Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises picks off from where the movie The Dark Knight left off 8 years after. Ever since the incident, Bruce Wayne has been in hiding at his mansion without ever needing to don the Batman character ever again and just wallows in his misery over the loss of Rachel Dawes.

A certain cat burglar named Selina Kyle went after Bruce's fingerprints and took a necklace too which invigorated Bruce to don his Batman character again to find out why did Catwoman took his fingerprints.

This has led Bruce to finding out Bane and that Bane shares the same mentor as him where he took over the League of Shadows after Ra's Al Ghul's death. Batman was back in action again after a partial plot by Bane had succeeded which was to bankrupt Bruce Wayne and am now on his way to acquire the machine that was setup and built by Wayne Enterprises to harness fusion energy and modify it to make it into a nuclear device.

Batman confronted Bane but was defeated with the famous scene of Bane breaking Batman's back and left him to rot in a prison that Bane came from because Bane wanted Batman/Bruce Wayne to see his failure to stop him through the television while he goes on in succeeding his plan to take over Gotham and activate a nuclear device which he plans to detonate way later on.

While the city of Gotham falls into the hands of Bane and all the police forces trapped underground, and Bane having his personal army of felons, Bruce starts his journey of recovery inside the prison where Bane use to be. That's where he hears the story of how only a child has once managed to escape the prison walls and that child was the child of Ra's Al Ghul, the only person to ever escape the prison.

Many months went by, Bane was still in charge and Bruce has already recovered from his back injury and attempts to leave the prison but fails. Find out how the rest of the story goes by watching the film!

This show was a little too dry for my taste. Loads of talking, kid-like fighting actions but it's nice to see how this story came to life from a comic book. Batman fans will of course be thrilled by seeing Batman being defeated by Bane coming to life on the big screen, a milestone when it was in the comic world but otherwise everything else seems to be a little too under par for my taste. Nevertheless, it's an ok watch. So I give it 3 stars out of 5.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Revive Rev-Cup Amp Your Pix Finale Party

Recently, Friday nights to KL has been massively filled with traffic jam and this night was no different. I brave the jam to attend this event to specially meet up with my friends who's from out of town, from Penang and also from East Malaysia.

There weren't much of interest to me (of late it has been that way) so I just filled myself up with beer, beer, beer and more beer! Just some pictures that I'd like to share that went down during the event.

A photo op with dressed up Street Fighter characters outside of the Neverland club:

Some of the people I was with:

Photos from the entries were framed and displayed at where the photo wall was:

The turnout of the crowd seems to be considerably lesser than previous years. Most probably it's because of the traffic jam and the place just wasn't familiar with most people.
Nevertheless, the show must go on and the prizes must be given. But first, dance performance by people in LED lights. LOL:

Joe Flizzow did a performance:

As well as Hunny Madu:

Loads and loads of cash prizes were presented to the respective category winners:

That night, I was still in my week of bad luck. Hence, something was bound to happen and that night was that I'm suppose to meet up my friend for a little bit of supper after the event, but my phone battery suddenly died on me after deceiving me that it had full bar. Tried to round the area to see where they were exactly, but of course it only met with failure and resulting in me going home instead. But NOTHING compared to what happened the day after and the week after. It was really a week of bad luck indeed. A lot ended up with me having to do extra for damage control because I believe I can change my fate with some effort put into it and that I did. I'm glad that week was over but more challenges awaits me, of course.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Review

When Spiderman 4 production was cancelled, this movie's production sprang into action with a brand new cast.

The Amazing Spider-Man takes the storyline back into the beginning, right from the start where Peter Parker was left by his parents to stay with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. And when he was in high school, he already showed some promise as a very intelligent boy making his own inventions. It also highlights the first love of his life back in high school which is Gwen Stacy, before Mary Jane Watson came into the picture.
Also, the way Uncle Ben was killed was no doubt sticking to the story where Peter Parker's apathy led to the escaped robber killing his uncle, but somehow this story had a bit of a difference. And in this story, besides the usual creation of Spider-Man, bitten by a radioactive spider, the great power and great responsibility speech by his uncle, and the death of his uncle resulted in him using his newfound powers to do good by being a superhero, an interesting aspect to the storyline was that instead of how you see in the previous Spider-Man movies, this Spider-Man movie uses less brawn to overcome his nemesis but instead features on his agility and his webbing to fight.

The nemesis in this Spider-Man movie is the Lizard, which was the scientist who was Peter's father's partner. Curt Connors aka the Lizard was working with Peter's father in order to incorporate certain features of other species into human DNA to make use of their great abilities. As for Connors who had lost one of his arms, he's very interested in incorporating the lizard's DNA to grow back a limb and in his case is his arm.

