Saturday, August 11, 2012

Greedy Ghost (2012) Movie Review

It was the gala premiere of the movie Greedy Ghost at 24 July, 2012 and a grand screening was held at Pavilion, KL:

The show, directed by Boris Boo (even the name tries to scare you), no doubt has the word Ghost in it, but it's far from a horror movie. It's rather of a comedic genre.

In the story, Lim (played by Kang Kang), has always been an unlucky fellow and struggles to make ends meet. One night, while him and his fellow flat mates were at a steamboat supper, somebody who committed suicide landed on their table dead. He then picked up a "Wordless Script" book that contains the spirit of the person who committed suicide. Lim then, keep having nightmares that constantly harasses him to buy lottery number that was given to him through the pages of the Wordless Script book when he was drying his hair using a fan and the wind from the fan flipped the pages of the book and he threw the book away since it was giving him the creeps.

Dismissing it as a dream, he gets on with his life until the results of the lottery number came on over the radio where he was shocked to discover that it truly is the winning number of the lottery. Confessing it to his flat mates, they hurriedly picked the book back out from the garbage and eagerly anticipates for the next number. Sure enough it was given to Lim and he buys the number.

As expected, the numbers hit 1st prize though they had to share it with many other people but Lim was optimistic since the sum of money was still considerably a lot. However, it was squandered away with the extravagant spending taken from the advice of his flatmate Nam and the 3 of them, Lim, Nam and Hui quickly depleted the winnings to nothing and back to square one.

This time, when they try to get the numbers from the book again, Lim did not share the winning number with his flatmates although he sees it and he's the only one who can see these numbers. Pretty soon, they parted their ways with Lim making it big with his money and begins to earn more and more and more from his earnings.

One day, Lim discovers the horrible truth over the winnings he possess from the Wordless Script book that the more he earns, the shorter his life will be. From then on, Lim tries desperately to lose all his earnings away so that he can prolong his life.

There's also the story of his two flatmates, Nam and Hui after they went their separate ways. Nam and Hui were on duty grave digging. Nam saw the many priceless jewelry that was buried with the corpse and took away the jewelry despite Hui's objection to it. Pretty soon, the 2 of them were haunted with the ghost of the corpse which was a very powerful being unwilling to forgive them.

This was a very entertaining comedy movie that I enjoyed despite my lack of joy and inspiration in these period of time. It certainly provided me with many great humor that tickled my funny bones. I enjoyed watching this and thinks it deserve a rating of 3.5 out of 5 in my books.


Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

Will go watch this movie if i got time . =D

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Yes, I liked the movie