Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wine Talk with Room Service

The Thursday that passed by dated 21st March, 2013 was my off-day where the cloudy sky sets the mood for me to indulge in wine tasting that happened at The Pressroom, Bangsar Shopping Complex:
Wine tasting rarely happen in my agenda even though I've been known to be involved in drinking alcohol frequently simply because of the lack of knowledge to purchase and consume wine and the rarity of invitations to an event such as this.

I arrived slightly earlier and anticipated eagerly with empty wine glasses placed neatly in front of me hoping to enhance my appreciation for drinking wine:
Basically, there are six different types of wine that we tasted which 2 are white wine, one is rosé and the other 3 are red wine:
Tasting notes were prepared beforehand that describes the wines and what food it's great with.
We tasted them in the order of right to left.
  • The first one on the right was a white wine named Monte de Peceguina 'Branco' from Alentejo, Portugal. 
  • The next white wine is my favorite among all - the Arthur Metz Pinot Gris from Alsace, France.
  • The rosé wine is also Monte de Peceguina
  • Finca Las Moras, 'Pacha Mama' Organic Malbec red wine from Mendoza, Argentina
  • From South Australia, De Bortoli 'Family Selection' Cabernet-Merlot red wine and
  • Monte de Peceguina 'Tinto'.

When the session started, after a short introduction, David Stephan, the sommelier of Wine Talk guides us along with his hand picked selection of wines:
We also were provided with some delicacies to see how well it pairs with the wine such as this shrimp:
and roast duck:
and some other meat and bread and pizzas:
Now, what exactly is Wine Talk? Wine Talk started off as a concept that became a reality from the collaboration of Room Service, the food delivery service with Gastrodome, F&B group to La Bodega, The Pressroom and Espressamente Illy.
In Malaysia, there are many people who are interested in drinking wine but seldom explore out of what they know hence the limited few.

Wine Talk takes it's Wine Explorers onto a Wine Journey of carefully hand-picked and pre-selected wines for them to try out which can be a case of red wine, a case of white wine, a mixture of both red & white or red, white and rosé wines.

There are no sign-up fees when you register, no cancellation fees and you can pause your subscription and continue later on without any extra charges. In other words, you just pay for what you want and the wine will be delivered to your doorstep in a monthly/bi-monthly fashion depending on your preference.

For further info, head on to the website at or call 1300-88-9788


Henry Lee said...

drink all the wine!! haha

Tekkaus said...

Wine look who's lame. But then, they are marketing it amazingly. :D

Tekkaus said...

I am more interested in the roast duck. :p

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yummy, delicious wine.

For the roast duck, it's from The Pressroom's kitchen which goes well with red wine. :D

Chuen said...

Haven't been to BSC for a while now.. So many range of wine they serve. Sometimes, I get clueless on what to order. haha

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Hey Chuen,
I seldom go to BSC also.
Wine Talk does the choosing of the wine for you so that you get to taste different types of wine. Through different wine tasting, you'll be more sure of what taste suits you over time. :)

Unknown said...

Wine... is not for me lol. For free then yes haha. GI Joe: Retaliation review

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Wine enhances food taste. :)

Unknown said...

Not a wine lover but the food looks good as well lol Ip Man: The Final Fight review

missyblurkit said...

I loved the Portugese Cuvee!