Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lone Ranger (2013) Movie Review

This character, Lone Ranger, who can be deemed as a superhero may not be during my childhood time but I do know about him. In fact, many people has reference the "Lone Ranger" title to me due to my introvert and loner personality when I was young. I always like a character who's a loner when I was young because it resembles like me, nowhere to belong to and the only person to turn to is oneself. However, Lone Ranger is not really a loner because they later added Tonto as a sidekick for him. Nevertheless, it stayed as a cool character which I remember to be a crime fighter cowboy style with an Indian sidekick.

But this movie's character does not reflect how it originally is. Tonto too.

Before I go into the plot of the story, I would like to warn that there will be some spoilers in my synopsis as I can't really write out the storyline without disclosing some of the plot that's vital to what I had to say.

So the movie of The Lone Ranger starts with a boy who's a fan of the Lone Ranger since you can tell from the way he's dressed is like the Lone Ranger. He's in a carnival and goes to see a Wild West Exhibition. In the exhibition, he came across a display that says "The Noble Savage" which has a native American mannequin being displayed there. After staring at it for a while, the mannequin started to come to life and asked whether the boy is "Kemosabe" which at first startled the young boy. Later on, the native American who came to life was actually Tonto and related the story of how Lone Ranger came to be.

He started the story with him and the Lone Ranger robbing a bank. When the young boy stopped him and said, "Wait, that's not right?" Lone Ranger don't rob banks. He's a good guy.

So the Native American started his story way earlier when the railroad was incomplete and there was a treaty between the Native Americans and Texas where they will not invade into Indian territory and the Native Americans will not invade Texas territory. As a sign of honor for this treaty, the councilman had Butch Cavendish, famous Indian killer who was apprehended by Dan Reid, the sheriff of Texas, brought back to be hanged in Texas.

On board the train ferrying Butch, was a Native American captive as well which is Tonto. Butch had someone from the inside planted a gun underneath the wood board on the train which he retrieved. Tonto tried to warn the lawmen guards but it didn't work. On board the same train, there's also a passenger carriage where Dan Reid's brother John is. John is a lawyer from the big city returning back to Texas.

While Butch had his gang on their way in helping him escape, John somehow had a hunch that something was wrong and headed to the prisoner carriage. When he manage to get inside the prisoner carriage, Tonto was about to kill Butch, but John intervene and both had a tussle until Butch's gang came and took Butch away while chaining John with Tonto.

Pretty soon the train became a runaway train since the drivers were killed and it passed the Texas station which Dan springs into action. With the help of Tonto and John, they manage to separate the passengers carriage to safety but John and Tonto were still on the train. The train derailed an John and Tonto were thrown off but were safe. Tonto were still taken into custody and put into jail.

Later on, Dan deputized John and Dan and all of his deputies including John went on a manhunt for Butch Cavendish. They were ambushed and killed where Tonto were burying them. But the spirit horse where Indian legend believes that this white horse can bring back dead people to life chose John to live again. That's where Tonto with the spirit horse (who later became the Lone Ranger's steed named Silver) took John elsewhere and Tonto performed a ritual that brought John back to life.

John was kept up to speed and together, they formed an alliance to go after Butch Cavendish and his gang. John at first assumed back his lawyer self with his no guns policy and to catch a person by the books and prosecute through the law. Find out from the movie of how from that personality he transformed into the great masked law enforcer.

This movie really does depicts Lone Ranger and Tonto in a very different light from their persona that they're known as. But in order to do this, they had to lay down the foundation of the storyline which is why this show is quite long. This also makes the first half of the movie a little draggy to me and because they made Tonto crazy and the one telling the story, it makes the story a little confusing of what really did happened. But when John assumed the character as the real Lone Ranger of how it used to be depicted, the movie started getting interesting and you see the hero in him. I would rate this movie 2.5 stars out of 5. It's half nice, half boring.