Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brisik @ Jaya One

A return once more to Jaya One a week later after a feast at Frontera to try out the food here at Brisik:
This place is quite hidden since at the ground level, there's nothing but the entrance leading upstairs to the area to dine which faces a wall.

The place has quite a soothing ambiance with low lighting and it's kind of quiet hidden away from the bustling bars around Jaya One:
It's also quite a small, cozy place which I can easily be put in a relaxing mood.

So let's get down to the food starting with the appetizers:
That's Satagor (beancurd, mix veggie, minced chicken and potato cutlets inside) on the top and Crispy Mushroom on the bottom.

Their Satay Serai is not like your ordinary satay since it has lemon grass as their skewer stick for the meat:
It's priced at RM12 per plate.
Their Keropok is also not like your ordinary keropok:
It has a bitter aftertaste to it and it's more towards the healthiness of the snack rather than it's taste. A plate of it costs RM5.

Onwards to the main course which the dishes are usually eaten with rice, this is the Tauhu Telur:
As the name suggests, it's tofu in eggs with carrots, cucumbers and beansprouts on top.

Some vegetables (Pucuk Paku( to go with the rice:
Surprisingly for me, this seems to give out a little sweet taste to it which pleasantly goes with the rice.
Other item that I tried out is this one, Ayam Penyet:
Done Indonesian-style, the grilled chicken is seasoned with chili and tomatoes which makes it quite tasty. The price of this cost to about RM18.

The Gulai Kambing Cincang is the most delicious dish that I've tasted for the evening:
I simply like the curry sauce that comes with it. This costs RM25.

But the best presentation of them all is probably this Sundanese Dancing Fish which is priced at RM37:
I love the taste of the green chili that it came with. I can just eat the green chili with the rice alone without anything else.

The full address to this place is:
10-1, Palm Square Jaya One, 72, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Countdown to Heineken Ibiza Final

The Heineken Ibiza Final contest will officially end today, Saturday, 20th April 2013, where participants will stand a chance to win a once in a lifetime VIP-style experience all the way to the party capital Ibiza, Spain to watch the screening of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final.
The Heineken Ibiza Final tickets are hidden in a secret location somewhere in the Klang Valley where fans will collaborate over social media network activities (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to be one step closer to find out where the hidden tickets are.

Once the location is revealed, 80 of the lucky ones will be given a chance to go for the grand prize via the Heineken Ibiza Finale Challenge where they have to use their skills of charm, imagination and inventiveness combined to win the ultimate football and music experience.

If you have not participated in a chance for the grand prize, do so today!
Here's how:
•    Visit Heineken’s Facebook page ( and click ‘Kick-off to Ibiza Final’ app where you can either “Check In” or tweet with the hash tag #LikeAChamp
•    As your number of tweets and check ins increase, the map will zoom in closer to unveil the secret location of the hidden Heineken Ibiza Final tickets

•    To take part, you need to enter a code. Purchase two buckets or eight glasses of Heineken Draught OR purchase a Heineken Ibiza Final 24-pack at participating outlets and receive a Unique Code
•    Enter your Unique Code in Heineken Malaysia website (
•    Fill in your personal details and you’re on your journey to Heineken Ibiza Final
•    Once you receive an e-mail invitation to the secret location, be prepared to use your wits to find the hidden tickets

Top 3 winners out of 250 from around the world (which could be you) will be given this ultra-luxurious all expense-paid VIP experience in Ibiza, Spain

Friday, April 12, 2013

Frontera - Sol of Mexico @ Jaya One

Once again, I revisit Frontera once more for a taste of their Mexican dishes.

The last 3 visits to this place wasn't really for a meal but this time around, it's time to try out a full course meal.

Started off with a refreshing watermelon juice, the Watermelon Agua Fresca:
Tried a sample of this way back in 2010 during a food outing when I was still much affiliated to Nuffnang.
Before exploring further with delectables, a quick look at the ambiance around the restaurant.

The bar area ready to serve some alcohol:
They have a mini stage area for occasional performances:
Started off with some appetizers which are the Top-Shelf Guacamole:
The Guacamole contains avocado, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, with dashes of lime juices and jalapeño that are served with tortilla chips. Anytime is a good time for chips with Guacamole for me!

