Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cross-Legged, The Strand, Kota Damansara Food Review

Over at The Strand, Kota Damansara, people are spoiled by choices of food with the abundance of restaurants and cafe existing in that area.
For Cross-Legged, it's one of those 1st floor cafe type:

The interior design is plain and simple like it's signboard which can be easily missed however it's a nice, quiet place to discuss business. Not sure on a weekday lunch hour period as The Strand is notorious for it's loads of parking yet hard to find one available situation.
But the main draw - I would say for this cafe would be it's unique food creation. The chef normally likes to try and whip out something out of the ordinary out of the top of her head so new food creation is often being explored and tested out sometimes based on customer's expectations.

During the food review, we did try out quite a number of dishes that weren't available yet on the menu or is available as a special but I'll introduce the ones that ARE on the menu first as I'm not really familiar with the names that aren't on the menu.

Before that, let's start with the drinks.

In view of the hazy days that were going on in Malaysia, they created a drink called "Hazy". Well, it's actually just Honey Lemon Lime.
Not sure what kind of coffee art they were trying to make there.

Ok, so this is the Lemongrass Chicken Pasta:
The lemongrass in it kind of gives it a zesty type of taste to it where it brings out a little like tom yum flavor to it but it doesn't seem like it. Anyway, it suited my taste and I quite like it. I enjoy this pasta the most out of the 3 pastas I had and I've never liked a pasta that has an Asian twist to it before.

Here's a Vege Quiche and a Smoked Salmon Quiche:
The Vege Quiche seemed to pack more ingredients in it mainly I guess because it's vegetables while the Smoked Salmon Quiche, well, contains just that, smoked salmon. Anyway, both are okay in my books.

French Toast:
With some sausages on top. French toast are always something I enjoy eating and this is no difference.

This is Broccoli Prawn Soup:
Broccoli is something I do eat but not so much of prawn. This has a really strong broccoli taste to it and it's just pure broccoli with some prawns in there. It's not something that I enjoy due to it tasting just like a veggie drink but I suppose it's healthy.

Veggie Pancake:
I'm usually not a person who would pick something vegetarian over meaty food but somehow, this veggie pancake is something I quite like. There's not many vegetarian food out there that I like and usually the ones that I do favor were recommended for me by very picky vegetarian eaters who's really strict with their diet by choice. This veggie pancake to me tastes better eating on it's own than dipping with the sauce. I guess it could be because the sauce main ingredient consists of mayonnaise which I don't quite like.

The Smoked Chicken Rice is the only rice dish that I see in the menu.
But then again, there's only four main dishes on the menu. Not a bad combination. Especially the chili part which goes really well with it.

Next there is the Smoked Chicken Sandwich:
This too is not bad according to my taste. But the price of it being the same as the other main dishes would most of the time have me pick out the others from the menu.

Cream Chicken Potato, I think:
Looks like an overflow of the sauce but it's nice. The sauce enveloping the chicken doesn't seem too much since the chicken meat is dry.

For desserts, there's the Steamed Pumpkin Cake:
The pumpkin taste becomes more apparent with the condiment.

The Choc Stax:
Although looks really rich in chocolate but it's quite disappointing as you don't taste much chocolate in it. Hope there'll be improvement on this.

The Corn Cheese Muffin:
Actually categorized as an InBetween here. The taste is just ok for me.

Orange Almond Cake:
Also ok for me. Level of satisfaction is also the same like the Corn Cheese Muffin.

The Earl Grey Orange Mint Jelly:
Somehow tasted a little weird to me.

Chili Hot Choc:
Something new to me which exists in UK to keep a person warm. The effects on the throat is kinda like drinking Vodka only this taste sweet and spicy when you drink it instead of the smooth flow of Vodka in the mouth. Anyway, it's what you expect chili mixed with chocolate taste like.

Banana Nutella:
Actually, I didn't taste any Nutella at all but I do get a lot of the banana taste. It's like soft banana ice cream just not enough chocolate flavor to it.

As for items tried that aren't on the menu, if I'm not mistaken, this is Cream Chicken Pasta:
It uses macaroni instead of linguini like the other pastas.

Steamed egg:

This, I think is Beef Pocket:
Nice taste to it. In it, it contains vegetables:
Which goes well. But I bet, for cheese lovers like me, if you add some cheese in it, it would be even more fantastic.

Not sure about the name of this dish, I think it's Ginger Ale Chicken Potato (Salad? Cursed my ever shrinking brain!)
As the name says, it contains a bit of ginger ale to bring some fizz to it.

Veggie Pasta:
Another surprisingly good vegetarian dish which gives quite a variety for those who's vegetarian.

And lastly, Tofu Pâté Toast(?)
It contains chicken liver so definitely not a dish for me as I dislike eating chicken liver. What's more in a paste form, the taste is even more apparent which I can't take it.

Cross-Legged is located at:
1st Floor, 67-1, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Currently opened for lunch and dinner on weekdays (Mon, Thurs, Fri): 12-2pm, 6-9pm.
And full day on weekends: 11am-9pm


Spicy Sharon said...

Wa they serve you guys so much food!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, they served us the whole menu and more to try. LOL. We took bite size of everything so that we can try all.

Henry Lee said...

I think only the drink and also the beef pocket not in the menu? I think those who prefer light taste on their food will like to eat at this place but I still prefer to have a stronger taste if I were to dine out.... might order the lemongrass chicken pasta lah next time :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, the veggie pasta wasn't on the main menu as well even though they started it a week before our review. But they did put up a makeshift menu for it at the counter to promote it just like how a lot of those burger joints are doing nowadays.

Sycookies said...

Looks good...and LOL @"Not sure what kind of coffee art they were trying to make there." You so bad...LOL!!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's true mah. Can you make out what is that on the Latte? LOL