Monday, June 03, 2013

The Hangover Part III Movie Review

The Hangover part III is...different. Different in the sense that the Hangover part doesn't make sense other than being a continuation of what happened the last time around. Well, it didn't involve in any sort of blackout which result in memory lapse in them. So this time around, they remember every single detail of their wacky adventure.
Alan, as usual being his crazy self, bought a giraffe and accidentally killed it when going under a low bridge which caused a massive highway wreck. Alan's father was off the roof about it and was going to kick him out but died of a heart attack.

After much consideration and discussion, Stu, Phil and Doug decided to send him to a rehab in Arizona. Along the way, they were rammed off the highway by a truck which turns out to be Marshall, with Black Doug as his head of security. Marshall tells them that he's looking for Leslie Chow who escaped from maximum security prison. Sometime back, there was a Sheik who took $42 million dollars worth of gold bar to looking to invest in some underground business. Marshall and his gang hijacked the gold where the gold carried off by two minivans went separate route. One of the minivan never got to Marshall but was hijacked by Chow. Marshall looked for the Wolfpack (Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug) because Alan was the only person Chow had contact with during prison and it was through letters. So, Marshall hang on to Doug and gave Stu, Phil and Alan a limited time to find Chow and bring Marshall back his $21 million dollars gold bar that was took from him or he'll kill Doug.

At first, without a clue on where to find Chow, they were thinking of waiting till Chow contacts Alan but turns out, Chow had already contacted Alan way earlier through email and to ask Alan to meet at a bus stop in Tijuana, Mexico.

So the 3 decided to devise a plan so that they can get Doug back and get on with their lives. Their initial plan was to drug Chow and bring him to Marshall. Will they succeed in getting Chow and get him to Marshall? Find out by watching the movie!

After a disappointing 2nd installment, this is definitely an entertaining enough watch although it didn't really had anything to do with being hungover and trying to recall back the previous night. Nevertheless, definitely a better one than the 2nd. I rate it 3 stars out of 5.


Merryn said...

This is not the kind of movie I'll bring Ethan to watch so I guess I myself wont be catching it..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Aw. Catch it at home then. :P