Friday, August 09, 2013

Ninetology Unveils 3 New Quadcore U9 Smartphones

The evening looms over the last day of July,
And before the mark of the month's goodbye,
Ninetology holds an event of it's own,
That shows it's U9 series of smartphones
Over at the place for the bloggers' gathering,
Before the 2 emcees show what Ninetology has to bring,
Some light refreshments were served to cure the hungry,
And that's where I chowed down as much as I can see!
With the light refreshments, with the food, with the dessert,
A welcoming note from Mr. Ho, the Product Manager to the attendees where he assert,
That Ninetology is the 2nd largest in mobile device market share in Malaysia,
With the U9 series hope to strengthen further it's position within here.
Starting with the Urbanites, the 3 models from the U9 series,
In future, various smartphones for various customers Ninetology carries,
He later details on each of the new 3 models, X1, Z1 and Z1+,
And regale the tale of the smartphones' features to all of us.
All U9 phones are equipped with 1.2GHz Quad-core processor and Android 4.2,
But differ in screen sizes and camera megapixels from their debut,
X1's 4.8", Z1's 5.7" and Z1+'s 5" from what I gathered,
With 1280 X 720 super AMOLED HD for viewing the display better.

The U9 series are 9mm (Z1+), 9.3mm (Z1) & 10mm (X1) which depicts it slim and light,
Where X1 comes in red or black, Z1 black and Z1+ in white,
With the Z1 and Z1+ equipped with Corning's Gorilla Glass 2,
Making it a durable and stylish companion which could be for you too!
With 12 (Z1 & Z1+) and 13 megapixel (X1) cameras on the rear,
And also the 'Dual Camera' function which all 3 models bear,
Retails at RM1099, RM1199 and RM1299 respectively,
Will be available in mid August at major smartphone retailers collectively.
In addition to the smartphones that were observed,
There's also the Blogger's Review Program conversed,
Called "Tech Kaiju Arena" where bloggers stand a chance,
To win cash prizes and Ninetology phones if according to plans
The period will be from 12th August till 31st December this year,
With different themes every 30 days and the start draws near!
The "Wall of Pledge" is the first of it's theme,
Where the 'Responsible Blogging' emphasis is also beamed.

For further details on the U9 head over to their website,
From there on, I'm sure that it will shed more light,
An alternative would be to visit their Facebook page,
Where it features more than just the U9 stage.

So herein lies the ending to my cheesy (hopefully interesting) post,
I hope the next time I can bring about a better prose,
Until then I bid farewell to all of you,
Or in a French manner, they would say - Adieu.


Happy walker said...

wow, i wish to have one too~

choulyin.tan said...

I will still stick to my Samsung S3 :p

Henry Lee said...

Actually the Z1 attracts me cause of the wireless charging but had to buy it separately or borrow from friends :(

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Mr. Lonely
Everyone wishes to have nice material things for free.

At least you like your Samsung. Many people complaint about it's short battery life and constant hanging after installing too many apps. Wonder if this phones will be the same.

One day, wireless charging may come free with the phone. Till then, we can only hope. :)