Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bourne Legacy (2012) Movie Review

The Jason Bourne series is one of my fave action shows right up there with Transporter and Jet Li, Jackie Chan movies. So when I heard The Bourne Legacy was out, I was thrilled to watch it although I'm not sure what to expect since there's no Jason Bourne in the movie. All I'm hoping for is the same fast paced, action packed Jason Bourne movies as before with the many vigorous camera moves during action scenes making it difficult to see what's going on but conveys the intensity and the sense of urgency of the moment which I believe are the 1st of them all to actually manage to pull it off nicely before the movie Transporter follow suit.

This movie as mentioned earlier did not have a Jason Bourne in it but rather focuses on an agent named Aaron Cross (played by Jeremy Renner). As one of the secret agents, he's put in the training field in Alaska and on the meds that are given by the CIA agency to them to increase their reflex capability and thinking ability and the training field in Alaska was to toughen them up where they're suppose to find their way as instructed and to hand in their blood sample so that the scientist will be able to find out how effective they are.

These carried on for quite a long time until Jason Bourne came along and exposed what CIA and the government were doing. In seeing the jeopardy of this exposure, Eric Byer (played by the brilliant Edward Norton) carried out the instructions of the higher ups in terminating any current operations and the undercover agents all around the globe and eliminate any evidence leading to the existence of all those clandestine operations and the link on it to the CIA and the US government.

So most operatives were killed and Aaron Cross was supposed to be one of them but he manages to escape and outsmart them into thinking that they managed to kill him. Aaron Cross then using all his expertise and went to one of the scientist's house named Marta Shearing who just manages to escape being killed by a staged seemingly colleague went postal homicide and suicide incident. The federal agents that went to Marta's place mentioned that they're there to console and debrief her but then acted to try and kill her and that's when Aaron jumps in to help her out.

Aaron then gets Marta to divulge info on the meds that he was on since he's running out of it and needs it in order to stay alive. It then leads them to Philippines and with the government hot on their heels to eliminate them, they had to react fast and to disappear from their radar forever.

Bourne Legacy does contain the elements of the Jason Bourne series but it serves to be a bit of a disappointment especially not having Jason Bourne to liven up the action. It had a really draggy beginning with a lot of talking and I do understand that they wanna develop the story, but then again, even after an hour into the movie, I still haven't got a clue what's going on and it turned out to be a real bore in the first half. It only got better almost 2/3rd into the movie because that's when the real action started and I must say, the action of escaping at Marta's house wasn't much of an action. The only nice action scene was that one big long action scene at the end. So I'm rating this 2.5 stars out of 5.


Xue Ren said...

oops! luckily i'm not a big fan of bourne series! =P

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Haiz. This one such a letdown. Really ruin the name.