Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TCRS (The Chicken Rice Shop) - Ayam Percik Kelantan

With the start of the Ramadhan month and Syawal after it, TCRS or better known as The Chicken Rice Shop unveiled it's star attraction to the menu for these special times which is the Ayam Percik Kelantan last week Wednesday, July 3, 2013.
Created by celebrity chef, Dato' Chef Ismail Ahmad who's the Brand Ambassador for TCRS, this dish will be exclusively available until 1 September 2013.

The ayam percik or grilled chicken in coconut sauce is a dish that originates from the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia but has traversed the entire country, picking up variations to it's recipe along the way. Now it is quite a common dish among the Malay delicacies especially key urban centres like Johor and Penang.
Dato Chef Ismail's version of the Ayam Percik Kelantan will be none other than the original Kelantanese type with rich creamy white sauce on it blended with traditional herbs and spices with a little personal touch by Chef Ismail to ensure a tantalizing unique taste exclusively at The Chicken Rice Shop.

During the official launch, besides the highlight which is the Ayam Percik Kelantan, Wong Kah Lin, CEO of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd also showcased the evolution of The Chicken Rice Shop from it's humble beginning 13 years ago where their first restaurant is in Taipan USJ till what it is today, a Made-In-Malaysia brand which has outlets in Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines and is still expanding to it's ever-growing list.
The Chicken Rice Shop also took on a "new look" with the branch at The Gardens being the first. A nationwide "makeover" based on this "new look" will embark soon.
The interior decoration of each restaurant will now feature a more family-oriented setting with comfortable anbiance and beautifully crafted tiles adorning parts of the wall. There will also be an alfresco dining inspired section at selected flagship outlets for those who prefer a more "outdoor" setting.

There's also 3 new drinks that were created as an addition to it's menu which is the Lychee Tealicious, Berrylicious and Soya Rainbow. During my presence there, I tried the Berrylicious which is a concoction of Wild Berry, Syrup, Fruit Cocktail, Tea and Selasih.
The Ayam Percik Kelantan is available ala carte for RM11.50.
Loads of sets on the Ayam Percik meal where it caters from one person to up to 5 persons.
All sets comes with the Pak Choy vegetable with Oyster Sauce:
While the 4-5 person pax include Kerabu Mango:
There's also Pai Tee and Fish Balls given from 2 pax and up:

and all sets comes with a special created drink, the Selasih Rose Lemongrass.
So enjoy your Puasa and Raya month
and if you feel like trying out the Ayam Percik Kelantan, I've attached the leaflet on it and the newly created drinks below:

But here's my 2 cents worth. Currently, I've seen quite a number of complains on some of The Chicken Rice Shop outlets mostly on bad service (taking a long time to attend to customers, food arrives long, many items on the menu unavailable for some reason, wrong order taken). In fact, I've experienced this before and the employees don't even seemed to be doing much. From what I see, they don't have an effective manager in the restaurant to whip the staff into shape and hence the slacking. I've also been told that they're facing difficulties in employing people to work. Anyway, I've already feedback to their management during the launch and I hope they would improve on it so that I will not experience such a thing again the next time I visit.


Merryn said...

I've not been to TCRS for ages! Maybe it's time for a revisit :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, can try the Ayam Percik Kelantan and tell me what you think of it