Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Absolut Elyx Launch at View Rooftop Bar's 1st Anniversary

The traffic in the city was at a snarl as the night began with a downpour of rain.
Imagine the relief that came upon me when I spotted GTower within my sight. View Rooftop Bar was having their anniversary during mid-December and along with it came the unveiling of the all-new Absolut Elyx. Designed with finesse, each refined step in the distillation process seamlessly flowing from one to the next, culminating in a world class vodka sought after by the urban elites.
Absolut Elyx is crafted from hand-selected estate wheat and blended with soft and naturally filtered water.

The night of glitz and glamor were themed to that of the Big Apple in the 1920s where it was a time of speakeasy bars boasting a social scene which was exclusive and bold, creative and daring.
 Once past the registration counter, at the GTower's foyer holds a tasting area where guests will enjoy a blind tasting session on Absolut Elyx and other premium vodkas:
The first set contains just the pure vodkas where along with the 3 glasses of spirit, a glass of water is provided with. The initial phase to the tasting begins with a sense of smell to whiff up the vodka on what's to come before proceeding to the tasting whereby you sip the vodka, hold on your tongue, swirl it, before swallowing the fine beverage for the aftertaste. Next set of vodka contains the same in all 3 glasses, only that it's mixed with Martini.

As I recall, View Rooftop Bar situated on the 29th floor of GTower, had a fantastic incredible view of the city the last time I was there to savor the beverages. It certainly has not changed and still contains a fantastic view of KL city out on the veranda:
The recent major renovations at View Rooftop Bar, unveiled at the anniversary party, will make this exclusive nightspot all the more spectacular and will certainly pave the way for yet another exultant year. View has invested a substantial sum of money in an imposing glass canopy and air conditioning system to give a unique al fresco feel without sacrificing any comforts. Patrons are now protected from the elements without obstructing the spectacular views of the K.L skyline.” said Colin Ng, Head of Corporate Investments of Goldis Berhad and Executive Director of GTower Sdn Bhd.

When the official launch started, it began with a speech by Terence Ong, the Sales and Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia:
"Absolut Elyx is a product built on taking utter purity and simplicity to its most extreme perfection and elegance. It really is the ultimate base for a wide ranging, new generation of luxury drinks and cocktails such as vodkatinis, or simply mixed with champagne. The very best way to enjoy it, however, is to drink it pure over a single, slowly melting ice cube."

Followed by a souvenir presentation to Colin Ng from Terence:
Where it officiated with a Swedish toast from His Excellency Bengt G. Carlsson - Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia, over to the invited guests of the evening:

The night then handed over to the band with Junji Delfino on vocals:
And also to the incredible sounds of NuSoundHoundz and DJ Blastique where together they played a wonderfully eclectic mix of evergreen tunes and electro beats.

I bade my farewell to the party and retire to my humble abode when the night was late but am certainly delighted that I had a chance to taste the new luxury in town, Absolut Elyx:


Nick Chan said...

Gonna check out this Roof Top Bar if got chance. Very cool man.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yeap. The view of the city is incredible. :)

Merryn said...

I no peluang to check this out..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. You're underage. :P

foongpc said...

I have yet to visit the Rooftop Bar at G Tower! So it has better view than SkyBar and Luna Bar?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Not sure because I've never been to Skybar or Luna Bar. LOL

Unknown said...

Yam seng! Upside Down movie review

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. Cheers!