Next to try on our list was the Jalapeño Crab Cakes:
Although it contains jalapeño, it's not really a very spicy dish since it's not really overwhelmed with it. Served with Roasted Jalapeño Remoulade to go with the Crab Cakes which adds tastiness to it.

Jicama Salad was a part of the tasting as well:
Onwards with the next dish, the Chicken Enchiladas:

The contents of the Enchiladas are shredded chicken with sour cream with Poblano sauce and cheese on top. And as you can see from the picture above, it's served with some simple salad, refried beans and Mexican rice. Available for RM28.95 if I'm not mistaken.

Baja-style Fish Tacos was next on the list:
Besides the fish filling inside the tortilla, there's also the guacamole in there.

Next up is the Prawn Chimichanga:
As you can see, the presentation is much like the Chicken Enchiladas earlier with Mexican rice, refried beans and some simple salad to go with it.

And finally, dessert. The Impossible Chocolate Flan:

The full address of this place is:
18-G-2, Palm Square,
Jaya One,
46200, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Host (2013) Movie Review

Set in the future, the storyline goes where earth is overrun by an alien life form where it inhabits the host's body (in this case human's), takes control of it and live it's life experiencing through that form. When it does so in a human body, a ring of light will appear in the eyes hence knowing that it's inhabited by the alien life form. But not all humans are in control by these alien life forms. There are still people who are still who they are and hideaway while those alien life forms that are tasked to seek out these pockets of humanity (called the Seeker) in so that more of their alien life form can inhabit their bodies tried to weed them out.

Melanie Stryder was one of these few who are still human and while being hunted by the alien life forms, she jumped off a building out of desperation. She survived the fall and so the Seeker had her body healed and inhabited with one who's called Wanderer. Wanderer was tasked to access Melanie's memories in order to find out where the rest are hiding so that they can capture them all. But Melanie, being still alive inside the body, tried to resist as much as possible and talked and try to psyche Wanderer into not giving out information to the Seeker.

Even though, Wanderer initially cooperated with the Seeker, she finally felt compassion towards Melanie and stopped giving out new info to the Seeker. After 2 weeks of not obtaining new information, the Seeker finally decided that she should exchange bodies with Wanderer in order to try and obtain new data by trying herself.

That night, Melanie convinced Wanderer to escape. While Wanderer had the impression of finding her healer to help, Melanie had other plans and led Wanderer into a desert place to find her uncle Jeb where over there, he has his small civilization of humans that are safely hideaway from the alien life forms. When Wanderer realizes she's been tricked, she tries to regain control and after a struggle between the 2 internally, they crashed the car that they were driving hence the Wanderer had no choice but to find Jeb's hideout in order to survive.
They trudged along the desert and finally passed out from the heat after some time only to be awoken by Jeb and some of the humans. Knowing that Melanie is inhabited by Wanderer, they at first, disputed on whether should they kill her off. But Jeb overruled everybody and decided to capture her back to the hideout and eventually started to trust her as a friend.

Meanwhile, Seeker and her cohorts decided to search for Wanderer and the remaining existing humans.

Will Jeb's hideout be found out and that Wanderer not betray them or is this happily ever after? Find out from the movie!

I vaguely remember about this movie even though it's just been a week since I saw it and a few months down the line, I will probably forget about this movie as there's nothing much memorable in it. But it is an ok watch in my books so I'm gonna rate it 3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Heineken presents UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final in Ibiza

Heineken as usual will be sponsoring the world's most prestigious club football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, again this year making it the 7th consecutive year. But unlike other years, Heineken will be bringing it's campaign up a notch this year by also bringing 200 Heineken fans from around the world to the world's party capital - Ibiza, Spain for the screening of the UCL finals. The 'Heineken Ibiza Final' campaign is set to bring together the best football and the best of music in one spectacular night to create an unbelievable VIP experience.

In order to be one step closer to this incredible once in a lifetime experience, fans are encouraged to engage in the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign via social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and through your set of skills in charm, imagination and inventiveness, you just might be rewarded with this ultimate football experience.

Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia said: "We want our consumers to really engage with the brand and the campaign, and ultimately, to enjoy watching the UCL final in a uniquely Heineken way. This year, we are very excited to offer them the opportunity to celebrate the legendary moments of football’s greatest final with Heineken at a very exotic location; Ibiza, Spain."

