Saturday, July 20, 2013

Red 2 (2013) Movie Review

I didn't watch Red the first installment to this movie and I don't even remember that there was this movie. But watching Red 2 without watching Red won't make you lost from the storyline except for some of the character development.

Red 2 is about Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) where he's already retired from the CIA and am living a normal life being married to Sarah. The movie starts off in a supermarket where when Sarah went of to get something from another aisle, Frank was approach by one of his CIA buddy Marvin who tries to persuade him that playing house isn't him and that he needs him and there's something big going on that his expertise is required. He can bring Sarah along if he wants. But Frank wasn't swayed by Marvin. There was a car explosion later on and Marvin was killed.

At his funeral, Frank wasn't convince Marvin's dead and tried to prove it by sticking a pin in his hand but it didn't work. After the funeral service, Frank found himself being taken in by the CIA for a debrief but before they got to him, Frank told Sarah to run off and go to one of his safe house.

During custody, Jack Horton who's been ordered by the higher-ups to get the job done by any means necessary starts to pursue after Frank and starts killing all operatives in sight with his team. When he got to Frank, Frank busted out and takes out Jack's team one by one.

When outside, Frank met up with Marvin who also took Sarah along. Frank was upset that Marvin took Sarah with him but Sarah kept insisting that she wants to come along for the thrill.

Marvin then tells Frank the whole story where they both are being pursued because they were framed as key persons who are involved in a secret ops by the British and US government. During the Cold War, this project involves in smuggling in parts and assembling a nuclear device into Russia and that this device is still around. This news about the ops was leaked out into the Internet hence everyone is trying to get to Frank and Marvin to get ahold of the device.

Meanwhile, MI6 hires the best assassin there is to kill off Frank. That guy is Han Cho Bai who really hates Frank for putting him in jail. MI6 also asked one of their operatives Victoria to kill Frank due to her being able to get to Frank.

Frank, Marvin and Sarah looked at the leaked document themselves and had came to the conclusion that The Frog, a man who's known to know many secrets and a wine lover leaked the document out.

They traveled to France to look for The Frog and planned to bait him out with the most expensive wine. At the hotel, they were met up with a Russian operative Katja where her and Frank shared an intimate relationship and is also Frank's "Kryptonite". Sarah was jealous of how Frank reacts to Katja and wants more involvement in their plan to flush out The Frog.

The Frog was in the midst of negotiating a deal in a restaurant when Sarah aroused his suspicions and started to bail out. Katja and Frank gives chase. Not wanting to be outdone by Katja, Sarah takes Marvin and goes after The Frog too.

When they manage to capture The Frog, they learned that the creator of the nuclear bomb, Dr. Edward Bailey, was actually still alive and am held up by MI6 in a really tight security mental institution. That's where they had Victoria to help out as well in breaking into the facility to bail Dr. Bailey out. They were also curious as to why Dr. Bailey were locked away by MI6 and so they tasked Victoria to get back into MI6 to find out while they will take Dr. Bailey to Russia to point out to where the device is.

They soon found out Dr. Bailey isn't exactly the person he portrayed to be. Watch the movie to find out the full story!

This show is just okay in my books despite many great actors and actresses of yesteryears. Plotline is intriguing enough though it's a typical "in trouble and need to save the world" kind of theme. There's some good action scenes and the hilarity level although lame is funny. I'd award it 3 stars out of 5.


Fione said...

Red in an awesome movie hahah. I just watched ytd :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh, this movie? Hmm, but I find it so-so only. If I want Bruce Willis action movie, I'd watch one of the Die Hard movies. :)

Tekkaus said...

I enjoyed the first one. But Bruce Wills is getting older...still packs a lot of punches and kicks?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

The type that don't need to move around much. Haha

Zubio said...

The moive is good. I just don't feel its better than the first one.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I didn't see the first one though.