Sunday, July 22, 2012

Revive Rev-Cup Amp Your Pix Finale Party

Recently, Friday nights to KL has been massively filled with traffic jam and this night was no different. I brave the jam to attend this event to specially meet up with my friends who's from out of town, from Penang and also from East Malaysia.

There weren't much of interest to me (of late it has been that way) so I just filled myself up with beer, beer, beer and more beer! Just some pictures that I'd like to share that went down during the event.

A photo op with dressed up Street Fighter characters outside of the Neverland club:

Some of the people I was with:

Photos from the entries were framed and displayed at where the photo wall was:

The turnout of the crowd seems to be considerably lesser than previous years. Most probably it's because of the traffic jam and the place just wasn't familiar with most people.
Nevertheless, the show must go on and the prizes must be given. But first, dance performance by people in LED lights. LOL:

Joe Flizzow did a performance:

As well as Hunny Madu:

Loads and loads of cash prizes were presented to the respective category winners:

That night, I was still in my week of bad luck. Hence, something was bound to happen and that night was that I'm suppose to meet up my friend for a little bit of supper after the event, but my phone battery suddenly died on me after deceiving me that it had full bar. Tried to round the area to see where they were exactly, but of course it only met with failure and resulting in me going home instead. But NOTHING compared to what happened the day after and the week after. It was really a week of bad luck indeed. A lot ended up with me having to do extra for damage control because I believe I can change my fate with some effort put into it and that I did. I'm glad that week was over but more challenges awaits me, of course.


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