Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where's the Party 2012 @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

So the highly anticipated 2012 event came and went. "Where's the Party?" held for the third time on the 10th and 11th of November and it looks as promising as the epic first party being a 2 days 1 night event. This time around, it was held at the Pearl of the Orient - Penang.

The distinct party series offers young party-goers the ultimate party experience. The mystery event hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of those who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone for greater excitement and rewards. 

The medias and the VIPs gathered at the Carlsberg brewery and get ready to depart through an entourage of buses after breakfast:
It certainly was a long journey ahead as we head from Shah Alam all the way to Penang but not without being accommodated with food on board:
Despite departing early in the morning, we arrived in the evening and close to night time at the registration area which was the area of Queensbay Mall:
This time around, aside from being held in Penang, the difference in this party is that there will be people from Singapore and Hong Kong invited to join as well:
After the mass check in at the area, we departed to our respective hotels VIP style, where we had police escorts to clear the way for us from Queensbay Mall all the way to the hotel!

When we arrived at our hotel (I was housed at Bayview), we were welcomed by a bevy of hostesses with percussionists:
Joey G was there to welcome in the group as well.
Party packs were laid out on our beds which came as a nice surprise when we got in to our rooms:
After a quick freshening up in our rooms, it's time to head to the party site which was at Hard Rock Hotel, the hotel next door to mine.
Since we were there around 6:30pm plus and it was raining, I couldn't check out the games that were setup for the partygoers. From the map that they provided, there seems to be beach volley ball, a tug-of-war zone, and also a limbo rock area where during that time, Twilight Action Girl will spin their hypnotic electro dance beats followed by DJ Nikki before the main party event kicks in at night. There is the iDarts game that lasted throughout the whole night though:

Before starting off with dinner and the main party event, I had a few bottles of Carlsberg to revitalize my party mood:
Around 7:30pm plus, the rain slowed down to a drizzle and eventually stopped and that's where I headed to where the food is at:
Stalls galore with Eden Catering being the provider. Char Kuey Teow, Murtabak, Chicken Rice and many more to satisfy my hungry appetite while over at the main party area, Shawn Lee does his beatbox moves.

Just like the 1st and 2nd "Where's the Party?" event, Joey G and Patricia K were the MCs of the night:
After Shawn Lee, Mad August took the stage and Rubberband with Love Cubic dancers hit the stage after that:
The rest of the line up were DJ Inquisitive, Kelis Rogers and DJ Norman Doray.
Kelis Rogers

The night ended off with the lovely DJ Mayumi on the decks with a strew of popular song mixes which pumped the energy of the night further ending it on a high note:
DJ Mayumi
Most of the night's line up with Carlsberg MD and staff 
Overall, a good party but I still feel the 1st one at Sepang Gold Coast was the most epic of them all. Hope to see y'all at the next one!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pitch Perfect (2012) Movie Review

This show instead of being just a musical like Glee and High School Musical, is also a comedy show as well. So it's a musical comedy.

Pitch Perfect's protagonist is Beca, a girl who went to Barden College just for the sake of it where her father's one of the College's professor. Her father's the only parent she got and a loving one, but Beca has a personality of shunning everyone and just keeps to herself. Her main ambition is to be a DJ and mixes her own songs whenever she got the time and don't give a crap about anything else.

In Barden, she was put in a room with a Korean Kimmy Jin who does not want to be her friend at all. When Beca's father came over to her room to visit, Kimmy Jin went to check out the club activities and so Beca went as well.

Barden has a few acapella singing groups with Treblemakers being the most successful winning all the time. Treblemakers are an all boys acapella group. Another acapella group at Barden is the Barden Bellas, an all girl group where last year's acapella final competition went horribly wrong when their group leader Aubrey barfed when she was finishing a line on their performance.

So this year, Aubrey decided to lower the standards of the Barden Bellas and instead of just recruiting hot girls into the group, she decided to recruit just whoever can sings. One day, Chloe, the only one who stuck with Aubrey after last year's incident confronted Beca in the showers when she heard her sang and wouldn't leave till she sings to her. Chloe insisted Beca to go for the auditions come tryouts day.

Although hesitant in the beginning, Beca finally went and auditioned and not surprisingly were recruited into the Barden Bellas. Pretty soon, the new recruits found that Aubrey is a really controlling person who's hellbent towards winning and a really harsh one.

Come semifinals of the acapella competition, the Barden Bellas didn't make it through to the finals and also friction between Beca and Aubrey intensifies due to Beca doing an impromptu improvisation after she realized the boredom on their audience while they were doing their number but they were thrown a lifeline to go to the finals when one of the groups that were supposed to go to the finals was found out that their lead singer is actually a guy from high school and not college.

There's also a side story of a freshmen who had the hots for Beca ever since he first laid eyes on her. He was also recruited to the Treblemakers and works part time at a studio stacking CDs the same with Beca. Jesse's his name and he keeps trying to woo Beca but Beca keeps her distance as always.

This show is a little disappointing to me, not because that it's not nice to watch, but rather it's not inspiring enough to me to cover songs. It is quite a funny show which is quite fitting to call it a comedy as well as a musical. But I just wish that it's as inspiring as the Katy Perry movie. I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou (2012) Movie Review

My Dog Dou Dou is a heartwarming tale about the relationship between a young boy with his dog.
Started out with the boy in a pet store with his mom looking at a dog and wanting it but the mom voiced out that he can't have him because his father dislike dogs.

