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Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) Movie Review

We're all familiar with the fairy tale story of Jack & the Beanstalk. Well, here's an elaborate story that converted the fairy tale into a film with partial animation.

The story was set in Albion where the legendary story of the magic beans that grow into giant stalks way up to the heavens created by the monks in order to search for god. When they created the bridge between heavenly skies and the earth, all they saw were not god's abode but rather of giants. They giants reign terror upon earth and had an insatiable hunger for acquiring things especially the eating of human flesh and blood. The monks then forged a crown that derive from the main ingredient of a giant's heart and were given to King Erik where he wears it to conquer over the giants. The crown to the giants are like kryptonite to superman where the giants had to obey every command to whomever wears the crown. With King Erik as the wearer, he summoned the giants to go back to their place in heaven and then ordered the giant stalk to be cut down. The magic beans and the crown was buried along with King Erik and the giants were never seen again.

That legend has been a fairy tale to little children as bedtime stories. 2 children were of the most particular interest in the story, one being Jack, the farm boy who's raised by his uncle after his father had passed on, while the other is the princess Isabelle who always wanders off to find her own adventure instead of the royal life.

Years later, the both of them had grown up.

Jack's uncle assigned Jack of the task to sell the horse with the cart. While in the city, he was distracted with a performance that was going on that tells of the story of King Erik and the magic beans and giants. Over there as well, he noticed a beautiful woman in the crowd who's also watching the show unknown to him or anyone that she's the princess. A few thugs started disturbing the princess where Jack couldn't take it anymore and started to try and defend her. That was when the royal guards came by to pick up the princess as she had wandered off.

In the royal castle, the film progresses of detailing that Princess Isabelle is still a person who loves to wander off in seeking adventure and that she was supposed to marry Roderick which was chosen for her. However, unbeknown of the King and the Princess, Roderick had actually other plans in mind. With his right hand man, he has already acquired the magic beans and the crown from the legends of King Erik. But a monk broke in and stole the beans.

Roderick, knowing of this, sealed off the gates of the city to prevent the monk from leaving and to find him. During that time, the monk, in his time of desperation, approached Jack and offered to buy his horse (who by now, Jack had lost his cart) but in the meantime, he will offer Jack the beans and told him that it's very precious to the monks and if he were to bring those beans to the monastery, he'll get his money for the horse. While Jack wasn't concentrating and were looking at the beans, the monk rode off with the horse and tried to escape from the guards which he ended up being captured.

Upon return, Jack's uncle was very disappointed for not having any money but only beans and decided to trudge off to sell off some item to get some money. In the confusion, one of the beans fell in between the crack on the floorbed of the house.

That night, the storm started pouring and as usual, the princess wandered off again and being caught in the rain, she stumbled upon Jack's house for shelter. But Jack later realized that she was the princess. As Jack and Isabelle were getting acquainted, the bean under the house got wet and started to grow out of proportion towards heavenwards, lifting the house with it. Jack tried get to the princess who's trapped in the house but slipped and fell and was rendered unconscious with the princess' bracelet in his hand.

Morning light came and Jack awoken with the king and his guards in his face. Jack related what happened and the king ordered his best men to climb the stalk to get the princess back. Roderick volunteered as well and Jack too.

During the climb upwards where nighttime fell, some of the men lost their footing and Roderick quietly gave the order to his right hand man to cut off the ropes where all the men fell to their death except for the few of them.

At daybreak, they saw that they've arrived at a land above and decided to trudge on to find the princess.

Roderick was ready to execute his plan to rule the giants while Jack and the royal guards were on their mission to rescue Isabelle and to face the giant.

Watch the show to find out how the adventure unfolds.
The show although may sound like a show suitable for kids, but yet there are very graphical violent scenes in there which aren't suitable for kids. But of course the Malaysian censorship board did cut it off. Overall, a very elaborate story to the original tale and it's good to watch it once. I rate this show 3 stars out of 5.


Happy walker said...

would watch it~

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes, go and do so

Sycookies said...

Only 3 out of 5? Perhaps I should get the DVD without censorship?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, to me it's nothing impressive that makes me wanna watch it again but it is watchable for one time hence my 3/5.

FiSh said...

sounds like a kid movie again, haha i shall watch it elsewhere then :P

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Sounds like only, but there are gory parts that are not suitable for kids