Saturday, June 01, 2013

Where's the Party? Teaser at Neverland, KL

So where's the party? Where's the party? Well, the question still remains. But until then, people are clamoring for the invites to the well-known to be the mother of all parties and of epic proportions.

Last Saturday night, Carlsberg had a little teaser at Neverland, KL on "Where's the Party?" upcoming on July 6, 2013 and at the venue, the chance to win the invites were also given.
 Although most that I knew were headed off to Penang that night for another party, I had quite a good time staying around for this party.
In addition to this teaser party at Neverland, KL, there are also other various outlets that were arranged to host the "Where's the Party?" teaser party for people to participate in the games challenge in order for them to win invites to "Where's the Party?" this year.
Some of the games that were played were Cup-side Down, Capture, Caps-Off and Card-lifting.

During the party at Neverland, KL, I was challenged to participate in the game Card-lifting. After a few drinks, I said to myself, "Challenge accepted!" and went on stage.
The rules of the game is simple but yet, requires a bit of patience and skill and the courage to take up the challenge. LOL. There will be 3 stacks of cards placed on top of 3 cups that's placed upside down on the table. The stack of cards contain all cards facing down except for the last card that's directly on top of the cup which is a joker and it's placed faced up. Participants are required to blow off all the cards that are faced down until the joker is revealed and left on top of the cup.
Should the joker be blown off the cup, the participant has to start all over again from the beginning starting with the 1st cup. As usual, I look like an idiot but hey, I won. :P

The night carried on with DJs spinning their tunes:
Resident Neverland singers performing:
and more chances for the public to grab invites to "Where's the Party?" 2013:
Last year, we saw 1,200 party revelers grazing "Where's the Party?" 2012. This year, Carlsberg is giving out 3000 invitations to "Where's the Party?" so don't miss your chance to be a part of it.

If you miss the teaser parties for your chance to grab those passes, don't fret as you still got a chance to score the invites by purchasing a minimum of RM100 of Carlsberg beer in a single receipt, keep the receipt head on to and follow the steps shown.

Good luck!


Henry Tan said...

anyway to get their invites other than buying their beers? TT

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

You can also join their contest if you've missed their roving troupes. For example there's an instagram contest where the most creative bold photo wins. More details at