Monday, May 06, 2013

Sakura Kristal @ Giant, Subang, USJ 1

About 2 weekends back, before my hard disk decided to give up on me which caused me a loss of massive amount of data and sleepless nights just trying to get my PC up and running and trying to recover back my files, I went out to this jam-prone area in Summit which is Giant USJ.

The main purpose of stepping into this unknown territory for me is to try out a place called Sakura Kristal located right inside of Giant USJ:
Despite sounding like a Japanese restaurant, when you look at the menu, you'll discover that it's far from being a Japanese restaurant. Rather, it's Asian cuisine with a little bit of fusion in it.

The place may not look like much being in a hypermarket area with all the busy shoppers but the taste of the dishes impress me which makes me feel that the price is reasonable.

Here's the Peranakan Seafood Curry which is fantastic curry to me:
That alone with rice would be enough to satiate my food cravings.

But of course, I did try other dishes aside from the curry. This is Hong Kong Kuey Teow with Black Beans:
I find that the Kuey Teow noodles a little tastier than the local Chinese restaurants but it costs RM8.

Oh, there's actually a western dish that I tried there and it's the Pan-seared Dory Fish:
It tasted buttery to me and although an acceptable taste to me, I would rather stick to the Asian dishes in this restaurant. Not that it taste bad, in fact it tasted better than a lot of other restaurant just that the Asian dishes were more appealing to my taste bud than this.

Another dished that I tried would be the Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice:
Another surprisingly good dish to me. The beef is very tender and not rubbery like a lot of places tend to make it and goes well with the fried rice.

Thai Fried Soh Hoon is one of the dishes tried:
This is priced at RM10.

This next dish also deserves a mention in my books:
It's called The Indon Treasure! It's with belachan with 2 pieces of fried chicken wings on top of papadoms. Not bad. Priced at RM12.

The rest of the dishes are usually ate with rice. Tofu Jong Kong Emas:
Mango Crispy Chicken:
And Crispy Brinjal:
We also tasted some desserts but the highlight that I would say were the main courses.

They currently have 4 other branches around KL and Selangor (Setia City Mall, SEGI University College in Kota Damansara, KL Festival City and Taman Melawati) and a 6th one opening in June at the Mines Shopping Centre.

But for now, Giant Subang USJ 1 is the newest branch at:
Lot no G14 - 15 giant hypermarket, subang jaya, 672 & 673USJ 1 subang 47500.


Merryn said...

I wud definitely go for the Peranakan Curry!!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

That's my fave. :)

Ken said...

prices seem reasonable for KL standard, too bad they don't have any shops in Penang :x

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

They're expanding fast. Probably they might wanna venture out to other states next time. :)