Monday, October 22, 2012

Ted (2012) Movie Review

This looks like a kid movie but it certainly isn't one. Contains loads of foul language and all the vices you can get. :D

While a kid, John Bennett had no friends to play with, not even the kids who bully or get bullied. One Christmas day, he got a teddy bear as a present where he named him Ted. One night, while going to bed, he wished for the teddy bear to come to life so that they can be best of friends forever. The next morning, upon waking up, he was surprised to find that his wish had came true. Ted quickly made the news and became a worldwide celebrity. But as the years passed and they grew up together, Ted's fame faded away but they still remain as best buddies.

After growing up, John had a girlfriend named Lori Collins and the 3 of them always hang out. But Lori doesn't like Ted to be around with John because she feels that it inhibits John to act his age. Ted's character is like a teenager where he loves his weed, beer and girls and his influence tends to make John irresponsible. So Lori decided to confront John after their 4th-year anniversary that Ted needs to be out of John's life.

John after putting off the discussion for so many years, decided that it's best for Ted to move out and Ted to get a job and an apartment of his own. Ted got a job at a local supermarket and his own place but he was still influencing John as John even skipped work to be with Ted. When found out by Lori, John continues to promise that that will be the last time he do it.

One night, at Lori's company party at sleazy manager, Rex's house, Ted phoned up John and told him that their childhood favorite TV character Flash Gordon was at Ted's party. John couldn't resist and ends up going to Ted's place. John forgotten about the time and Lori thought that was the last straw and broke up with John.

Ted and John fought with each other but later made up where Ted went over to Lori to convince her to get back together with John and that he'll be out of their lives forever. Lori accepted and went over to meet John but John decided to not be together with Lori anymore. During that time, Ted was kidnapped but he somehow manages to contact John and told him about it. That's when John and Lori worked together desperately to recover Ted back.

This film was a really hilarious and entertaining one to watch. The whole cute and cuddly, innocent looking bear with it's very contradicting personality somehow jived well with this comedy approach. Even though there were many censored parts, yet it's still good enough to long to watch again. I can't wait to watch the full uncensored version. I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.


Merryn said...

The storyline looks good eh. I wish I caught this that day :(

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Ain't suitable for kids though. :P