Friday, August 30, 2013

Gusto Giusto, Glenmarie Food Review

For those who don't frequent Glenmarie, they would often find Glenmarie being a location where it's hard to find any food stalls there. For those who's familiar with the area will know that there's merely a specific location in Glenmarie where all the food restaurants centralize in. Gusto Giusto is one of those restaurants in that area.
The area here is known to draw in the considerable lunch crowd of the working class during working days but known to be like a ghost town during weekends hence coming on a Saturday or an hour where the lunch crowd has dispersed is best.

Gusto Giusto is an establishment that serves authentic Italian food and uses key ingredients imported from Italy but some things are fine tuned a little to suit the Malaysian taste. Interestingly, the prices on Gusto Giusto's menu are very affordable unlike the usual Italian Restaurants that you usually find in Malaysia where a serving for 2 persons already rack up to more than RM50. But be warned though, there's no alcohol nor pork served here.

Let's not ramble on further and proceed to see what we had on that fateful day.
Started off with Antipasto as an appetizer:
The warm hosts of the place even served to us a special Antipasto for us to try which is with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella:
The special version that they served us is more towards my liking. The Sun Dried Tomatoes were nice and sweet but not too sweet. The olives were surprisingly pleasant to me. Usually, I don't like olives because of a very strong queer sweet olive taste to it hence I usually take out the olives from pizzas if I see them but this one doesn't give out that strong taste. It still taste like olives and it's sweetness but it's like a milder version of it and goes well with the dishes that were served in. The Buffalo Mozzarella taste like a milkier version of Mozzarella and less cheesiness to it.

Another appetizer served is a delicacy available only in Italy. And even so, it's merely found in Sicily. Over here they called it Nasi Sicily but really, it's Arancini:
Arancini are Fried Rice Balls with breadcrumbs as the outer layer. Something unique to me that I've never tasted before. A crispy breadcrumb outer layer with rice inside and some Parmesan Cheese at the top with some tomato sauce and some Rag├╣ meat sauce in it, I believe. Also some Buffalo Mozzarella and peas in it. Basically, the main taste is the breadcrumb taste followed by the rice taste.
We later carried on with the Pastas.
Our first serving was the Spaghetti Bolognese both the Chicken and Beef variation:
Can't taste much of the meat after all it's minced but I do taste a good load of the pasta along with the sauce. The spaghetti was cooked right. Very soft and tender and nice to the taste buds. The sauce is not too overwhelmingly tomato flavor with sweetish taste (which is the reason why most of the time I would pick Carbonara) but just good for me.

Another Spaghetti served is the Spaghetti Frutti di Mare (Seafood):
I'm not a lover of seafood but this tastes okay.

Yet another spaghetti, Tartufona:
It's spaghetti in truffle sauce. The taste although is good, I find it a little too plain because there's nothing else in it, just spaghetti. I hope they can add some vegetables in it which doesn't ruin the taste.

Lastly from the pasta section, we tried the Lasagne:

They served us both Chicken and Beef version. Both of it taste really creamy but I can't really tell apart what meat I'm eating. LOL. I can taste the pasta. I quite like it.

We then proceeded to the Pizza section starting with the Margherita:
Although Margherita is usually more plain than other types of pizza, this one is a little too plain for me because the only thing I tasted was the cheese. Still it's nice.
Other pizza tried is the Siciliana:
and the GG Special:
I really like the GG Special. It's full of different flavors in the mix.

Next tried was the BBQ Chicken Whole Leg in Lemon Orange Sauce:
Although the chicken tasted alright, I still feel their pasta outweighs the chicken in taste.

And finally, we ate Chicken Cordon Bleu:
A little too tough and dry for my taste. Hope they improve this.

To end our session, we had a little Italian tradition by drinking the Italian Espresso:
This will help keep me awake for the next event I went to that evening. LOL.

Gusto Giusto is located at:
5 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37,
40150 Glenmari, Shah Alam.

