Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012) Movie Review

Though this one may be the 3rd installment on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, I've never once watched any of the previous movies before. But I have seen the book before! Well, just the cover. But the title does says it all what's it about.

The wimpy kid is called Greg Heffley and like a lot of teenagers and kids these days, Greg is your indoor type of kid who loves video games instead of any physical sports. Dog Days is about summer vacation arriving and besides wanting to spend the entire summer just playing video games, he also wants to try to score with a girl he fancies named Holly Hills.

His plan to get Holly fails when she did not complete writing her phone on his yearbook where the last 2 digits were missing. But lo and behold, one day joining his best buddy Rowley at the country club, he discovers that it's like heaven there and on top of that, Holly is a member there as well. So he tries all types of silly things and lies to try to impress her.

Also, Greg's dad was not too keen on Greg spending time just in front of the TV playing video games and does all kinds of thing to get Greg out of the house such as getting him into camping. In order to avoid being an intern at his father's company, Greg lies by telling him that he already got a job at the country club.

Everything seems so far so good until one day Greg joins Rowley on a a family trip one day, which ended up Rowley's parents not wanting Rowley to be with Greg so much. This has inconvenient Greg since he couldn't enter as Rowley's guest to the country club anymore but was blackmailed by his brother to sneak in so that he can sneak Rodrick, Greg's brother, in since Rodrick have the hots for Holly's sister.

The lie turned bigger and bigger and one day, Greg's dad discovered the lie.

This show is obviously aimed at teenagers and provides a decent show. But to an old man like me, of course it will fall short to my expectation. There are some funny moments in there but not enough to keep me entertain enough to actually pay to watch this show. Of course, if I were to have a kid on tow, I would bring them to this if Paranorman has already been watched. I rate this movie 3 stars out of 5.