Xing, the young boy, whose parents separated due to his father's gambling ways was left to stay with his father, Meng who works as a mechanic in a workshop to pay the bills and to fuel his gambling addiction. Due to betting big in a match and lost all the money he loaned from loan sharks (whom the boss likes to call themselves businessmen who are civilized), he's now highly in debt along with the burden of raising his son on his own.

Xing ran off from school one day where coincidentally the dog ran away from his uncaring owner on that day. Xing later met the dog at a park and saw that he was starving and hence shared his bread with the dog. As a result of this, the dog followed him as he leaves. Halfway Xing telling the dog that he can't owned him because of his father, it started to rain heavily where both ran to try and seek shelter. In the midst of running, lightning struck where they were and both were rendered unconscious. Xing woke up unhurt but upon seeing the dog lying motionless, he decided to carry the dog home.

When his father arrived home, he was angry at Xing for bringing home a dog but the headstrong kid kept insisting that he wants to keep the dog since it's his birthday the next day. That night, the dog observed as Meng prayed to an idol god and grabbed some numbers out of a toy box for his 4D numbers. The next day, Meng instructed Xing to buy the 4D numbers while he went to work.

Xing, though, upon seeing that his dog was very sick, took him to a vet and spent the money for 4D on medicine for the dog. Meng upon hearing the 4D result that his number came up 3rd was very happy in the beginning, but upon finding out that Xing had used the money to buy medication for the dog, was infuriated and threw the dog out at a garbage dump despite his son's protests.

That night, after Meng had calmed down and was awoken by the thunderstorm outside, he went into his son's room but found that he had snuck out and found him accompanying beside the dog, hence decided to carry the dog back home. Again after numerous reasoning which fell on deaf ears of the son to give up the dog, the dog suddenly got up and performed like a prayer to the idol god and took 4 numbers out of the box.

Pretty soon, Meng found out that the numbers that the dog who's now named as Dou Dou by Xing, came out top prize and that the dog can predict 4D numbers.

This prized possession that Meng tried to protect were soon publicly known no thanks to Meng's old friend from the same orphanage who is now a reporter for the paper where she got involved in the secret when Meng and his son stayed over at her place when they were on the run from the loan sharks.

This show is designed to be a tearjerker. I'm impressed by the child's acting and the dog's as well. This is a pleasant show to watch and I rate it 3 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

H-Artistry Finale 2012 @ MIECC

Once again, the finale to H-Artistry was held at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines.

This time around to promote responsible drinking, attendees were encouraged to depart to and fro to the venue using Party Shuttle Buses which are at various location of pick up points (free to ride) or through the subsidized party taxis where RM20 will be discounted from the fare.
Initially thinking of taking the shuttle, I soon discarded the thought as I needed to pick up and send home my plus one for the night which is nowhere near my place.

So there I was on the night of November 3, 2012 which was a Saturday and a rainy one too. By the time I reached the venue, there were already quite a crowd there at 9:30pm plus. The way that I entered from was fairly congested due to the many party goers taking the lift up and there were merely 2 rather slow and small lifts to go up from.

As usual, there's a really huge pre-party area where the Hennessy 360 Cam resides:
Anyways, the night was set with a huge stage ready for the performances to do their thing:
The public area was huge with ample space for everyone which seemed more desirable then the zone that I was in. Nonetheless, I just wanna enjoy my drinks:
Couldn't drink much that night as I was still recovering from an awesome party the previous night. LOL.

The K-Pop group Block B started off the show with a bang with many women cheering on:
The night then, moved on to the next performance which was none other than Alexandra Burke, the winner of X-Factor UK 2008:
She serenaded the night away with her power vocals. There was a dances going on during the set with these pretty ladies:
And it transition to the DJ Havana Brown:
By the time 1:30am came, me and my plus one decided to head back (I agreed as I was still recovering from the previous night. LOL) and unfortunately had to give DJ Starkillers a miss.

Anyway, I heard that the party ended early which was not too long from the time I left so I didn't miss much, haha. Look forward to the next H-Artistry next year. Am so loving the string of parties that are ongoing these days. :D

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Halloween The Beginning Finale Party

During the Halloween season, there were plenty of parties that were held throughout Klang Valley. Carlsberg and Jagermeister held a bunch themed Halloween the Beginning at various locations where it leads up to an exclusive invites-only finale party on the night of November 2, 2012.

Held at Carcosa Seri Negara, they even provided shuttle service that ferries passengers from KL Sentral to the party venue and back.

I immediately grabbed the opportunity to taste Jagermeister for the first time. Yes, THIS was my first time drinking Jagermeister. Well, there were previous occasion where Jagermeister was served, but somehow, everytime the opportunity arises, something else came up that blocked me from tasting my first Jagermeister drink. But not this night! This night I was determined to go, be it raining and jam (which sadly, it did heavily on those two things).

I had to say those Jager shots were sure easy to drink down and slow to go to the head. I almost got KO-ed for the night but luckily it didn't happen. LOL.

Besides the flow of food and free flow of Jager drinks as well as Carlsberg, there were awesome music which is a must for a party! Mad Sally were on the stage during my arrival.

They even had popcorn and candy for some sweet desserts to go with those sweet Jager shots (they're really addictive. Seriously).

Besides partying and getting down with my friends, there's also Tarot Card reading available

And face painting for you to look the part of the night:

All in all, a great party and I thoroughly enjoyed it, every bit of it.

Hope I'm able to be a part of more such great as this one in the days to come. :D