Sunday, June 16, 2013

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review

Produced by Christopher Nolan, I thought it would be crappy like The Dark Knight Rises with it's dark and gloomy type of storyline but it turned out to be quite a good movie.

It has a little bit of some differences from the original Superman storyline.

The movie starts off with Jor-El who delivered his son Kal-El through natural childbirth, the first for the planet Krypton in a very very long time since infants were usually imprinted with genetic code in a lab where they were bred to predetermined the kind of role that they will play. At the same time, General Zod is carrying out a coup against the high councils blaming them for the inevitable destruction that's forthcoming to Krypton due to depletion of resources where they harvested until such a situation.
While the coup is ongoing, Jor-El quickly steals the codex (the item that imprints the role DNA into all the infants) from the breeding chambers and infuses it into his son Kal-El to keep it out of reach from General Zod and sends Kal-El off to planet earth just in time out of reach of Zod which led to Zod killing Kal-El out of frustration. The coup ended with General Zod and his cohorts captured by the high council guards where they were sentenced to drift in a black hole forever. After that, Krypton exploded and was no more. This though, freed General Zod and his band.

Kal-El, all grown up on earth with adopted parents and with superhuman powers were given the name Clark Kent. He now works on odd jobs and the film continues on with him on a fishing rig. A nearby oil rig was engulfed in flames and there are a few people in there trapped. Clark, although conceals his powers and keeps it a secret from people out of the wish of his dead father couldn't constraint himself and secretly goes off from the fishing rig to lead the people trapped in the oil rig to the helipad of the oil rig getting them to safety while he uses his superhuman strength to delay the falling oil rig from crushing the people and getting them into a helicopter to fly off.

On his many odd jobs, the film also shows flashback of his memories where he was constantly bullied but controls himself from using his powers and just takes it as it is as he was taught by his father that the world wouldn't understand and am unwilling to accept him as he is. Also shows the flashback of him struggling to fight his mind between to conceal his powers from the public or to use it to safe people who are in danger. Other flashback includes him being taught by his adopted mother on how to focus on just one thing as his supersharp senses receives everything at once

One day, reporter of the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, was called to a military station where they found a foreign object buried beneath the ice and preliminary investigation discovered that the object is very old but yet seems to be technologically advanced. They're working their best to dig towards it.

That night, Clark knowing that it must be something from his planet, digs his way to the object which was a spaceship and activated it using a key-object that contains his fathers imprinted memory, conscience and DNA. This then, led to the AI acting as his father's projection revealed to Clark about why he's on earth and what happened to his home planet, Krypton. Clark's action did not go unnoticed as Lois Lane followed the trail towards the ship but was almost killed by the defense mechanism which Clark quickly came to her rescue.

When Lois came to, she was determined to find her hero despite not getting her story to be printed on the Daily Planet due to objection from the editor in chief and instead turned to a paranormal website owner to print her story while she snoops around looking for Clark.

She soon manages to track down his parents' home and by his father's graveyard, Clark reveals himself to Lois and tells her the story of why he keeps a low profile and conceals his powers from people and it was all due to his father's wishes even when it resulted in his death. Lois had a change of heart in printing her story and decided to respect Clark's privacy.

That night, General Zod and his followers appeared and broadcasted to the world that they're looking for Clark which has blended himself in as an earth inhabitant and gave them 24 hours to surrender him or else they will destroy earth. Turns out, when Clark activated the ship that was discovered, he unknowingly activated a beacon which led Zod to earth. Clark, knowing the truth about Zod now faces the dilemma of whether to take a chance to save earth by surrendering himself or to save it with other means.

The effects of the show are quite breathtaking and it's almost to the level of destruction movies like Dante's Peak and 2012 though it's not up to that level. It provides quite an entertaining watch with the fight scenes and a refreshing approach to the very exhaustive Superman storyline where for once, it doesn't concentrate on him being Superman but rather as an extraterrestrial that tries to fit in to society but in the end had to accept who he is. I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.


Henry Lee said...

all i see is destructions caused by superman... he should take the fight out in other planet... lol

Isaac Tan said...

bring me to watch this bro..i'm so out of touch with the latest movies recently. ><

ChrisAu said...

Thanks for the review. Will be watching soon!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, that's part of the storyline done by Christopher Nolan. LOL. That's definitely his kind of style.

C'mon. Bring your wifey go watch it. LOL

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Bernard Chung said...

MOST DISAPPOINTING MOVIE. Not because it is bad. It just never reach the potential of having C. Nolan in it. Bad plot and overblown.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, I find this ok. The dark knight rises is bad.