Friday, August 30, 2013

Gusto Giusto, Glenmarie Food Review

For those who don't frequent Glenmarie, they would often find Glenmarie being a location where it's hard to find any food stalls there. For those who's familiar with the area will know that there's merely a specific location in Glenmarie where all the food restaurants centralize in. Gusto Giusto is one of those restaurants in that area.
The area here is known to draw in the considerable lunch crowd of the working class during working days but known to be like a ghost town during weekends hence coming on a Saturday or an hour where the lunch crowd has dispersed is best.

Gusto Giusto is an establishment that serves authentic Italian food and uses key ingredients imported from Italy but some things are fine tuned a little to suit the Malaysian taste. Interestingly, the prices on Gusto Giusto's menu are very affordable unlike the usual Italian Restaurants that you usually find in Malaysia where a serving for 2 persons already rack up to more than RM50. But be warned though, there's no alcohol nor pork served here.

Let's not ramble on further and proceed to see what we had on that fateful day.
Started off with Antipasto as an appetizer:
The warm hosts of the place even served to us a special Antipasto for us to try which is with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella:
The special version that they served us is more towards my liking. The Sun Dried Tomatoes were nice and sweet but not too sweet. The olives were surprisingly pleasant to me. Usually, I don't like olives because of a very strong queer sweet olive taste to it hence I usually take out the olives from pizzas if I see them but this one doesn't give out that strong taste. It still taste like olives and it's sweetness but it's like a milder version of it and goes well with the dishes that were served in. The Buffalo Mozzarella taste like a milkier version of Mozzarella and less cheesiness to it.

Another appetizer served is a delicacy available only in Italy. And even so, it's merely found in Sicily. Over here they called it Nasi Sicily but really, it's Arancini:
Arancini are Fried Rice Balls with breadcrumbs as the outer layer. Something unique to me that I've never tasted before. A crispy breadcrumb outer layer with rice inside and some Parmesan Cheese at the top with some tomato sauce and some Rag├╣ meat sauce in it, I believe. Also some Buffalo Mozzarella and peas in it. Basically, the main taste is the breadcrumb taste followed by the rice taste.
We later carried on with the Pastas.
Our first serving was the Spaghetti Bolognese both the Chicken and Beef variation:
Can't taste much of the meat after all it's minced but I do taste a good load of the pasta along with the sauce. The spaghetti was cooked right. Very soft and tender and nice to the taste buds. The sauce is not too overwhelmingly tomato flavor with sweetish taste (which is the reason why most of the time I would pick Carbonara) but just good for me.

Another Spaghetti served is the Spaghetti Frutti di Mare (Seafood):
I'm not a lover of seafood but this tastes okay.

Yet another spaghetti, Tartufona:
It's spaghetti in truffle sauce. The taste although is good, I find it a little too plain because there's nothing else in it, just spaghetti. I hope they can add some vegetables in it which doesn't ruin the taste.

Lastly from the pasta section, we tried the Lasagne:

They served us both Chicken and Beef version. Both of it taste really creamy but I can't really tell apart what meat I'm eating. LOL. I can taste the pasta. I quite like it.

We then proceeded to the Pizza section starting with the Margherita:
Although Margherita is usually more plain than other types of pizza, this one is a little too plain for me because the only thing I tasted was the cheese. Still it's nice.
Other pizza tried is the Siciliana:
and the GG Special:
I really like the GG Special. It's full of different flavors in the mix.

Next tried was the BBQ Chicken Whole Leg in Lemon Orange Sauce:
Although the chicken tasted alright, I still feel their pasta outweighs the chicken in taste.

And finally, we ate Chicken Cordon Bleu:
A little too tough and dry for my taste. Hope they improve this.

To end our session, we had a little Italian tradition by drinking the Italian Espresso:
This will help keep me awake for the next event I went to that evening. LOL.

Gusto Giusto is located at:
5 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37,
40150 Glenmari, Shah Alam.

Currently, it's open 6 days a week, Monday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm.
Oh, also look out for their loyalty card promo and lunch set that costs only RM8!


Spicy Sharon said...

Ah~ What a missed, for me.

The magherita! that's like eating cheese! I want! lol

Oh~ I like this confused statement.

Another appetizer served is a delicacy available only in Italy. And even so, it's merely found in Sicily. Over here they called it Nasi Sicily but really, it's Arancini.

And again, what a missed for me. I actually like Italian a lot.!

Ken said...

Hmm... i see they should improve on their food presentation too, some dishes don't seem to be tempting. Never had Arancini before, would love to try this dish out :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

If you like Mozzarella cheese (which I don't think there's much cheese flavor to it but more of milk) then you'd probably like the Margherita. You can always go over there to try the Nasi Sicily aka Arancini anytime. :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Maybe it's my lack of photo taking skill. LOL. The price is really good though. Arancini is only available in Italy at the moment that's why most people haven't tasted it before. But it taste kind of like Nasi Lemak. :)

Unknown said...

The Tartufona looks really plain.. but I am interested in trying it since u say the sauce is good ! haha

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yah, well if you like truffles, you'll like it. I did suggest to them to add veggies in it so that it has a more balance and appetizing dish. :)

Tekkaus said...

Besides GG Special (Pizza right?) others look too bland...or normal. :/ should have been more appealing.

Anne Lee said...

I live in shah alam but I didn't knew that Glenmarie has something like this. and thanks for dropping by. :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh is it? Maybe they need to work on their presentation then. LOL

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

That's one of the reasons why the owners decided to open in Glenmarie.