"Seven years on and we still feel immensely proud that the world’s most prestigious club football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, is sponsored by the world’s most international beer brand, Heineken. This year’s campaign has plenty of excitement, with a few surprises along the way, so we really do hope consumers enjoy the ‘Heineken Ibiza Final’ campaign as much as we have when we developed it"

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Heineken's Facebook page for more details on this at as the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign is now live from 1-20 April 2013.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

WeChat Party 2013 at Neverland, KL

Despite being a normal, everyday working Tuesday, I took off early a day after April Fool's day to avoid the jam & brave the KL streets to attend this event:
The WeChat Party 2013 which was held at Neverland, KL.

For the uninformed, WeChat is a mobile communication tool sort of like your BBM and Meebo instant messaging service but with it's own unique features. (Wrote an article on it back in 2012 here:

It's currently available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry platforms and it's free. It's by the company Tencent which is a China company. Back in January 2011, WeChat was more known as Weixin which is popular among the Chinese crowd before rebranding it as WeChat to appeal more towards the worldwide market.

So there I was early at Neverland with not many people around and an almost empty place even though I've walked around Pavilion for awhile. That shows how early I had been!

Anyways, it's a good thing that WeChat had a group chat function to keep me amused which they also used it as a place to draw the final lucky draw:
They certainly do have really cute emoticons. LOL.

Once the crowd starts to grow and everyone is gathered and ready to party, the place kicks off with hip hop dancing on the stage:
The emcee for the night is Rudy:
Which then introduced the Vice President of Tencent International Business, Mr. Poshu Yeung, for his welcome speech to the crowd:
And without further ado, the showcase of the TVC on WeChat was highlighted much to the anticipation of the crowd.
The TVC which stars the WeChat ambassadors, Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani shows some of the WeChat features in the commercial. Here's one of the videos which features WeChat's video call:

During the dinner provided, entertainment by singers Vivian Chua and Henley Hii lightens up the stage:
There's also a performance done by Awi Rafael which his energy jives with the audience:
In between performances, game sessions were held for some of the audience members to go home with great prizes including an iPad!
I, for that matter, am happy with the supply of beers given to me for my consumption.

The party ended with the sounds of DJ SykoGroove spinning his tunes the night away before the final lucky draw.

For further information on the WeChat app, head on down to for more info.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The All New Revamped Life Centre

Life Centre has gone a long way since it finished building in 1990. From the first T.G.I. Friday to Ruums club to KL Live, it has certainly undergone many changes throughout the years to accommodate the lifestyle of the people changing through times.

In the recent scene, Life Centre had undergone some renovation and is now reopen with it's grand launch on the 28th of March, 2013:
It's new lease of life has transformed it into an F&B and entertainment hub that offers gastronomic delights and exciting events in the heart of the city.

The launch started off with Lion Dances to bring it luck on the premise:
With the Lion Dance parading in and back out of the Life Centre, it's time for the VIPs to join at the entrance for the opening ceremony:
With the complete party in place, a flash mob dance started to get the dancing mood going:
This then, was followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony by the founder Mr. Ng Lian Chin to officiate the opening of the new Life Centre:
When the rain of confetti has ended, the Lion Dance performance continued on:

We then, proceeded indoors out of the heat where the Director of Life Centre, Mr. James Ng opened off with a speech before a corporate video presentation was given:
"With our delightful and niche dining and entertainment offerings, we are positive that Life Centre will maintain as an iconic F&B and entertainment hub for singles and families, tourists and executives in and around KL," said James Ng.

As we were serenaded by jazzy tunes from this group during lunch:
I snooped around and check out the outlets from this 7 floors (5 floors shop lots and 2 floors basement car park) building.

Among the outlets that are already open, there's a Lexus boutique showroom for the car enthusiasts:
And Kingyo Japanese restaurant:
Also Serai Asian & Western Cuisine:
and Dr. Cafe Coffee all on the same ground floor:
Up one level above sits Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar packed with the busy lunch crowd of the office workers:
And also Dirty Nelly's Pub:
Doraku Sushi & Latin Cuisine is also one of the tenants here:
And Ah Yat Abalone Seafood restaurant situated way up above:
There's also a Vespa Pizza and a 7-Eleven around somewhere in the building and not forgetting the ever present KL Live where it has hosted to the many concerts, parties and events which some I had the privilege of attending.

From two rows of terrace houses 23 years ago to a revamped Life Centre, it's eying to be the hip and happening in Kuala Lumpur under one roof.