Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ante Kitchen & Bar Food Review

If there's one meat that I love eating the most, it's gotta be pork.

So imagine the delight when I heard that pork will be the main ingredient of the food that I'll be sampling at Ante Kitchen & Bar.

Tucked in the enclave of Solaris Dutamas, Ante Kitchen & Bar were initially an idea from 6 friends who sat down at a table one day discussing on what to eat. The name Ante was chosen due to them being poker aficionados who know the risks involved in opening a restaurant business and they decided to wager with their time, effort, money and skills to the stake, the "Ante".

As mentioned earlier, pork is mainly in most of their dishes and it was surely a delicacy that I looked forward to.

Some starter soups that our table ordered, this is the Chunky Mushroom Soup:
Creamy and served with croutons, a great match to go with the soup.

And the Chef's Tomasco Soup:
Also creamy and once the taste settles in, a little spiciness tends to kick in.

Some drinks to cool down our dry throats:
It's Lemon Lime Bitters - soda and lime with bitters
Rosie's Lychee Fizz - lychee, lime and pandan leaf juice
Citrus Mint Cooler - lemon with orange juice
Ice Lemon Tea - erm, lemon tea in ice, LOL
and Passion Fruit Mojito - mint and soda with of course, passion fruit.

Other starters that we tasted were the salads. This is the Caesar Salad:
With your normal Caesar Salad elements, eggs, lettuce, parmesan cheese with croutons and some hints of bacon tossed in house dressing.

And two other salads that were in our list were the Crispy Pork Trotter Salad and the Smoked Duck Salad:
An out of the ordinary salad for me, not so much the Smoked Duck Salad but the Crispy Pork Trotter Salad.

Then it was onwards to the main course!

The juicy and yummy Char-grilled Pork Steak:
It's served with berry cream sauce, mashed potatoes on the side and a baked apple on top.

And whenever I eat pasta, I always go with carbonara because I'm not much of a person who fancy tomatoes. Their carbonara pasta called "The Real Bacon Carbonara" is also quite a delicious choice:

Here's the Seafood Marinara pasta:
It contains fresh river prawns with mussels and squid rings.

Here's something for a few people to share out, The Hogger Pork Ribs:
Not a bad tasting dish. Costs RM75.

Another for multiple people to share would be the Crispy Pork Knuckle:
A little dry for my taste though even with the sauce.

This one's called Volcano Sacrifice:
What is it exactly? Grilled lean pork slices.

My fave in the menu would be this:
The Up the Ante Pork Burger! The pork patty is wrapped in bacon strips (apologies for not catching the patty on picture) with a runny-yolk egg as you can see it oozing off and there's a side of hash brown as well. What's different to me about this pork burger is that the burger bun is actually a raisin bun. It's delicious enough to eat the bun on it's own unlike your normal burger bun which is plain that's slightly toasted with butter/margarine. The price of the burger is RM35.

That's the dishes that are noted by me.

Some cakes that we tasted:

Which goes well with the fine Latte I ordered:
Some hot chocolate love:

Ante Kitchen & Bar is offering readers either a free cocktail or a glass of house red/white wine from their menu with every RM100 purchase on your bill from Monday to Thursdays (excluding public holidays).
If alcoholic drinks are not your cup of tea but do not want to miss out on the Monday to Thursday specials, just speak to the front house managers. They would be more than happy to accommodate any special requests if it is within their capacity.
In order to be eligible for this, tell them that you read about Ante Kitchen & Bar from in order to claim your free drink.

The Monday to Thursday specials will only last until January 31st 2013.

The full address and contact of the place is:
A2-G1-09, Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0362063364

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Absolut Elyx Launch at View Rooftop Bar's 1st Anniversary

The traffic in the city was at a snarl as the night began with a downpour of rain.
Imagine the relief that came upon me when I spotted GTower within my sight. View Rooftop Bar was having their anniversary during mid-December and along with it came the unveiling of the all-new Absolut Elyx. Designed with finesse, each refined step in the distillation process seamlessly flowing from one to the next, culminating in a world class vodka sought after by the urban elites.
Absolut Elyx is crafted from hand-selected estate wheat and blended with soft and naturally filtered water.

The night of glitz and glamor were themed to that of the Big Apple in the 1920s where it was a time of speakeasy bars boasting a social scene which was exclusive and bold, creative and daring.
 Once past the registration counter, at the GTower's foyer holds a tasting area where guests will enjoy a blind tasting session on Absolut Elyx and other premium vodkas:
The first set contains just the pure vodkas where along with the 3 glasses of spirit, a glass of water is provided with. The initial phase to the tasting begins with a sense of smell to whiff up the vodka on what's to come before proceeding to the tasting whereby you sip the vodka, hold on your tongue, swirl it, before swallowing the fine beverage for the aftertaste. Next set of vodka contains the same in all 3 glasses, only that it's mixed with Martini.

