Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Heat (2013) Movie Review

Long time I haven't seen Sandra Bullock in action.

The Heat is about FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) where she's a real good agent but her colleagues see her as more of a showoff. When a position opened up, Ashburn feels that she wants that promotion to be in that position and discuss with her boss but the boss was not so sure if she could fit in that position not being in her colleagues good books. So he assigns her to Boston to crackdown a drug lord.

In Boston, she was assigned to work with local policewoman Shannon Mullins who has her rogue ways in enforcing the law at Boston. When Mullins found out Ashburn interrogating her captive, she was furious and first stole Ashburn's car keys. Then she stole the classified file on the drug lord case to do her own investigation. Ashburn tried to report her to her superior so that she can get permission to relieve Mullins of her duty but instead was backfired and ordered to work together with her.

The odd pair struggled real hard to work together but things turn out for the better in the end.

As they go deeper into getting closer to find out who's the head honcho of this drug cartel, they come across more and more roadblocks in cracking the case. It also became personal to Mullins when it involves her immediate family.

This comedy show was alright in it's hilarity department but at best the movie is just alright as it doesn't leave much of an impression on it's audience. I rate this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Layumcha and Tai Lei Loi Kei @ Lot 10, Hutong

Earlier this week, Lot 10 Hutong, which is the brainchild of Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, took the opportunity to unveil it's 2 newest stalls, Layumcha and Tai Lei Loi Kei.
Before the ribbon cutting ceremony to officiate the opening of the 2 stalls, a background view of the Global Hutong Brand, where it's currently heading and interviews were being conducted over at the Lot 10 Concourse area.

Ever since it was established back in November 2009, Lot 10 Hutong has attracted the attention of food authorities and aficionados worldwide. The New York Timees listed Lot 10 Hutong as "Asia's Top Odysseys". World-renowned celebrity food critic, author, TV producer and media host Chua Lam was so convinced that he became Lot 10 Hutong's International Brand Ambassador, inking the calligraphy in the Lot 10 Hutong logo himself.

The live interview with Ms. Wendy (Macau Tai Lei Loi Kei Pork Chop Bun), Mr. Chua Lam, Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh and YTL Chairman Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay.

Chua Lam flew in to KL in order to announce the globalization of Hutong brand in GuangZhou, China.

"Thanks to Tan Sri Francis Yeoh's acceptance of my invitation and Mr. Ralph Hu's of Zhujiang New Town Development, Hutong will be launched in Guangzhou as a gateway to China with it's unique concept of Nanyang heritage cuisinces this August 2013" said Chua Lam.

The Tsai Lan (or Chua Lam) City of Fusion Foods is located on two levels in the Fuli Yingxin Building where Hutong will be situated in level one which is directly accessible from the main entrance. 19 Malaysian heritage brands in over 2095 square meters will be featured there.

The ribbon cutting ceremony at Lot 10 Hutong Layumcha KL outlet.

Layumcha is a Hong Kong Dim Sum outlet where "yum cha" which literally means "tea appreciation" is synonymous with enjoying the "fine art of dim sums".

The various dim sum dishes from Layumcha served to the VIPs during the grand opening.

Highly impressed and attracted by Lot 10 Hutong's concept and quality of heritage culinary arts, Hong Kong hit the shores of Lot 10 Hutong with their iconic cuisines with the grand opening of Layumcha officiated by YTL Corporation Berhad Executive Chairman YBhg Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr) Yeoh Tiong Lay and world-renowned celebrity food critic, Mr. Chua Lam.

Some of the delicacies from Layumcha that we get to try out from it's vast variety include the Baked Mini Egg Tart:
The Deep Fried Taro Dumpling with Minced Chicken & Mushroom Cubes:
Fresh Shrimp Dumplings:
And the Fish Balls:
For more of their dim sum, have a visit at the shop and have a taste of it.

Tai Lei Loi Kei
Tai Lei Loi Kei is famous for their iconic Macau Pork Chop Bun.

In addition to using the best flour imported from Japan, the techniques of beating and kneading are done by skilled labor. The buns are baked with a firewood furnace together with masters who know the best timing to bake hard buns with a crunchy crust and soft bread inside.
The secret recipe of their homemade marinade sauce has been passed down for 2 generations and brandy is added to the marinade to give the pork chop a rich and mellow taste. Butter is added to enhance the aroma of the buns while condiments using Portuguese spices started a new gourmet trend.