Due to the pressure of Norman Osborn, Connors' superior, Connors was forced to accelerate his work and test it on himself instead. This although resulted in him growing back his arm, but the lizard part of him affects his thinking and takes over him where he grew proportionally more insane in spreading his serum to make others more lizard like and also makes him berserk and goes on a rampage.

I find the effects and actions of this movie very nice to watch. I love the idea of making Spider-Man more agile like in his fighting instead of using his strength which is more like Spider-Man. My rating for this movie is 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Movie Review

Been meaning to update my blog more often than possible these past 2 weeks but 1st week really got me swamped while another one more week was having a streak of bad luck which resulted in me having to do a bit more extra work to produce results that are near to what I want or to do control damage.

Anyway, enough about my un-awesome past 2 weeks.

Madagascar 3 features again the zoo animals that we so come to adore namely: Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo, and the rest of the adorable animated animals of Madagascar.

Alex missed his home where it's the city zoo of New York and after contemplating awhile, he rounded up the gang to go to Monte Carlo to get the penguins to fly them back to New York.

In Monte Carlo, despite wanting to do things discretely, yet they failed to do so when they were trying to extract the penguins out of the casino and caused a scene where the animal control of Paris were alerted. The animal control team of Paris is led by Officer DuBois who's a skilled hunter and animal tracker and is highly seeking a lion to be her head trophy on her wall. Hence, she's stopping at nothing to try and get Alex as her trophy.

As the gang tried to escape from DuBois's pursuit, they ended up in a circus train pretending to be circus animals and traveled to the next destination for their performance. They soon learn that the next 2 performances will be crucial as they're trying to get a deal to perform in America by impressing the American promoter. This has resulted in the penguins buying over the circus from the humans but to their horror, they soon found out that they're no good in entertaining the audience and had to flee to avoid the angry mob.

Alex soon heard the story of how they were lacking leadership ever since Vitaly, who used to be the star of the circus had lost his confidence in his act when an accident happened. And ever since then, the circus diminished into nothing without their star. That's when Alex decided to revamp the circus to make it a different show in order to impress the promoter so that he could get back to New York. In the meantime, DuBois is hot on the heels of the gang trying to get Alex as her prize.

After the movie, Prometheus, I was hit hard and grew afraid to step into the cinemas for fear of a bad movie. But thanks to Madagascar 3, it restored back my joy in watching movies at the cinemas and am grateful that I was given the opportunity to watch this. I rate this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Drum Tao Japanese Drum Tour - Malaysia

Drum Tao, the Japanese martial arts combined with drum playing extraordinaire will put on a show here in Malaysia for the very first time. To be more specific, the place to be on August 24 & 25, 2012 is at KLCC Convention Centre's Plenary Hall because that's where they will be performing.

After their tour performing to more than 5 million people in 400 cities at 17 countries including Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, it's time to hit KL's stage in Malaysia with their highly entertaining and eclectic mixture of dance and martial arts to the beats of their Wadaiko Drums.

A little about Drum Tao, Drum Tao is established in 1993 where they use modern day new art form while maintaining a sense of nostalgic traditional drumming ways, sending their musical message to the hearts of audience with the intense and powerful drum beats.

Tickets can be obtained at or at

And if you purchase before July 20, 2012, you'll get the early bird discount of 15% off.

Don't miss this mind blowing martial arts married with mesmerizing music choreographed to perfection with the innovative and flawless production values of contemporary Japanese excellence show.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Justin Bieber to Open MTV World Stage 2012 Malaysia

Beliebers (especially those in Malaysia) will surely be delighted to know that the global superstar, Justin Bieber, will be opening MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012.

The mega concert, known for bringing the biggest and best local, regional and international artists together on one stage, which this year will contain Jay Park, KARA and Mizz Nina besides Bieber will be happening next Saturday on the 14th of July 2012. Venue: Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon.

Since the debut of Justin Bieber's 4th album, Believe, which happened on 19th of June, it skyrocketed into the number one spot in 30 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines featuring the hit single, "Boyfriend". The MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 will be the ONLY Southeast Asia stop on Bieber's "All Around the World" tour.

This time around, MTV World Stage will be even more interactive with their social media followers by posting Twitter updates and behind-the-scenes images from July 1st up until to the concert date and those who are attending the event and who capture special on-ground moments and upload it via Instagram can be a part of the big screen showcase there. All they need to do is to use the hashtag #worldstagemy.

For those who still haven't manage to get their passes, fret not! There's still hope! This coming weekend, 7 & 8 July, there will be an MTV Road Show happening at Sunway Pyramid, Pyramid Concourse where MTV VJ Holly and VJ Rich will be giving out access passes to MTV World Stage as well. The stage games and giveaways will happen from 12pm to 6pm. Also, on top of that, do check out the sponsors' promotion booths at the same place as well. Some of the sponsors: Sunway Resort City, Lenovo, Xpax, Twisties, Hong Leong Bank.