As I recall, View Rooftop Bar situated on the 29th floor of GTower, had a fantastic incredible view of the city the last time I was there to savor the beverages. It certainly has not changed and still contains a fantastic view of KL city out on the veranda:
The recent major renovations at View Rooftop Bar, unveiled at the anniversary party, will make this exclusive nightspot all the more spectacular and will certainly pave the way for yet another exultant year. View has invested a substantial sum of money in an imposing glass canopy and air conditioning system to give a unique al fresco feel without sacrificing any comforts. Patrons are now protected from the elements without obstructing the spectacular views of the K.L skyline.” said Colin Ng, Head of Corporate Investments of Goldis Berhad and Executive Director of GTower Sdn Bhd.

When the official launch started, it began with a speech by Terence Ong, the Sales and Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia:
"Absolut Elyx is a product built on taking utter purity and simplicity to its most extreme perfection and elegance. It really is the ultimate base for a wide ranging, new generation of luxury drinks and cocktails such as vodkatinis, or simply mixed with champagne. The very best way to enjoy it, however, is to drink it pure over a single, slowly melting ice cube."

Followed by a souvenir presentation to Colin Ng from Terence:
Where it officiated with a Swedish toast from His Excellency Bengt G. Carlsson - Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia, over to the invited guests of the evening:

The night then handed over to the band with Junji Delfino on vocals:
And also to the incredible sounds of NuSoundHoundz and DJ Blastique where together they played a wonderfully eclectic mix of evergreen tunes and electro beats.

I bade my farewell to the party and retire to my humble abode when the night was late but am certainly delighted that I had a chance to taste the new luxury in town, Absolut Elyx:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Les Misérables (2012) Movie Review

I've known about Les Misérables ever since the musical play in 1987 at Broadway but had never known about the storyline until I watched this musical movie.

Les Misérables tells of a tale starting off with a convict who's served his time for stealing bread and is now free to go on the condition that he must never skip parole. Otherwise, he would be hunted down and brought back to imprisonment again.

The convict, strong as an ox, is Jean Valjean (played by Hugh Jackman), who finds it difficult to get on with life when people know his an ex-convict and shuns him. One night, he was received into a chapel to shelter from the harsh weather and were given proper food and a place to rest by the priest. But Jean Valjean took to flight in the middle of the night taking along silvers of items in the chapel with him. He was caught by police and were brought back to the chapel in the morning but the priest acknowledge of his lie that the items were given to him and sent him along his way.

Jean Valjean was puzzled by this kindness shown by the priest but remembered the words of the priest that he were to take the items on the condition of starting a brand new life for himself as an honest man. Moved with the words, Jean Valjean then proceeded to change himself for the better but skipped parole after out of habit stole some coins which was reported to the authorities.

Years later, Jean Valjean had became the mayor of a town and is the wealthy owner of a factory who employs many people under a different alias to hide his true identity. There in the town, a Jean Valjean saw a man who's pinned down by a cart and proceeded to lift it up so that the man may free himself. Inspector Javert (the one who know Jean Valjean and is hunting for him) who were there to witness it and became suspicious that he was indeed Jean Valjean.

The story then shifts focus on Anne Hathaway's character, Fantine, who were fired from Jean Valjean's factory without his knowledge due to Fantine having a child out of wedlock. Fantine had to take to the streets and started to sell her hair and teeth and prostitute herself in order to supply money to the carers of her child unknown that her child were mistreated and the ridiculous demand for money were merely the greedy scheme of the carers, Thénardiers the innkeepers.

One night she was harassed by a man and attacked the man to defend herself. The man proceeded to report it to Inspector Javert who were about to arrest Fantine but just so happens Jean Valjean passed by and intervened. He learned that he was partly responsible for Fantine's ill fate since she was fired from his factory and proceeded to take Fantine to a hospital to nurse her back to health.

Inspector Javert later approached Jean Valjean to confess to him that he had wrongly reported him as the convict who skipped parole and urge him to press charges since the authorities had already a man in custody who seemed to be the real Jean Valjean. Knowing this fact, Jean Valjean grew troubled and couldn't stay silent to let an innocent man be tried and thus decided to come forward to the court to clear the man's name.

After that, Jean Valjean returned to the hospital to see Fantine dying and promised her that he will take her child, Cosette, in. Inspector Javert too went to the hospital to confront Jean Valjean now knowing his true identity to arrest him. But Jean Valjean escaped and made his way to the Thénardiers to buy off Cosette to take care of her. Jean Valjean and Cosette then proceeded to lead a life of a running fugitive.

