Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sunday Masquerades at Shook!, Starhill Gallery

Tucked in the urban concrete jungle of KL, Shook! is an eating establishment nestled in the posh surroundings of Starhill Gallery.
Peek-a-boo! I see you. Signage seems a little hidden from the Sunday Masquerades arc.

Every now and then, all of us would one time or another be bored of the monotonous experience of life and want something different but somehow couldn't afford the time to be away long enough to enjoy a decent trip. And weekends at the mall just became too mainstream and common in some of our lives that it just seems a bit boring.

Well, every Sunday, from 12 noon till 3.30pm, Shook! hosts a little masquerade party called the Sunday Masquerades to allow you to escape the normal everyday life and dive into the fun and fantasy world of imagination, in addition to filling your tummies with a lavish lunch.

The masquerade party is a fanfare of spectacular colors and attitudes with Royal Court Jesters, Sultry Sirens in feathered masks & Medieval Damsels in distress.

Of course the main thing would be the food buffet laid out fit for Kings & Queens, Emperors and Empress, royals and the likes.

Generally, the buffet spread is divided into 4 sections so you get to pick and choose to your liking.
There's the Chinese section, the Italian section, the Japanese section and the Grill section.
Some of the dishes that sits in the Chinese section includes the roast duck, beef and celery cooked in Szechuan style and dumplings:
Items on the Chinese menu that are to order but aren't on the buffet are:
  • Dancing Prawns
  • King Prawn Noodles
  • Goose Noodles
  • Shanghai Style Shallot Flavor Wanton Noodles
  • Steamed Sea Bass
  • Young Sweet Corn & Snow Crab
  • Classic Shanghai Style Fried Rice
 The Italian buffet spread was adjacent to the Chinese one and hence I did a walkaround but didn't scout much on the items on it. Some of the things that I saw, loads of ingredients for you to pick and match for your own salad, assortment of cheeses (should go well with some wine).
Items that's not on display for the picking at the buffet but can be ordered from the menu that belongs in the Italian section is:
  • Bruchetta
  • Tomato Soup
  • Braised Littleneck in White Wine Basil
  • Beef Cheeks
  • Duck Confit
But my heart truly went out to the Grill section because I'm a meat lover.

Along at the vicinity of the Grill section lies the seafood as well.
Crabs, prawns and mussels & oysters galore!

The grill section got me wanting some lamb, oven roasted strip loin, sausages.
The Japanese section had a selection of onigiri, sashimis and some soups as well.
But perhaps the grandest of them all goes to the dessert bar where the presentation was beyond words. Somehow, a little reluctant to ruin the beautiful display of savory sweets.

The sumptuous feast was paired along with the free flow of Laurent Perrier champagne:
Other beverages that I tried were the Kahlua Coffee and the Black Margarita:
Along the lines of the food, there comes along some entertainment like an Illusionist entertaining by your table and the paparazzi photographers snapping away your picture. A refreshing diversion from the everyday lazy Sunday afternoon lunch.
For Reservations and Enquiries : +603 2782 3875


Tony Teh said...

Looks great but where's the price info?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh, LOL.
With free flow champagne is RM268 and for the food only is RM168.

Tony Teh said...

Expensive but worth the price I guess.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Indulge in a lavish lifestyle. :D

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

OMG food !!!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes, it's food. LOL