Thursday, August 09, 2012

SS2 One Recipe Cafe Food Review

SS2, Petaling Jaya has a lot of food variety around the area and that's why a lot of people flock to it. Tucked in the same row where Eu Yan Sang at one corner and Hong Leong Bank in the other is a Chinese restaurant named One Recipe Cafe:

One Recipe Cafe is a place where they serve Chinese seafood dishes for consumption.

Before I introduce you to some food that's served in the restaurant, here are some drinks that I would like to introduce. Starting with the Plum Juice:

The Honey Lemon:

And the Mocha for coffee lovers:

For starters, here are some side dishes that could warm up your appetite.
Here's a dish containing Lobak, Prawn Rolls and Fish Paste served with some Kimball chilli sauce:

Some Fried Sotong Balls:

Fried Salad Seafood Roll:

And some interestingly named Fried Dragon Prawn Balls:

Here's how the Clear Vegetable Soup looks like:

And moving on to the main course, here's one of their signature dish, the King Crab Fish Head Mee Hoon:

Another of their signature dish, their Fresh Prawn and Fish Head Mee Hoon:

You can also change the soup to Curry or Tom Yam flavor if you fancy that more. The price is the same:

If you don't like your noodles to be wet with soup, you can have it fried. Here's the Fried Fish Head Meehoon:

After a nice hearty meal, if you like some desserts, they do have some ice cream cakes for sale as well though it's not them that made it:

The price of the dishes are reasonable enough and the taste of their dishes are not bad as well judging by my taste.

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