Years later, just before the uprising of a civil unrest, there Marius Pontmercy, one of the active members of the anti-Orléanist movement first laid eyes on Cosette who's now a young lady and fell in love with her. The feeling was mutual when Cosette first met Marius at her house after Éponine (daughter of the Thénardiers) managed to find out Cosette's location and told Marius since Éponine has a crush on Marius. But due to the circumstances, Jean Valjean and Cosette had to move again (with Cosette still not knowing her father's side of the story) and was quite torn that Cosette had to depart from Marius.

Jean Valjean later found out the relationship between Cosette and Marius and knowing about the revolution which could end Marius life, Jean Valjean proceeded to join in the revolution to find Marius and try to keep him safe.

 This is a musical show and unlike the show Pitch Perfect and Moulin Rouge, this one tend to tell the tale and conversations through the songs throughout the entire movie, so you'll merely hear them sing. This may not be some people's cup of tea. Also, unlike other musical movies who had really catchy songs and great singers in it, the songs in this movie are more of a storytelling than to be a great hit and the singers are more of actors than great singers (unlike the surprise exception of Ewan McGregor's hidden singing talent in Moulin Rouge). If you don't mind that, like me, it's actually a surprisingly interesting movie. I especially loved how Anne Hathaway conveyed the feelings in the songs although her appearance on screen wasn't much. I would rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

With Tom Cruise as one of the producer, the show Jack Reacher is a movie that you expect to see Tom Cruise a lot. LOL.

Jack Reacher is a government military police who disappeared from the face of the earth after he decided to stop serving the government after a collection of honorary titles and badges in servitude of the country.

James Barr was a suspect in a crime he might have committed killing in cold blood 5 seemingly random people. The case was taken up by a detective Emerson who arrested James Barr since the evidence collected seems to point to him. During the interrogation while James Barr was in the police custody, James Barr asked for Jack Reacher. That's when the justice system took notice of Jack Reacher.

James Barr's case was represented by the District Attorney's daughter, Helen, in a seemingly hopeless case. When in a discussion between the District Attorney and Emerson about Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher showed up on his own.

Reacher related on the incident of how James Barr, a highly trained military sniper had never got the chance to fire his sniper gun when they decommissioned him from a mission in Baghdad and so James Barr had the urge to kill. So before he was sent back to home soil, James Barr fired his rifle on a few men in the streets of Baghdad. Coincidentally, the people that James Barr shot were those who took advantage of the spoils of war and went on a rape rally. Due to this finding, James Barr was pardoned for his actions but Reacher vowed that he will return to bring him to justice should he ever do such a thing again.

Helen made Reacher the lead investigator on James Barr side on the condition that Helen visit the family and friends of the victims. Initially, Reacher tried to convince Helen that James Barr is guilty, but after much prodding and the intervention of outside force trying to derail or kill Reacher, Reacher found out that James Barr was framed and set out to clear his name even though it goes against his want to put James Barr away.

This show no doubt may have a predictable outcome, but the linking of the evidence and the uncover of truth makes it intriguing. Although the comedy part may be dry and not quite an action film, yet it still quite an enjoyable movie. I rate this show 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yak: The Giant King (2012) Movie Review

This unusual Thai animation film is loosely based on Ramayana where it transforms the story of men, monkeys and Gods into a robot world.

Tosakan seems to be the giant robot who has many heads and many arms and his main intention is to rule the robot world where him and his army battles RAM's army which consists also of Hanuman who's a robot fighter warrior with a magical chain that's indestructible as a tail. RAM in this show is a powerful satellite that's in space.

The show starts off with a great battle between the 2 armies which ended up in both Hanuman and Tosakan buried underground together while the rest of the army were blown to scraps. A million days later, a junk merchant was scrounging the area for scraps and along with his employee, managed to dig up and uncover Tosakan which was chained to Hanuman. Seeing the immense size of the giant robot, the junk merchant was excited of the profit he could make with it by selling it.

They drag the 2 robots back to the junkyard city and were auctioning off of it and also offered to whoever can break the chain from the 2 robots can get Hanuman for free. Many tried and one use high voltage to try and break the chain but ended up reviving Tosakan and Hanuman back to life but with severe memory loss.

Tosakan and Hanuman escaped from the junkyard city mob and that's where their adventure began together as friends. During their journey, they became accidental heroes all around everytime they tried to break the chain but ended up saving some robots lives instead. In the end, Hanuman manage to free the chain from Tosakan out of will and found out that he should be able to control it. When they started to recall back that they were enemies, they then face with the decision of whether to fulfill their duties as enemies or remain as friends.

This show surprisingly is quite interesting to me and I believe would be appealing to kids with the cute robot animations and some hilarious moments. Despite a little difficult to understand the English-dubbed conversation (which I don't expect kids to understand much from it), yet it's entertaining enough to keep my attention glued to the screen. The plan was to release it in cinemas nationwide on Christmas day, 25 December, 2012 in Malaysia though it's not a Christmas themed show. I would rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Movie Review

I love movies with video games and comics theme especially if it's characters that I know and love (though this is not one of it since it's merely created for the movie). But just maybe, Walt Disney has outdone themselves this time around.

