Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Journey Cafe Food Review

The Journey Cafe is at Setiawalk, a place where it's buzzing with people but the cafe is located at the more quiet side of the area where some of the shops are not occupied yet and without the nightlife crowd for the bars there, the establishment can be a nice place where people chill out to have some nice quiet time to get work done.
There are even books and magazines around should the patrons desire to have a quiet read to past the time but for me, the main draw would be their western breakfasts.

I find it hard to get good western breakfast around Klang Valley, it's usually small in portion and unsatisfying in taste not to mention with the price to pay for a western breakfast can get you a nice sumptuous Chinese breakfast. The closest to my expectation around Klang Valley would be the OldTown White Coffee but still the taste is way under par from my expectation.

Best I ever had so far was when I was down in Ipoh at Greentown where I just went into a Chinese hawker style restaurant there to grab my breakfast while I waited for my family. The western breakfast was surprisingly full of contents, cheap and satisfied my craving hunger not to mentioned that they gave bacon as well.

Anyway, back to The Journey Cafe, as I was saying, the Western Breakfast are the ones that I would enjoy here.
This is the European Continental Breakfast:
From the picture you can see in contains two-eggs-your-way (in this one is the sunny side up eggs), 2 beef bacon, 2 chicken sausages, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and a pastry called Laugenbroetchen roll. All is well and nice but the baked beans seemed to be a bit off in taste to me unlike the canned ones that I'm used to.

I like western breakfast so much (since I haven't had one for a long time that's acceptable enough to me) that I had a second one after trying on other food:
This time, the European Continental Breakfast came with Scrambled Eggs. Really rich and buttery.

Another Western Breakfast set that was given to us for a try was the Aussie Brekkie:
The Aussie Brekkie has a 100g Grilled Beef Tenderloin and grilled tomatoes with sauteed mushrooms and toasted baguette and for this one, they served the two-eggs-your-way scrambled eggs style to us.

Grilled Chicken Salad:
Taste okay but grilled chicken a little dry. Counter with the greens.

Chicken Bruschetta:
A whole slice of grilled chicken on top of the bread. Costs RM9.90

This is Swedish Meatballs served with Fries:
Meatball is also dry but with the sauce, it's okay. The taste is delicious to me.

Softshell Crab Spaghetti:
This is lightly spiced so if you don't like spicy food, you might not like it. Priced at RM18.90.

This I think it's the Scandinavian's Delight:
The smoked salmon and the shrimp eggs are very much visible, but from my picture what you didn't see clearly is that there's poached eggs that's a little covered by the smoked salmon on top of the lettuce.

Another dish tried over at The Journey Cafe is their Lasagna:
Rich in cheese and cream, it contains beef on the inside and priced at RM17.90.

Juicy Beef Burger:
Grilled beef patty with fluffy burger bun.

Aglio Olio with Shrimp pasta:
Quite okay on the portion of shrimps given. Priced at RM16.90.

NZ's Lamb Grill with Mint Yogurt sauce:
At the bottom of the lamb sits potatoes. If Mint Yogurt sauce is not your choice, you can also choose the lamb grill to be served with either BBQ, Garlic, Black Pepper or Mushroom sauce.

Here's the grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak:
Topped with cream sauce, there's also potatoes at the bottom.

Tenderloin Steak Grill with Garlic Sauce:
If you don't want Garlic Sauce, you can choose the sauce of your choice to be showered on your Tenderloin Steak. Like the Salmon and the Lamb, there's also potato at the bottom. Taste is not bad.

Aussie Lamb Shank:
Currently, not on the simple menu which they're revamping to have a more descriptive one but it's on the Ramadhan Set menu. This tastes good and with the Ramadhan set that comes with soup, appetizer and dessert, it's quite worth it.

There's also some cakes that we tried out and some gelato:
But like I said before, the main draw to me is the Western Breakfast and some of their main course is not bad not to mention a great environment to just hang around and relax.

The full address is: Setia Walk B-03-G, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong, Puchong
It closes on Mondays and opens till 10.30pm everyday where weekdays will start from 11am while the weekends starts at 9:30am.


Ken said...

like the sunny side-up, what a place for a perfect breakfast

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Too bad for me it's quite a distance.

Henry Tan said...

wow good place for breakfast! too bad puchong always jam in the morning! can go on weekends only. haha

Tekkaus said...

OMG! Everything here looks so darn delicious especially the first one. European Continental Breakfast~I want! :D

Tekkaus said...

What intrigued me the most is the pastry called Laugenbroetchen roll! So exotic. :p

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. I agree with you.

The Laugenbroetchen roll is a German pastry which is a pretzel.