Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brisik @ Jaya One

A return once more to Jaya One a week later after a feast at Frontera to try out the food here at Brisik:
This place is quite hidden since at the ground level, there's nothing but the entrance leading upstairs to the area to dine which faces a wall.

The place has quite a soothing ambiance with low lighting and it's kind of quiet hidden away from the bustling bars around Jaya One:
It's also quite a small, cozy place which I can easily be put in a relaxing mood.

So let's get down to the food starting with the appetizers:
That's Satagor (beancurd, mix veggie, minced chicken and potato cutlets inside) on the top and Crispy Mushroom on the bottom.

Their Satay Serai is not like your ordinary satay since it has lemon grass as their skewer stick for the meat:
It's priced at RM12 per plate.
Their Keropok is also not like your ordinary keropok:
It has a bitter aftertaste to it and it's more towards the healthiness of the snack rather than it's taste. A plate of it costs RM5.

Onwards to the main course which the dishes are usually eaten with rice, this is the Tauhu Telur:
As the name suggests, it's tofu in eggs with carrots, cucumbers and beansprouts on top.

Some vegetables (Pucuk Paku( to go with the rice:
Surprisingly for me, this seems to give out a little sweet taste to it which pleasantly goes with the rice.
Other item that I tried out is this one, Ayam Penyet:
Done Indonesian-style, the grilled chicken is seasoned with chili and tomatoes which makes it quite tasty. The price of this cost to about RM18.

The Gulai Kambing Cincang is the most delicious dish that I've tasted for the evening:
I simply like the curry sauce that comes with it. This costs RM25.

But the best presentation of them all is probably this Sundanese Dancing Fish which is priced at RM37:
I love the taste of the green chili that it came with. I can just eat the green chili with the rice alone without anything else.

The full address to this place is:
10-1, Palm Square Jaya One, 72, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya


iha said...

My tummy singing suddenly (big laugh). Hope I've a chance to try the Satay Serai and Satagor.

Henry Tan said...

bitter taste of keropok? that's new to me!

Tekkaus said...

Wow...they use serai as their skewers. That's my very first time seeing this. Must be more flavourful aye. :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

The satay serai is quite tasty

That's because it's a healthy snack. LOL

Yup, certainly more tastier.

Ken said...

Satay serai looks cool, but just wondering how you guys gonna take them out without dirtying your hands hahahaha :P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Just use the serai and then use fork and knife. :)
But of course, touching the serai already has an oily feel to it so use a napkin to wipe it off.