Saturday, May 04, 2013

3 Malaysians Wins VIP Trip to Ibiza's UEFA Champions League Final Viewing Party

Last Saturday was a day where I kicked back, relax and enjoy some Heineken by the sandy beach-like atmosphere of Mines Wellness Hotel whilst watching 30 finalists battle it out to win the all grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to Ibiza, Spain to watch the screening of the UEFA Champions League finals.

3 lucky winners, Yeoh Keng Meng, Lim Sze Hue and Joel Hoshea Munjan managed to outwit their competitors in order to emerge as champions and will be off to Ibiza on May 25, 2013:
Along with other Heineken fans, all 200 of them from all around the world will rendezvous in Ibiza for an exclusive, ultra-luxurious VIP experience in both football and music culminating in one spectacular event.

The challenge started off early in the month of April where Heineken announced that the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets were hidden in a secret location somewhere in Klang Valley and are to collaborate in activities via Facebook and Twitter to be one step closer in getting to that prize. Thousands of football fans responded but only 30 were selected to compete for the prize in the finale challenge and to test their wits and football knowledge:
"We know our fans are intelligent, quick witted and worldly people and are gamed for a challenge every now and then, so we’ve worked hard to craft a campaign that we hope they will enjoy being part of" said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad.

During the Ibiza finale challenge, the contestants were set off on a wild treasure hunt to uncover the hidden Heineken Ibiza Final tickets where later, 6 of the successful contestants were pitted in a Q&A session to test their football knowledge. Throughout the event, TV personality Henry Golding and Julie Woon were the masters of ceremony for the day:
After the contest was over and done,  DJ Blastique & Phil K Lee spun their tunes entertaining the night away with the incredible view of the Mine's Resort's lake in the background.

Congratulations to the 3 winners who proved that they're worthy of bagging that awesome prize to Ibiza. I wish I'd get to go along and perhaps one day someone will send me on an all-expense paid trip to party in Ibiza. :P
Wishful thinking. LOL.


Yuh Jiun said...

Omg so syok!!!! I also want T_T haha

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

You don't say. I would also want to go.