Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zouk KL Presents Skull Island Halloween Party 2012

It's that time of the year again where ghouls, goblins and the likes roam the streets. Halloween is almost upon us and Zouk KL once again have a great party planned out happening on this Saturday, 27 October 2012 where the theme is Skull Island Halloween Party.

Went to last years (or was the the year before last?) Zouk Halloween party and it was wicked good!

This year around, it's Trick or Chic! Where the best dressed of the night, be it Stylish Pirates or Beautiful Mermaid, the best dressed will get to take home prizes worth up to RM1000. Oh, and entry is absolutely FREE if you dressed up in a full Halloween costume (judgement to be passed by the Captain of the Ship) otherwise it will be RM48 for the ladies and RM58 for men inclusive of a drink.

A treasure hunt will commence between 9pm-10pm where if you found one of the hidden envelopes, you could be winning either a jug of beer, a bottle of whiskey or RM200 voucher.

All in all, have fun this Halloween. Wanna join me? LOL.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Pinnacle of H-Artistry 2012

H-Artistry is coming to it's finale for 2012 this coming November 3 at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), where The Global Art of Mixing Trilogy will have an international artiste line up ready to perform!
They'll be the sensational Alexander Burke, winner of 2008 X-Factor from UK, Havana Brown, the No. 1 Australian female DJ, K-Pop group Block B and DJ Starkillers from the US of A.

The awesome setting will include the Hennessy 360 Cam once again with some new addition to it which is the MY Hennessy Mobile App enabling the party goers to be engage with various activities throughout the venue and at the end of it, they might just be rewarded with some perks and benefits such as Hennessy V.S.O.P. bottles and a VIP My Hennessy Night party!

As usual, the feature of it will be their delicious Hennessy drink mixture namely, Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda, all on the house for the night!

This time around, Hennessy goes one step further to ensure that you have an awesome night and a splendid time without any worries and hassle by providing Shuttle services! Everyone is encouraged to utilize their FREE shuttle service throughout various key locations across Klang Valley to get to MIECC and back. On top of free shuttle services, there's even subsidized taxi services that will be made available in collaboration with Sunlight taxi as parking spaces at the venue will NOT be available.

So folks, DON'T drink and drive when you can't do it. It causes problems. This time around, there's no excuse for you to do so! In fact, this time around, there'll be a chill-out zone for you to chillax and sober up before heading on home where the place will contain food and drinks vendors and free-flow of mineral water.

For further info on how to obtain invites and about the shuttle services as well, keep it locked on to

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ted (2012) Movie Review

This looks like a kid movie but it certainly isn't one. Contains loads of foul language and all the vices you can get. :D

While a kid, John Bennett had no friends to play with, not even the kids who bully or get bullied. One Christmas day, he got a teddy bear as a present where he named him Ted. One night, while going to bed, he wished for the teddy bear to come to life so that they can be best of friends forever. The next morning, upon waking up, he was surprised to find that his wish had came true. Ted quickly made the news and became a worldwide celebrity. But as the years passed and they grew up together, Ted's fame faded away but they still remain as best buddies.

After growing up, John had a girlfriend named Lori Collins and the 3 of them always hang out. But Lori doesn't like Ted to be around with John because she feels that it inhibits John to act his age. Ted's character is like a teenager where he loves his weed, beer and girls and his influence tends to make John irresponsible. So Lori decided to confront John after their 4th-year anniversary that Ted needs to be out of John's life.

John after putting off the discussion for so many years, decided that it's best for Ted to move out and Ted to get a job and an apartment of his own. Ted got a job at a local supermarket and his own place but he was still influencing John as John even skipped work to be with Ted. When found out by Lori, John continues to promise that that will be the last time he do it.

One night, at Lori's company party at sleazy manager, Rex's house, Ted phoned up John and told him that their childhood favorite TV character Flash Gordon was at Ted's party. John couldn't resist and ends up going to Ted's place. John forgotten about the time and Lori thought that was the last straw and broke up with John.