Aside from the Pork Chop Bun, there's also other delights offered at Tai Lei Loi Kei such as curry fish balls, curried squids, curry brisket ribs and many more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Club Asahi Miami - Soju Room, June 21, 2013

Club Asahi returns with it's second installment in Penang this coming Friday, June 21, 2013. The venue will be at Soju Room where it will bring on the best of electronic dance music, ambiance, energy and the infamous Miami heat.

As most of us know, Miami brings out the social scene of hip, hot and happenings and offers 24/7 of ultra-glamness. Be it the South Beach, or the Biscayne Boulevard, the newly named Design District or downtown Coral Gables. This coming Friday, Soju Room will be transformed into a place where fans of Club Asahi will enjoy having first hand experience dancing through the night without having to travel to Miami, Florida in order to get the similar environment.

Calvin Khoo, Brand Manager of Asahi Super Dry mentioned, "This indeed will be an amazing concept and enigmatic experience to be brought to Penang, Malaysia. Not only can clubbing fans enjoy pumping beats from Miami’s world renowned DJs, a whole new world is created from inside a club. It is also a good platform for us to get to know our fans at a more intimate level. We are looking forward to Club Asahi Miami and Asahi fans should be too."

Lineups for Club Asahi Miami include Miami's top DJs, Kryoman and DJ Hendrix. Their lush melodies, pumping beats and funky tunes will have your mind blown away and it will be non-stop dancing through the night.

Kryoman, half man, half machine as he's come to be known rise like a phoenix from the underground just like how 'raves' were. From year to year, he continues to evolve into a nearly streamlined path with dance music. His energy ties with the audience.

DJ Hendrix is a successful upcoming DJ with outrageous over the top talent. He's been on a roll lately with his single "Let's Rave" on Mixmash with many other DJs support such as Laidback Luke, Kaskade, Steve Angello & Tiesto. He's been featured 5 out of 6 weeks in a row on Tiesto's Club Life Podcast establishing himself a name to be reckoned with and the person to watch for in 2013.

Our very own DJ Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru will be rocking the stage as well in Club Asahi Miami and these duos has made themselves as a household name from Zouk Club KL.

The event is by invitation only and if you missed out your chance to get an invitation this time around, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next one at

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review

Produced by Christopher Nolan, I thought it would be crappy like The Dark Knight Rises with it's dark and gloomy type of storyline but it turned out to be quite a good movie.

It has a little bit of some differences from the original Superman storyline.

The movie starts off with Jor-El who delivered his son Kal-El through natural childbirth, the first for the planet Krypton in a very very long time since infants were usually imprinted with genetic code in a lab where they were bred to predetermined the kind of role that they will play. At the same time, General Zod is carrying out a coup against the high councils blaming them for the inevitable destruction that's forthcoming to Krypton due to depletion of resources where they harvested until such a situation.
While the coup is ongoing, Jor-El quickly steals the codex (the item that imprints the role DNA into all the infants) from the breeding chambers and infuses it into his son Kal-El to keep it out of reach from General Zod and sends Kal-El off to planet earth just in time out of reach of Zod which led to Zod killing Kal-El out of frustration. The coup ended with General Zod and his cohorts captured by the high council guards where they were sentenced to drift in a black hole forever. After that, Krypton exploded and was no more. This though, freed General Zod and his band.

Kal-El, all grown up on earth with adopted parents and with superhuman powers were given the name Clark Kent. He now works on odd jobs and the film continues on with him on a fishing rig. A nearby oil rig was engulfed in flames and there are a few people in there trapped. Clark, although conceals his powers and keeps it a secret from people out of the wish of his dead father couldn't constraint himself and secretly goes off from the fishing rig to lead the people trapped in the oil rig to the helipad of the oil rig getting them to safety while he uses his superhuman strength to delay the falling oil rig from crushing the people and getting them into a helicopter to fly off.

On his many odd jobs, the film also shows flashback of his memories where he was constantly bullied but controls himself from using his powers and just takes it as it is as he was taught by his father that the world wouldn't understand and am unwilling to accept him as he is. Also shows the flashback of him struggling to fight his mind between to conceal his powers from the public or to use it to safe people who are in danger. Other flashback includes him being taught by his adopted mother on how to focus on just one thing as his supersharp senses receives everything at once

One day, reporter of the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, was called to a military station where they found a foreign object buried beneath the ice and preliminary investigation discovered that the object is very old but yet seems to be technologically advanced. They're working their best to dig towards it.