Currently, it's open 6 days a week, Monday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm.
Oh, also look out for their loyalty card promo and lunch set that costs only RM8!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tableapp Birthday Dining App

TABLEAPP Birthday Dining App just released few days ago, follow this guide would help you get more familiar with how to grab deals for your birthday party :P
Step 1: Import your friend list
To import your facebook friend list to our app. Firstly, you can do it on the introduction page when you just installed and open the app for the first time (Refer to image on the left). If you missed out on this, don't worry you could still import your facebook friends here on the third tab with a human icon(Refer to image on the right).
After importing your Facebook friend list, your available upcoming friends birthday will now appear on the Birthday Dining App.
Step 2: Find out birthday deals
You can now browse through all restaurants which offers birthday deals but before that you need to fill in some details for the search. Details such as date,time, for how many person, and area. After selecting all your preferred criteria, click the search button and we will list out all the restaurants which match with your search criteria.
By clicking on each of the restaurant, you get to see the details of the specific restaurant. Restaurant details such as address, dress code, cuisine, operating hours and also a more detailed promotion information.
Step 3: Make reservation
Finally when you finally decided on which restaurant to dine in. You can simply just make your reservation by clicking on the Make Reservation button. It will bring you to another page where you need to fill in your personal details such as name, email and phone number needed for reservation purposes. If you have some special request from the restaurant, you can fill it in as well. After you are done filling in your details, click on the make reservation button and your reservation will be completed.

Download the apps
or, you could go to TABLEAPP online reservation to make the reservation :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arthur's Day 2013 - Five For Fighting, All American Rejects & The Wanted

Arthur's Day 2013 is back this year and will be taking place at the Sepang International Circuit, Welcome Centre this September 27, 2013. It is the 5th year for Arthur's Day to be held and I still remember the 1st one like it was yesterday. I had a really good time back then when I was in the mosh pit right in front of the stage watching the Black Eye Peas perform:
Fast forward to this year's upcoming Arthur's Day, there will be not 1, not 2, but 3 international acts that will rock the stage this Arthur's Day 2013. They are Five For Fighting, All American Rejects and The Wanted. I will be so looking forward to watching Five For Fighting since I've never watch him perform live and I'm a person who appreciate songs with more thought provoking lyrics like how John Ondrasik aka Five For Fighting compose his songs.
All American Rejects
Five For Fighting

The Arthur's Day celebration kicked off with an exclusive launch party held at KL Live with me and Guinness fans and other members of the media across the room were filled with anticipation and await with bated breath as they announce the acts that are to perform at Arthur's Day 2013.
"Arthur's Day Celebrates the founder of Guinness Arthur Guinness and his remarkable legacy of goodness through music. This year, we pay homage to his bold character and people like him, those who are more than just ordinary; much like the artists that will be rocking the Arthur's Day stage, our Arthur Guinness Fund recipients and our Guinness drinkers, who choose a Guinness every time." said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad.
Since 2009, Arthur's Day not only celebrates a legendary brew and its maker, but his legacy of goodness through the Arthur Guinness Fund as well. The brand has already committed more than €7 million in support of social entrepreneurs around the world including Malaysia.
Door gift of the night. Seed incubators made from upcycled wood flooring, homegrown organic seeds and is a collaborative effort between Arthur Guinness Fund, Biji Biji Initiative and Eats, Shoots, Roots.

Also with the official launch of Arthur's Day 2013 and the artist line-up introduced, the arTHURSDAY parties and promotions happening nationwide is now ongoing.
Promotions such as buy 1 bucket of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or 4 full pints or 6 half pints of Guinness Draught and you can receive a Guinness Arthur's Day Earphones (promotion beginning 1st September 2013 at bars). There's also promotions at local coffee shops and restaurants which include the Limited Edition Guinness Power Bank when you collect all 12 liners bottle caps of the Guinness Quart Bottles. There's also the Guinness Arthur's Day Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener to be given away with purchase of 6-can pack of Guinness Stout at participating supermarket and hypermarkets.

For further details stay logged on to or visit to get your hands on Arthur's Day tickets.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're the Millers (2013) Movie Review

Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts
Story (may contain spoilers!):
Jason Sudeikis plays David Clark, a long time experience drug dealer who's been pushing drugs since high school. He lives on his own and one night, while going back, he bumped into an old high school classmate.
Jennifer Aniston plays Rose, a stripper at a strip club who's adamant to have sex with clients.

David returns back to the apartment and bumps into Rose at the letter box area where they exchange subtle insults that's when Kenny pops out and starts nosing into their conversation. Kenny says that he's home alone and that he's mom is out for a drink......since last week! Rose disappears back to her place where hints of her in debt and are in danger of being evicted were left to the audience to note.

