Saturday, October 06, 2012

Taken 2 (2012) Movie Review

Liam Neeson is back again to play the divorced dad who's a retired CIA agent.

After the incident in Taken, the first movie, Liam's character Bryan Mills remains as the ever vigilant, cautious person he is. The movie starts off after a short cameo on his new nemesis, with him going over to his ex-wife's house to get his daughter for her driving lesson at 2pm sharp. But finds out that she actually skipped the lesson to be with her boyfriend. After a short spite with the father and daughter after the lesson, on another day, he goes over to the house again for the next lesson but saw a car sped off and found out from his ex-wife that the new partner cancelled on their vacation plans so Bryan offered to his ex-wife, Lenore and his daughter, Kim, to allow him to take them out after his mission in Istanbul. All they need to do is just call him or leave him a message before his mission ends.

After Bryan's bodyguard mission in Istanbul, he heard no word from them, so Bryan called them up to leave a message but was surprise that they came to Istanbul to meet up with him at the hotel. The 1st day went well with Lenore staying back at the hotel while Bryan went out with Kim to see the city.

On the 2nd day, Kim tried to play cupid and decided to stay back at the hotel while Bryan and Lenore went out. The assailants saw that the daughter was staying back at the hotel, so the plans switched up a bit.

While Bryan and Lenore were in a cab midway, Bryan found out that the kidnappers are following them and so Bryan made specific instructions to Lenore to follow in order to escape and meet back. After letting off Lenore at a store, she followed Bryan's instruction to the book but was later trapped in because the back door was locked.

Meanwhile, Bryan took over the cab and tried to lose his assailants. He was doing fine until he discovered that they already manage to get his ex-wife. That's when he phoned Kim and told her what had happened and gave her specific instructions to follow also. Then Bryan and Lenore were taken.

At the hold up area, they slit Lenore's throat a bit and hang her upside down to let the blood flow through to have her a slow death while Bryan watches. Bryan though, beforehand had phoned Kim after failing to phone one of his operative friend to make sure she's okay and gave her more specific instructions to follow. But Kim refused to follow Bryan's instruction to go to the US Embassy but instead wants to help try saving them. So Bryan gave her another set of specific instructions to follow. Bryan also freed himself and quickly let Lenore down.

After a series of tracking and bomb throwing, Kim manages to get to Bryan's location and manages to give Bryan a gun. While Bryan gets away and saves Kim from the captors, Lenore is being taken away. They soon found out that the cops are involved in this as well so Kim drove off with Bryan at the passenger seat to the US Embassy.

After getting Kim safe and sound, it's time for Bryan to do his thing to track where his ex-wife is and rescue her.

This movie is just as exciting as the first one with a lot of new things that I can learn on survival skills. The plot lines a little stale because it involves kidnapping them again. If I were the hunters, I would've killed him as soon as I got the chance instead of taking him alive which is quite illogical. You know it's difficult to kill this man slowly if he's taken down the whole black market operation down on his own. Anyway, just as entertaining as the 1st. I would give this one 3.5 stars out of 5.


Merryn said...

Not my kinda movie :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

But it's nice with all the action. :D

Xue Ren said...

my parents watched it yesterday and they said the movie was nice, action packed movie! :)

Tony Teh said...

I think I'm just gonna watch the first one since this one got panned by critics saying that it's the same shyt but slower.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

@Xue Ren
Ya, I agree. This is a nice action movie with lots to learn. :)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes, I do agree that the 1st one is better simply because of the originality of the storyline.

This just builds on the original. But still, I find it a good continuation watch.

Unknown said...

i already watch this movie, and my opinion the first one is the best

Anonymous said...

Gua dah tak minat nonton lepas hero dah terlepas dari tahanan dan mengamuk bunuh orang lagi. Aksi kejar mengejar naik kete pon biase-biase je. Takyah la nak banding ngan The Bourne Identity (2002), Ronin (1998), The French Connection (1971) atau Bullitt (1968). Tup-tup citer dah habis. Senang je hero cari balik orang jahat. Tak mencabar langsung. Gua dah tak concentrate tengok sampai habis tapi kalau tak silap, ketua penjahat pon hero bunuh pakai sebelah tangan jek. Guna tapak tangan lak tuh! What the fish? Lebih kurang buduh cam Liam Neeson ni gaduh ngan serigaler pakai penumbuk jer dalam citer The Grey (2011) dulu. Gua tunggu jugak kalau-kalau ada dialog menarik yang boleh dijadikan Mutiara Kata macam part 1 dulu -”I will find you, I will kill you”, tapi langsung takde. Yang banyak cuma product placement Toyota, Apple dan Merc.

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