That night, Clark knowing that it must be something from his planet, digs his way to the object which was a spaceship and activated it using a key-object that contains his fathers imprinted memory, conscience and DNA. This then, led to the AI acting as his father's projection revealed to Clark about why he's on earth and what happened to his home planet, Krypton. Clark's action did not go unnoticed as Lois Lane followed the trail towards the ship but was almost killed by the defense mechanism which Clark quickly came to her rescue.

When Lois came to, she was determined to find her hero despite not getting her story to be printed on the Daily Planet due to objection from the editor in chief and instead turned to a paranormal website owner to print her story while she snoops around looking for Clark.

She soon manages to track down his parents' home and by his father's graveyard, Clark reveals himself to Lois and tells her the story of why he keeps a low profile and conceals his powers from people and it was all due to his father's wishes even when it resulted in his death. Lois had a change of heart in printing her story and decided to respect Clark's privacy.

That night, General Zod and his followers appeared and broadcasted to the world that they're looking for Clark which has blended himself in as an earth inhabitant and gave them 24 hours to surrender him or else they will destroy earth. Turns out, when Clark activated the ship that was discovered, he unknowingly activated a beacon which led Zod to earth. Clark, knowing the truth about Zod now faces the dilemma of whether to take a chance to save earth by surrendering himself or to save it with other means.

The effects of the show are quite breathtaking and it's almost to the level of destruction movies like Dante's Peak and 2012 though it's not up to that level. It provides quite an entertaining watch with the fight scenes and a refreshing approach to the very exhaustive Superman storyline where for once, it doesn't concentrate on him being Superman but rather as an extraterrestrial that tries to fit in to society but in the end had to accept who he is. I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cuppa Kaffe, Subang Jaya Food Review

Cuppa Kaffe is a cafe located near Inti College, Subang where the street is already teeming with cafes and eateries specifically catered to draw the college crowd more as their customers.
It's quite a quiet, cozy atmosphere in the evening when we were there on a Friday night to try out some of their delicacies that they have to dish out. Not sure if lunch time contains the same atmosphere.

The cafe is designed to make it a conducive study environment with free wifi, comfy chairs, excellent coffee and snacks also full meals so that you don't have to leave this place to adjourn to another place to eat while studying.
There's 2 unique Cuppa Kaffe drinks that I can spot and that is the Iced Blended Oreo Mocafe and Iced Blended Oreo Chocolate.
Although I wouldn't say it's an original creation using Oreos since McDonald's first came up with their Oreo McFlurry, but this is definitely the first for me to try Oreos with coffee/chocolate mixed up making into an iced blended drink. The taste is somehow expected how it would taste like without any surprise but at least it's something that's available on the menu to quench that chocolatey desire.

We started off with one of their best dish which is their Seafood Carbonara Pasta:
Though I'm not a fan of seafood but in this instance the seafood did bring a good flavor to the Carbonara sauce and the pasta which I can say that it's their best dish that I've tried.

I can't say the same for the Beef Bacon Carbonara Pasta, though:
I love bacon. Beef bacon not as much as pork bacon but I'm known to always go for Beef Bacon Carbonara more than any other pastas that are available on any menu and my top favorite Beef Bacon Carbonara Pasta is STILL at Pizza Uno, Bandar Utama Centrepoint. But for this particular case, sad to say that the beef bacon carbonara is not as delicious as I imagined it to be. In fact, I would say that their seafood carbonara pasta is better by miles over this and the irony of my situation is I don't even like seafood that much but I love bacon. I hope they will improve on this one.

This is the Seafood Marinara Pasta:
Somehow, I find their Marinara sauce a bit on the weird side for me and it's hard for me to take it for more than 3 bites. But then again, I'm more of a Carbonara guy than a Marinara guy.

This dish here is called the Peperoncino with Squids Pasta:
It's spicy with the dried chili in there and you can definitely taste a lot of herbs in it trying to go to the Aglio E Olio route ie garlic and oil. It's ok for me. Priced at RM12.90. In fact, all pastas are priced at RM12.90.

Other than pasta, we tried the Chicken Maryland:
Also the Chicken Chop:
This is not bad available at RM12.90 at the time of writing.

Smoked Salmon Salad:
And Chicken Chop Fried Rice:
The chicken chop goes really well with the fried rice and the great portion of egg. A good dish as well. Priced at RM12.90 currently.

And to end it all of the main course, the beef ribs:
By this time, I was already having some beer. LOL. The beef ribs taste good which the beer enhanced it but a bit too tough.

When we were stuffed to the gills, they brought desserts for us to savor.

