Sunday, August 12, 2012

Step Up Revolution (2012) Movie Review

And yet another dance movie.

I started loving dance movies when I watched "You Got Served" on my then trustee computer, but then with the not so long ago disappointment of StreetDance 2, I'm a bit hesitant to watch this as I'm scared it might turn out to be another big let down.

Step Up Revolution dances is also about street dance style but the plot is that the dance crew who's called "The Mob" appears at unexpected places and time to take everyone by surprise and creates a scene with their dances to attract attention. In other words, a flash mob.

Their first main objective in doing so is to gather enough hits so that they can achieve a reward prize money for a YouTube competition. 3 of the crews work at a swanky hotel including the lead actor Sean who's a waiter over there. Sean met the daughter of the hotel owner, Emily, and had a connection with each other. Emily aspires to be a professional dancer but her father much wanted her to take on his footsteps and help him manage some of the properties but allows Emily to try and fulfill her dream by trying out in the audition to be the apprentice of a well known dancer at her own dance institution and if she fails at it, she will have to help her father out instead.

Sean later introduced Emily to the world of "The Mob" and Emily was so fascinated with it, she wanted to join. After much pestering, Sean gave in and introduce to his best friend, Eddie, for his approval. She was then accepted to join the dance crew but her identity was kept a secret because it would mean the disapproval of Eddie should it be revealed.

Pretty soon, the neighborhood of the dance crew was in jeopardy as Emily's father decided to take over the neighborhood and tear it down to make way for constructions. "The Mob" then, shift focus to send messages in their dances of their disapproval of this with Emily's participation.

It all went well until Eddie found out who Emily is and decided to expose her and went rogue with the crew without Sean. It turned ugly and the dream of everyone started to fade away.

This movie is a good watch since it's not just awful clips of fancy moves here and there like how StreetDance 2 was, but rather contains ALL full routine of their dances in which I enjoyed watching should their choreographed dance routine is interesting enough and this one was entertaining enough. Especially the end dance routine, where they brought back some from Step Up 3D resuming their characters to dance. Overall, I'd give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


Merryn said...

Haiz.. I was supposed to go watch this but William had to work late and we missed it :(

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Oh well, there's always alternatives. LOL