Tuesday, January 15, 2013

End Of Watch (2012) Movie Review

The film shows the hard work and dedication of a typical police officer, their daily routines, their lives just like a normal person and the ones who are passionate about their jobs enforcing the law instead of just a job that pays the bill.

This show centers around 2 young police officer, Brian Taylor and Miguel Zavala. Miguel is a married man and is expecting a 2nd child. Brian is a single man at the start of the show and likes to film around with his camcorder for his film project. Brian hinted of a woman which he liked and is going after her which as the movie progresses, him and the woman, Janet dated, married and had a kid.

The story follows them around in their daily routines, sometimes day shift, sometimes night shift. One of it was a public disturbance call where they busted a black guy but not before Miguel starts getting gangsta and accepted the challenge from the street thug to slug it out man-to-man which gains the respect from the blacks' street gang that he followed street rules instead of just arresting the guy by the books.

Another distress call that the officers heeded from their radio was saving kids from a burning house where they risked their lives. That incident had made them into local heroes but they don't feel like one although they are. Their somehow thirst for some action had led to them checking on a house based on their hunch which is supposed to be by a guy whom they busted earlier but instead had stumbled upon a bigger evil plot. The place were housing human slaves for trafficking and the two officers had just blew the operations of federal agents that were staking out on the place. They were told to lay low as the crime organization that's dealing with these will stop at nothing and could endanger their lives.

Another call that they took up was when they were patrolling the peaceful area where nothing much happens and so they took the call of checking up on an old lady whom her daughter had not heard from her for sometime. They went over to the place but had a gruesome discovery when they broke in after no answer. The place were housed by the drug cartels who had fled the place but they left the drugs there. The place were also a chamber of torture for them.

After busting that place, the drug lord had decided he had enough of the two officers and had hired the local Latino gang of junkies to finish them off. The Latino gang set up a trap and planned to kill off the 2 officers as instructed.

Although from my description it may sound boring because it's merely clips of here and there following the routine of 2 police officers, yet if you were to watch it, I'm sure you'll be deeply intrigued and look at the police officers at a different light after this. I even shed a tear at the end of the movie. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wahhh it is high rating movie from you werrr ~ =D

Happy walker said...

looking forward on this movie~ =D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ya, because it's a really nice movie.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Mr. Lonely
It's out in theaters already