The previous day, before this food review, was actually my birthday. So they decided to present the Hazelnut Truffle Cake as my birthday cake instead:
Among all the cakes that we had there, this actually is the nicest according to my taste buds.
Others were nice to go with coffee and had great decorations to them as well:

Thanks to the owners and staff of Cuppa Kaffe for being so obliging which makes my food review with them a pleasant experience. I hope that their customers do get the same experience I get.

The full address of Cuppa Kaffe is:
63, 1st floor, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47500 (Opposite Asia Cafe).

Monday, June 03, 2013

The Hangover Part III Movie Review

The Hangover part III is...different. Different in the sense that the Hangover part doesn't make sense other than being a continuation of what happened the last time around. Well, it didn't involve in any sort of blackout which result in memory lapse in them. So this time around, they remember every single detail of their wacky adventure.
Alan, as usual being his crazy self, bought a giraffe and accidentally killed it when going under a low bridge which caused a massive highway wreck. Alan's father was off the roof about it and was going to kick him out but died of a heart attack.

After much consideration and discussion, Stu, Phil and Doug decided to send him to a rehab in Arizona. Along the way, they were rammed off the highway by a truck which turns out to be Marshall, with Black Doug as his head of security. Marshall tells them that he's looking for Leslie Chow who escaped from maximum security prison. Sometime back, there was a Sheik who took $42 million dollars worth of gold bar to looking to invest in some underground business. Marshall and his gang hijacked the gold where the gold carried off by two minivans went separate route. One of the minivan never got to Marshall but was hijacked by Chow. Marshall looked for the Wolfpack (Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug) because Alan was the only person Chow had contact with during prison and it was through letters. So, Marshall hang on to Doug and gave Stu, Phil and Alan a limited time to find Chow and bring Marshall back his $21 million dollars gold bar that was took from him or he'll kill Doug.

At first, without a clue on where to find Chow, they were thinking of waiting till Chow contacts Alan but turns out, Chow had already contacted Alan way earlier through email and to ask Alan to meet at a bus stop in Tijuana, Mexico.

So the 3 decided to devise a plan so that they can get Doug back and get on with their lives. Their initial plan was to drug Chow and bring him to Marshall. Will they succeed in getting Chow and get him to Marshall? Find out by watching the movie!

After a disappointing 2nd installment, this is definitely an entertaining enough watch although it didn't really had anything to do with being hungover and trying to recall back the previous night. Nevertheless, definitely a better one than the 2nd. I rate it 3 stars out of 5.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Where's the Party? Teaser at Neverland, KL

So where's the party? Where's the party? Well, the question still remains. But until then, people are clamoring for the invites to the well-known to be the mother of all parties and of epic proportions.

Last Saturday night, Carlsberg had a little teaser at Neverland, KL on "Where's the Party?" upcoming on July 6, 2013 and at the venue, the chance to win the invites were also given.
 Although most that I knew were headed off to Penang that night for another party, I had quite a good time staying around for this party.
In addition to this teaser party at Neverland, KL, there are also other various outlets that were arranged to host the "Where's the Party?" teaser party for people to participate in the games challenge in order for them to win invites to "Where's the Party?" this year.
Some of the games that were played were Cup-side Down, Capture, Caps-Off and Card-lifting.

During the party at Neverland, KL, I was challenged to participate in the game Card-lifting. After a few drinks, I said to myself, "Challenge accepted!" and went on stage.
The rules of the game is simple but yet, requires a bit of patience and skill and the courage to take up the challenge. LOL. There will be 3 stacks of cards placed on top of 3 cups that's placed upside down on the table. The stack of cards contain all cards facing down except for the last card that's directly on top of the cup which is a joker and it's placed faced up. Participants are required to blow off all the cards that are faced down until the joker is revealed and left on top of the cup.
Should the joker be blown off the cup, the participant has to start all over again from the beginning starting with the 1st cup. As usual, I look like an idiot but hey, I won. :P

The night carried on with DJs spinning their tunes:
Resident Neverland singers performing:
and more chances for the public to grab invites to "Where's the Party?" 2013:
Last year, we saw 1,200 party revelers grazing "Where's the Party?" 2012. This year, Carlsberg is giving out 3000 invitations to "Where's the Party?" so don't miss your chance to be a part of it.

If you miss the teaser parties for your chance to grab those passes, don't fret as you still got a chance to score the invites by purchasing a minimum of RM100 of Carlsberg beer in a single receipt, keep the receipt head on to and follow the steps shown.

Good luck!