Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pitch Perfect (2012) Movie Review

This show instead of being just a musical like Glee and High School Musical, is also a comedy show as well. So it's a musical comedy.

Pitch Perfect's protagonist is Beca, a girl who went to Barden College just for the sake of it where her father's one of the College's professor. Her father's the only parent she got and a loving one, but Beca has a personality of shunning everyone and just keeps to herself. Her main ambition is to be a DJ and mixes her own songs whenever she got the time and don't give a crap about anything else.

In Barden, she was put in a room with a Korean Kimmy Jin who does not want to be her friend at all. When Beca's father came over to her room to visit, Kimmy Jin went to check out the club activities and so Beca went as well.

Barden has a few acapella singing groups with Treblemakers being the most successful winning all the time. Treblemakers are an all boys acapella group. Another acapella group at Barden is the Barden Bellas, an all girl group where last year's acapella final competition went horribly wrong when their group leader Aubrey barfed when she was finishing a line on their performance.

So this year, Aubrey decided to lower the standards of the Barden Bellas and instead of just recruiting hot girls into the group, she decided to recruit just whoever can sings. One day, Chloe, the only one who stuck with Aubrey after last year's incident confronted Beca in the showers when she heard her sang and wouldn't leave till she sings to her. Chloe insisted Beca to go for the auditions come tryouts day.

Although hesitant in the beginning, Beca finally went and auditioned and not surprisingly were recruited into the Barden Bellas. Pretty soon, the new recruits found that Aubrey is a really controlling person who's hellbent towards winning and a really harsh one.

Come semifinals of the acapella competition, the Barden Bellas didn't make it through to the finals and also friction between Beca and Aubrey intensifies due to Beca doing an impromptu improvisation after she realized the boredom on their audience while they were doing their number but they were thrown a lifeline to go to the finals when one of the groups that were supposed to go to the finals was found out that their lead singer is actually a guy from high school and not college.

There's also a side story of a freshmen who had the hots for Beca ever since he first laid eyes on her. He was also recruited to the Treblemakers and works part time at a studio stacking CDs the same with Beca. Jesse's his name and he keeps trying to woo Beca but Beca keeps her distance as always.

This show is a little disappointing to me, not because that it's not nice to watch, but rather it's not inspiring enough to me to cover songs. It is quite a funny show which is quite fitting to call it a comedy as well as a musical. But I just wish that it's as inspiring as the Katy Perry movie. I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.


TheJessicat said...

LOLLLLL it's a girly show la! Of course u won't like la hahahaah :P But then again, u can have pretty girls to scope in the show XD

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Erm, I love singing le. *shy*
So it's supposed to be my kind of show but then somehow it doesn't inspire me to cover songs.

Also, the group is not suppose to look hot since they taken in anybody for the competition this round as oppose to the previous competition where they only accept beautiful babes. LOL

foongpc said...

Is this show like Glee?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Actually, I've never watched Glee before. LOL. But I presume it's like Glee since it has a story and it's a musical.

Isaac Tan said...

I love movies like these, music types :D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I do to. But strangely this one doesn't inspire me enough