While David and Kenny were talking, there was a commotion outside the building. It was Casey, a runaway teenager who's being harassed by 3 guys. Kenny saw and straight tried to break it up but ended up him being the victim instead. David stepped in to intervene and they soon were on the run. But David failed to get away and ended up getting all his money taken away.

David's drug lord boss wasn't too happy for not getting his money and forces David to accept an assignment of smuggling "a smidgen and a half" of drugs from Mexico back into the United States for him under his alias Pablo Chacon.

David thought long and hard of how to pull it off and suddenly got the idea of using the image of a family on vacation in an RV as a front. And so him and Kenny were already a team as father and son. He went to Rose to offer her to play as the mother but Rose rejected the offer. But after a string of bad luck, ie. the strip club wants their stripper to start sleeping with the customer and Rose quit the job due to that and also being evicted from her apartment, she finally went with it. David and Kenny next approached Casey to play the daughter part and she accept on condition she's paid $1000.

They went to Mexico, got in, got tons loads of drugs which filled the RV and were out to the Mexican border. Will they able to get past the border with an RV full of drugs? Watch the movie to find out with more obstacles on their way!
This show may provide some good laughs but it's not really over-the-top comedic but more of their silly slapstick actions. I only find it an okay movie and it's logic are really against my judgment of how I would react if put in the same situation.
I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Imperial Pot, Publika, Solaris Dutamas Food Review

I was so looking forward to try the Charcoal Grilled Skin Prawn Dumpling "Har Kau" because I find the concept of a dim sum charcoal dish interesting and was wondering does it taste good. The day finally arrived but unfortunately, they ran out of that and I couldn't get to find out how it taste like. :(

Anyway, there were a few dishes of dim sum that I tried out.
Started off with some Tea Pot Soup.
This was one out of 3 varieties of Tea Pot Soup that we tried.
Which are Ginseng Chicken, White Raddish with Spare Ribs and Nutritious Herbal Pork. Personally, I find all of the soup really strong in one type of taste which will not get me past more than one cup. If it were soup with some ingredients for me to munch on so as not to come on me too strong, I'd probably be able to drink more but just drinking the soup alone feels that it chokes my throat and immediately left me wanting some water to soothe me. Each pot is RM12.80.

This is the Unagi Puff in BBQ Sauce:
Too dry for my taste. Only thing I like here is the seaweed that keeps it together. True story.

Steamed Bak Kut Teh Soup Dumpling:
Didn't taste like Bak Kut Teh to me. Can't really taste much of what I ate but I know that pointy thing that's sticking out is hard as hell. I believe it's some kind of pork inside?

Here's one charcoal type of dish that I get to try here. It's called the Egg Custard Bun in Charcoal Grilled Skin:
The filling of the bun is egg yolk and custard.
Could taste just a bit of the custard but a lot of the egg yolk. I find the filling insufficient with the bun ratio. But then again, just tasting egg yolk with the charcoal bun isn't exactly my idea of good taste.

Enoki Mushroom Wrapped in Bacon:
Finally, something that taste nice to me. Must be due to me loving bacon lots. Costs RM7.80.

This is Deep Fried Avocado Roll with Crispy Silk Wrap (RM8.80):
I just like the crispy outer layer. After that, I need some sauce to make it nicer.

Fresh Prawns in Organic Red Rice Roll (RM8.80):
Surprisingly, for a person like me who don't like prawns, this taste okay to me. Just okay.

Imperial Pot is close on Mondays and operates from 9:30am till 9:30pm every other day.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Xia Mian Guan, Sunway Pyramid Food Review

The place, Xia Mian Guan, is located at the ever popular Sunway Pyramid next to Overtime but it is well hidden from view though because in front of it is a hot pot restaurant which blocks Xia Mian Guan from being visible from the main road.
The place looks like a posh 5 star restaurant which at 1st look, I don't even dare to enter let alone try out it's food.
So with the upper class outlook of it, I expect the food to be of a much dearer than normal price but of a nature where the food will be exquisitely delightful to taste and the chefs making the dishes considering it as an art form. I'll let you be the judge of that through my writings.

We started off with a bevy of appetizers to further stimulate our appetite for the main courses.