Wreck-It Ralph is about a video game villain character who wrecks things in the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. situated in an arcade called Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade where human players will play Fix-It Felix, Jr. to fix the building he wrecks. But Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and longs to be glorified by the in-game Nicelander characters like Felix instead of being thrown in the mud all the time and lives in his dump after the arcade closes.

Wreck-It Ralph goes to a therapy group of video game villains at Pac-Man's ghosts' place where he mentions of his desire to try and be the good guy for once. This shocks the other villains and tries to persuade him from not going "Turbo".

Turbo used to be a popular racing game character which was jealous when a new racing game became more popular then his came along. Turbo then abandoned his game jumped to the other game which resulted in both of the games being unplugged and wheeled away and that's where Turbo was never seen again.

At the end of the therapy session, Wreck-It Ralph returns to his game domain to find the Nicelanders with Felix having a 30th Anniversary party without him. He tried to join in the party but was enraged that he wasn't given a place with the Nicelanders on the cake and vowed that he is capable and will get a medal to show that he can be a good guy if he wanted too.

During a trip to the pub at Tapper's game, Wreck-It Ralph bumped in a Hero's Duty game soldier where the soldier blurted out about being able to win a medal. Wreck-It Ralph became intrigued and took the soldier's uniform and went into the game Hero's Duty during game time to get the medal. He finally acquired it but accidentally blast out in a spacecraft with a Cy-Bug in it and crashed into the game Sugar Rush.

Meanwhile, in the Fix-It Felix, Jr game, they were closed off with an out of order sign where the in-game characters face the danger of being homeless since Ralph wasn't around.

In Sugar Rush, Ralph met with an in-game character who's glitched named Vanellope von Schweetz. She took off with Ralph's medal in order to enter the race of the game which requires one gold coin from all racers where Ralph gave chase to get his medal back.

Initially infuriated with Vanellope's actions, but soften up when he saw the other racers bullying her and came in to help her instead. He later on helped Vanellope to try and become one of the real racers in the game instead of just a glitch with no function but the Sugar King will stop at nothing to prevent Vanellope from racing in the game.

Meanwhile, Fix-It Felix and Calhoun (from Hero's Duty's game) join forces to try and track down Ralph and ensure the Cy-Bug that got away doesn't repopulate and destroy other games.

The storyline according to me may seemed not quite as interesting, but somehow this is one of the top 2012 movies to me. The usual fairy tale storyline where starts off with something out of the ordinary, then the hardship that comes unto the main cast and finish off with a happy ending is very typical of Walt Disney but it's still a really great watch in my opinion. I just wish happy endings would appear in real life quickly if there is one. Anyway, I rate the movie 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion's Grand Finale

An electrifying end to the Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion competition where snazzy outfits from young talents were showcased held on the 20th of November 2012 at Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur. The designers in addition to displaying their work were also hoping to bag the hearts of the judges in order to win a once in a lifetime chance to be mentored by the esteemed Malaysian-born shoe designer, Professor Dato' Dr Jimmy Choo.

The judges sitting pretty in a row:
Namely Keith Kee, Andrea Fonseka, Soren Ravn, Amber Chia and Jason Lim.
The night's MC is Josiah Mizukami:
The event started with an opening speech from Carlsberg's MD, Soren Ravn:
Followed by a few words from Prof. Dato' Jimmy Choo:
The Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion is one of Malaysia's most prestigious fashion platforms that refines and develop talent in the industry. It provides an avenue for budding talents to exhibit their creations where their work is exposed first hand to industry experts.

1st person to showcase his work was Carlos Kum:
Each end of the showcase of their 3 designs will then proceed to a Q&A session with the judges:
Evelyn Chia was up next to showcase her collection:

By the way, the runway was laid out in a very picturesque setting as you can see from the pictures above where it's over a pool with the backdrop of KLCC lighted up on a starry night sky and cool lighted spotlights around.
Next in line showcasing his work was Hariharan Arasu:

Hariharan with his creations:
Continuing on with the catwalk display was Alexis Grace:

Next up was Gynn Ling's:

And the final contestant's creation was Endy Law's:

While judges tabulate the scores, the infamous comedian Douglas Lim entertained the crowd:
I've got to say he was on fire that night. His jokes were crazy funny and to me, it was even better than his jokes during Kings & Queens of Comedy Asia 3. Bellows of laughter filled the swanky occasion, placing guests in a jovial mood before the winner announcement took precedent.

Soon the announcement will take place. Who will it be?:
It was none other than Hariharan:
An ending photo opp:
The night of the fashion event ended with Dennis Lau and Koji's performance and the party throughout the night continued on with the invited attendees indulged in style, art and drink:

For more information on Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion, please visit