Ted and John fought with each other but later made up where Ted went over to Lori to convince her to get back together with John and that he'll be out of their lives forever. Lori accepted and went over to meet John but John decided to not be together with Lori anymore. During that time, Ted was kidnapped but he somehow manages to contact John and told him about it. That's when John and Lori worked together desperately to recover Ted back.

This film was a really hilarious and entertaining one to watch. The whole cute and cuddly, innocent looking bear with it's very contradicting personality somehow jived well with this comedy approach. Even though there were many censored parts, yet it's still good enough to long to watch again. I can't wait to watch the full uncensored version. I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Imperfect (2012) Movie Review

Throughout my life experience, I saw some people had no choice but to be bad because of the path they've been given. But what if a person chose to be bad and went down that road so far till there's no way back?

This is the story of just that. Jianhao is the main character in the movie. The show started with him getting out of prison after being in jail for 6 months over some fighting on the street at a festival performance. Returning home to a loving family, tension started at first, but mellowed out as his relationship with his mom turned for the better a little.

But despite his mom's advice for him to be a better person and to stay out of trouble, he follows his buddy to join a triad gang which strangely as it is, the triad gang leader despises drugs to be bought and sold at his territory.

After awhile, Jianhao decided to be a better person and finds back the girl he likes at her part time job. He decides to retake O-levels and things seemed to work for the better.

Until Jianhao's close friends decided to deal with drugs to get easy money despite their leaders strong detest of it being transacted in his territory. Jianhao keeps getting roped into getting his friends out of trouble. One day, the leader's son of a rival gang who loves to make trouble, decided to harass Jianhao's close friends. They called Jianhao for help and in defense during a tussle, one of Jianhao's friend hits Alex (the rival gang leader's son) in the head which later causes him to be in a coma and later died of the injury. Jianhao and his friends fled and remain on the run from the wrath of the rival gang while his own gang decided to stay out of it because of the seriousness of the situation.

His mother had no choice but to go to his gang's leader and related to him that Jianhao was actually his son. Upon knowing this information, Zhihua (the gang leader), decided to help Jianhao out. While arranging for him to migrate to another country for safety, they were ambushed by the rival gang.

This is a drama show and it's done in Mandarin. The show is okay but I've always longed to see more action in films like this which lacks. It's okay but can be a bit boring at times but I'll rate it 3 stars out of 5.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Michael Bolton Live in Kuala Lumpur (2012)

The power vocalist famous during the 80s and 90s is finally performing live in Malaysia and I can't wait to see whether he can still hit those high notes.

The now 59-year-old singer has multiple Grammy Awards under his belt is known for singing super long title power ballads such as "How Am I Suppose To Live Without You" and "Said I Loved You...But I Lied" and "When A Man Loves A Woman" has even guest starred as himself recently in the comedy sitcom TV show "Two and a Half Men" season 10. Michael Bolotin or better known as Michael Bolton will be performing in Malaysia at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this coming Saturday, 20 October 2012 and tickets can be obtain ranging from Platinum at RM688 (inclusive of a pre-show cocktail) to the Bronze ticket at RM188.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Carlsberg "Where's The Party?" Preview Party

It's back and looks promising to be as epic like it's first installment.

The Carlsberg "Where's The Party?" will be held on the 10th of November 2012 this time around and has 3 Nations to party together! No doubt, the app to win the invites ( is coming to an end with this week being the last week for your chance to win, but do check out the preview party to it happening at Movida, Sunway Giza tomorrow, Friday, November 19, 2012 and who knows, you might win a couple of invites to the party.

The lovely DJ Nikki will be spinning for the night.

So get on down on a Friday night to the prelude of what's to come and let your hair down for an awesome time!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning

Although I've never watched the movie Universal Soldier made popular by Jean-Claude Van Damme before, but I know what's the story about.

This time, the lead actor of the movie is Scott Adkins as John. Started off with him awaken by his little daughter telling him that there's monsters in the kitchen. John stumbles his way and freshens up a bit with water and heads on to check around, still groggy. Camera is in perspective of what John is seeing. When he got to the kitchen, there's 3 masked men there and they start beating the crap out of him. And later, his made to watch Luc Deveraux unmasked and kills his family.