First off, Caesar Salad with Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Boiled Egg, a RM48 starter:
There were 2 sauces provided which are the mayonnaise with black pepper and sesame sauce.
All of it together with the Soft Shell Crab were poured in and mixed:
Although Caesar Salad is best known to be served at western restaurants, this is the first time I'm seeing one available at a Chinese restaurant and with soft shell crab. The taste of it mixed together was indescribably good. Better than most normal Caesar Salad I've tasted but then again, I don't eat Caesar Salad much at restaurants. Anyway, to sum it up....good!

This is the Winter Melon with Chilli Flakes:
An unusual combination which just by thinking, I wouldn't be able to comprehend on how a combination like this would taste good. But surprisingly to me, it tastes okay. The winter melon gives a refreshing taste while the chili flakes merely makes it a bit spicy. But it's more refreshing than spicy.
This is the Crispy Beancurd Skin:
RM12 for 8 pieces. Can't really recall much of it's taste.

This is Homemade Smoke Egg:
With sprinkles of seasoning on the top to give some salty taste to it, these are made with duck eggs. I always like eggs. This is no exception. I had a mouthful of yolk taste pressed upon my tongue when I put the whole piece in my mouth.

Crunchy Pork:
I'm a pork lover and hence pork is always something I like to eat. This is a little dry to me but still okay. I also like my pork a little more saltier but nothing soy sauce can't fix. Priced at RM16.

Another pork dish to make my day, Braised Pork Cubes and Dry Beancurd In Soy Sauce:
As you know, pork is fattening but delicious. This dish epitomizes it. But like I said, I love eating pork! Priced at RM28.

There were 2 Tofu dishes presented to us and both are Braised Imperial Beancurd. Just that it's in 2 different complement ingredients. One is with Crab Meat:
While the other is prepared with Shemeji Mushroom:
In my opinion, both tasted good. The one with crab meat has a more cleaner clearer taste to it while the one with Shemeji Mushroom has light salty taste and strong mushroom taste to it. Both at the same price of RM20.

Next up, another lovely pork dish in the form of a meatball.
Called the Braised Meat Ball with Abalone Sauce, the meatball is packed with meaty taste and full of flavor. Coupled with the abalone sauce, it's a delight to eat.

We were served some fried rice to go along with the dishes since all along we've been eating the dishes plain without any rice to go along with it. Hence, a much stronger than normal taste if not with rice.
The rice is Fried Rice with Cheese and Roasted Pork in Hot Stone Casserole.

And yet another juicy tender pork dish:
This is Deep-Fried Spare Ribs in Red Wine Sauce. I find the red wine sauce makes the spare ribs really sweet. Not really much of a problem but I prefer it to be a little saltier.

Finally, some fishes to savor.
We had the Deep-Fried Sea Grouper. One is with Pomelo Sauce:
While the other with XO sauce:
Both of it tasted okay to me. The Pomelo sauce tasted a little spicy to me. But the fish does taste better with it.

Next were some vegetables that we tasted:
Called the "Ying Yang" Kailan with Chicken Floss, the top part is salty and it melts in your mouth and the bottom part which I usually fear eating because most restaurants serve it hard as a rock is actually very nice. Just the right texture to chew on and pleasant to the taste when mixed with the top part.

We then proceeded on with a prawn dish:
It's the Chef's Claypot Curry with Fried "Man Tou". Can't comment much on this because I don't like prawn and the curry is also filled with prawn flavor. But the man tou is always something I enjoy eating and eating it with the curry makes the curry bearable for me to consume.

We were served 3 noodle dishes to try out.
1 is the Stewed Noodles with Minced Pork and Eggplant with "Teo Chew" Sauce:
Another is the Noodles Shredded Pork, Shrimps and Spring Onions in Soy Sauce:
And one more is Shanghai Noodles that's in Clear Soup:
They're okay I guess but I would rather stick to plain white rice with their meat and vegetables in this restaurant.

Lastly, I just gotta touch on the chicken I tasted:
It looks like just some ordinary roasted chicken but it's actually Smoked Farm Chicken with "Pu Er" Tea Leaves. A nice dish that really brings out the good taste of the chicken and the tea leaves enhanced it's taste better.

Xia Mian Guan is available everyday (since it's at a shopping mall) from 11am till 11pm.