of a name Chin Fai where people like to call him Jin Fai (scumbag Fai). He gambled till he's in debt with the loan sharks and ran away from them.

Siqi and Fai's lives will intertwine later in Macau but before that, the story shifts to tell the story of Gwen Wong whom was a single mother with a young daughter and a son that lives in Macau. She drinks her sorrow away but still tries to take care of her kids. One day, she fell asleep on the couch while the son was playing at the kitchen sink filled with water. The kid slipped and drowned in the sink.

The story then comes back to Fai where he's now already in Macau to get a fresh start in life away from the loan sharks. A friend in Macau who has a boxing school hooks him up with a job there to get him back on track. Fai will be the doing the menial tasks in the place such as cleaning up and also to take a class of some 'mature ladies' in an aerobics class like manner. Fai flashbacks occasionally to the time where he was two time boxing champion but on the 3rd year threw a match for money which was found out by his coach. He was later convicted and sent to jail for that incident and he never boxed again. Fai was housed together with Gwen and her daughter Dani where now, Dani most of the time takes care of Gwen who suffers from mental disorder due to the incident of losing her son. Because of Gwen's mental disorder, Dani sets a lot of rules for Fai to follow in the house.

The story then comes back to Siqi where now he's also in Macau trying to make ends meet as a construction worker and taking care of his father who always drinks himself into a stupor and criticizes heavily on his son of not making it like him. Siqi saw the advertisement of the MMA competition which offers the prize of over 2 million dollars. He then was determined to join and win and went to the boxing center where Fai works and ask one of the coach, Rock, to teach fast because the competition is very near. Rock challenges him and told him that if Siqi can beat him down, he'll teach him the way he wants instead of starting with the basic. Of course, Siqi didn't manage to do it and so he was stuck with learning basics.

One night, Siqi was carrying his father home and was passing through the neighborhood where Fai lives. Siqi's father made a ruckus and started to smash things around. There's where Fai appeared and in one punch, downed Siqi's father. Siqi was so impress that he kept begging for Fai to teach him how to fight. Fai later agreed and Siqi's intense training started with Fai.

Fai's life was going for the better with him growing closer to Gwen and Dani and Siqi was prepping hard for the MMA match. Can all of them maintain in getting their lives back together? Watch the movie to find out.

This movie had a little gore factor to it and surprisingly quite a nice watch. Although it has that typical Chinese movie setting where it starts off with laying the story of all the characters' lives and tries to play the sentiments of the audience, it has some entertaining value to it. The little girl who played Dani, Malaysia's very own Crystal Lee was really a stellar actress and played her character well. No wonder she's won the Best Actress award for her debut film "The Viral Factor" which I reviewed here:

I give this movie a 3.5 stars out of 5.


Xue Ren said...

i watched this yesterday, and undeniable it was a great movie! :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I find it entertaining too.

Merryn said...

i will never go to a cinema to watch a chinese nor a malay movie. I'll only watch english movies. The rest, buy DVD and watch at home :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Why not? Chinese movies are getting better and some are on par with English movies. :)

Anonymous said...

There's a very meaningful message in this movie yet none of the bloggers point it out lol.
But i think only those having mid-life crisis will understand lol.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, I think it's because a lot of Chinese movie like to put in that "moral of the story" as part and parcel of their plotline so much so that most people just grown accustomed to it. This one has the typical common theme of do not give up when you're down but keep fighting and you'll eventually be out of that bad place.