Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

With Tom Cruise as one of the producer, the show Jack Reacher is a movie that you expect to see Tom Cruise a lot. LOL.

Jack Reacher is a government military police who disappeared from the face of the earth after he decided to stop serving the government after a collection of honorary titles and badges in servitude of the country.

James Barr was a suspect in a crime he might have committed killing in cold blood 5 seemingly random people. The case was taken up by a detective Emerson who arrested James Barr since the evidence collected seems to point to him. During the interrogation while James Barr was in the police custody, James Barr asked for Jack Reacher. That's when the justice system took notice of Jack Reacher.

James Barr's case was represented by the District Attorney's daughter, Helen, in a seemingly hopeless case. When in a discussion between the District Attorney and Emerson about Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher showed up on his own.

Reacher related on the incident of how James Barr, a highly trained military sniper had never got the chance to fire his sniper gun when they decommissioned him from a mission in Baghdad and so James Barr had the urge to kill. So before he was sent back to home soil, James Barr fired his rifle on a few men in the streets of Baghdad. Coincidentally, the people that James Barr shot were those who took advantage of the spoils of war and went on a rape rally. Due to this finding, James Barr was pardoned for his actions but Reacher vowed that he will return to bring him to justice should he ever do such a thing again.

Helen made Reacher the lead investigator on James Barr side on the condition that Helen visit the family and friends of the victims. Initially, Reacher tried to convince Helen that James Barr is guilty, but after much prodding and the intervention of outside force trying to derail or kill Reacher, Reacher found out that James Barr was framed and set out to clear his name even though it goes against his want to put James Barr away.

This show no doubt may have a predictable outcome, but the linking of the evidence and the uncover of truth makes it intriguing. Although the comedy part may be dry and not quite an action film, yet it still quite an enjoyable movie. I rate this show 4 stars out of 5.


Shayari said...

You know what happens when a good tailor aspires to create an apparel for the international market, say a fully embroidered long coat, buys the best fabric, best embroidery threads, copies the latest patterns, throws in a couple of his own, but simply cannot get hold of the karigars or workmen, or say cannot guide them enough to fill the entire coat with the international class embroidery, and so leaves gaps in various places! Resultantly, the long coat no doubt gets ready for the international market because whatever workmanship it entails is of the international standard, but the buyers will refrain from buying it because they are used to and they expect complete workmanship. This complete workmanship is what the audience expects from a Tom Cruise movie. As an actor, he has played the character pretty well. To the extent that he has even refrained from flashing his toothy grin and jaw dropping stunts! Depth of character is visible in the Assassin, but not in his Boss. Meaning to say that, strong characters have been created, but not explored. Presentation of the plot could have been made much more interesting. Herein one gets to know the difference between a good director and a brilliant director. Verdict: A fine movie but without any Tom Cruise effect.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Thanks for your opinion. :)