He wakes up in hospital with a detective questioning him. The rest of the plotline just seems to be a blur to me. :/

Seriously, even though I've seen the entire movie, I still have no clue what it's about.

Ok before I go any further, I can't say what's the story about without telling the whole full picture, so I guess I'll have to put a SPOILER ALERT ENSUES HERE!!!!

Just the fact that John is actually a Universal Soldier created just about few weeks back and is implanted with the memories of his family being killed to drive him his violent tendencies.

After the hospital, John stumbles around aimlessly trying to find out who he actually is and keeps coming across with people and footage of him doing things which he don't remember doing nor would seem like he would do such a thing. Along with that, he's also being pursued by another Universal Soldier out to kill him.

John later found out that there's another of him and that he was the one responsible on all the things that's done which people thought was John. Later John set out to kill Luc Deveraux.

Okay, so I still don't have a clear picture on what on earth is the movie about and what went on. All I know very well is that it's not really a good movie. It's pretty much boring and the much gory parts are mostly censored which those parts are the only thing that keeps the movie nice. Consider the fact that it's censored, it's not much to look forward to at the movies. Hence, I give it 2 stars out of 5.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Taken 2 (2012) Movie Review

Liam Neeson is back again to play the divorced dad who's a retired CIA agent.

After the incident in Taken, the first movie, Liam's character Bryan Mills remains as the ever vigilant, cautious person he is. The movie starts off after a short cameo on his new nemesis, with him going over to his ex-wife's house to get his daughter for her driving lesson at 2pm sharp. But finds out that she actually skipped the lesson to be with her boyfriend. After a short spite with the father and daughter after the lesson, on another day, he goes over to the house again for the next lesson but saw a car sped off and found out from his ex-wife that the new partner cancelled on their vacation plans so Bryan offered to his ex-wife, Lenore and his daughter, Kim, to allow him to take them out after his mission in Istanbul. All they need to do is just call him or leave him a message before his mission ends.

After Bryan's bodyguard mission in Istanbul, he heard no word from them, so Bryan called them up to leave a message but was surprise that they came to Istanbul to meet up with him at the hotel. The 1st day went well with Lenore staying back at the hotel while Bryan went out with Kim to see the city.

On the 2nd day, Kim tried to play cupid and decided to stay back at the hotel while Bryan and Lenore went out. The assailants saw that the daughter was staying back at the hotel, so the plans switched up a bit.

While Bryan and Lenore were in a cab midway, Bryan found out that the kidnappers are following them and so Bryan made specific instructions to Lenore to follow in order to escape and meet back. After letting off Lenore at a store, she followed Bryan's instruction to the book but was later trapped in because the back door was locked.

Meanwhile, Bryan took over the cab and tried to lose his assailants. He was doing fine until he discovered that they already manage to get his ex-wife. That's when he phoned Kim and told her what had happened and gave her specific instructions to follow also. Then Bryan and Lenore were taken.

At the hold up area, they slit Lenore's throat a bit and hang her upside down to let the blood flow through to have her a slow death while Bryan watches. Bryan though, beforehand had phoned Kim after failing to phone one of his operative friend to make sure she's okay and gave her more specific instructions to follow. But Kim refused to follow Bryan's instruction to go to the US Embassy but instead wants to help try saving them. So Bryan gave her another set of specific instructions to follow. Bryan also freed himself and quickly let Lenore down.

After a series of tracking and bomb throwing, Kim manages to get to Bryan's location and manages to give Bryan a gun. While Bryan gets away and saves Kim from the captors, Lenore is being taken away. They soon found out that the cops are involved in this as well so Kim drove off with Bryan at the passenger seat to the US Embassy.

After getting Kim safe and sound, it's time for Bryan to do his thing to track where his ex-wife is and rescue her.

This movie is just as exciting as the first one with a lot of new things that I can learn on survival skills. The plot lines a little stale because it involves kidnapping them again. If I were the hunters, I would've killed him as soon as I got the chance instead of taking him alive which is quite illogical. You know it's difficult to kill this man slowly if he's taken down the whole black market operation down on his own. Anyway, just as entertaining as the 1st. I would give this one 3.5 stars out of 5.