So head on down to Sunway Pyramid this weekend for your final chance to get those exclusive MTV World Stage passes.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Somersby Apple Cider Media Launch Malaysia

I like drinking beer but it takes an acquired taste to drink it for many. And hence, Somersby Apple Cider makes a good alternative to beer.

They had their launch to the members of the press in Malaysia on the 22nd of June, 2012 which was a freaking-jammed Friday at a place called Carcosa Seri Negara:

Smack dabbed in the middle of nature, it was clearly an ideal place for the theme that was chosen for the launch...a garden themed setting.

Before the launch get to a start with the program in store, we were greeted with a buffet spread of delicacies before we get to taste the Somersby Apple Cider.

Somersby Apple Cider is made from juicy red apples that are fermented to perfection and contains 4.5% of alcohol in it. The natural apple flavoring will definitely give the drink the right flavor and sweetness to the already fresh and sparkling beverage. There are NO artificial sweeteners in it nor any artificial colorings. It is best served with ice where it brings out just the right zest and sweetness without the beer after-taste.

The introduction to the event was handled by Nadine Ann Thomas:

followed by Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Soren Ravn to deliver the opening speech:

Where it then adjourned to an open Q&A session to the floor:

"Cider is rather new to the Malaysian market. As consumers become more sophisticated in their choices, we feel that Somersby offers a refreshing alternative to beer. Malaysia is the third country in the region, after Singapore and Hong Kong, to launch Somersby Apple Cider, a flagship cider brand owned by the Carlsberg Group".

"Somersby Apple Cider is perfect to enjoy during brunch, in the hot afternoons or as a happy hour drink. It it easy drinking alternative to beer which you can enjoy with colleagues after work, at a cafe with good friends or even at lunch time. Basically, because of its sweet and refreshing fruity taste, there is no limitation or definitive time to enjoy a Somersby Apple Cider, it is the perfect alcoholic beverage around the clock," added Ravn.

The man of the drink - the iconic Lord Somersby made his appearance as well:

The eccentric, quirky character strolled in with his merry band of lovely ladies and officiated the release of the Somersby Apple Cider where all around had the opportunity to firsthand taste it for themselves in Malaysia.

In conjunction with the launch, the Somersby Apple Cider 'Grow an Apple Tree' project campaign existed too on Facebook where fans are to help grow a virtual apple tree and stand a chance to win amazing Apple products worth up to RM10,000 including Apple MacBook Air and the new iPad.
To participate, like their page at, then proceed to the Lord Somersby's Apple Tree app at the page (or you may directly access it at:

From there, just grow the virtual apple tree to fruition by checking it from time to time and click on the grow the tree button and perform the necessary steps.
(P.S.: This is only open to Non-Muslims and 18 years above)

There's also a vast digital installation featuring the live-feed of the 'Grow an Apple Tree' project at Pavilion where passersby are exposed to the ongoing online engagement to gain more exposure for the brand.

Somersby Apple Cider is available in 330ml bottles at selected bars and restaurants and comes in a pack of four in hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. For more info head on to their Facebook page.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Movie Review

This movie is actually based on a novel that was released in 2010. I've heard of a lot of conspiracy theory on Abraham Lincoln before, but as a vampire hunter is definitely the first for me (of course, this is merely a make belief story. LOL.)

So it starts Abraham Lincoln from a very young age where he didn't approve of a slave child being beaten. This has led to his father being fired from his job and later on in the night, his mother killed.

After growing up to a young man where his father had already died, he intends to seek revenge for his mothers death. But he learned the truth the hard way that who he was trying to kill is actually a powerful being...a vampire which he does not possess the skills to kill him. Along came Henry Sturgess, a person who on purpose met with Abe at a bar and saved Abe from his death. Henry explains more about vampires and recruits Abe to be a vampire hunter. He trains Abe for a very long time until he's highly skilled in killing vampires and sends Abe off to Springfield on his mission to kill vampires.

Abe lives a life that doesn't attract unwanted attention as a shopkeeper's assistant and carries out his duties during the night by following the instructions on who to kill through letters sent from Henry. Night after night, he was hoping one day to get the chance to confront Barts, the man who killed his mother.

This story is quite unique to me on how they manage to turn Abraham Lincoln into a vampire hunter and hero and how inside the movie, it contains certain truths to Abraham Lincoln's important history in his life. The actions in the movie are not bad either which makes it as watchable as the movie Safe, only this action has a lot of slo-mo action so you do see the fights clearly while Safe is all fast pace and blurry at times so you don't know what happened. If you like Safe, you'll like this too because it has it's own unique storyline, it has it's prime hero which is nothing in the movie without it and it has nice action scenes to watch. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.