Saturday, June 02, 2012 1st Blogger Event

Foodpanda, the food delivery ordering service had their 1st blogger meetup event at a place called Comida, the home of the giant 24 inch pizza. I've been to this restaurant once when they held their grand launch way back in 2010: where I was there more for the enjoyment of the food and drinks.

Anyway, we had a marvelous eating session but before it started, a little introduction on Foodpanda by their Marketing Director, Sidney Ng:

And after some brief introduction to Home24 their sister company as well:

We were briefed on how to place our order through the Foodpanda's website with some hands on:

When we first register at Foodpanda's website, we will receive a code for confirmation through our mobile phone, but my code somehow never made it through until way after the event was over after several hours later. Was told that the technical glitch might be because of the huge amount of order I placed through the website. Hmm.

Anyway, while we hungrily await our food, Foodpanda's panda mascot appeared to ensure that our food arrives:

And after a group photo with the bloggers:

Our concentration are now focused on our food. Comida burger:

200g of beef patty, lettuce, mushroom usually served with fries. Of course, you can change the fries to salad for free.

Seafood Especiale Pizza:

Prawn, calamari, clams, oregano with homemade pizza sauce & olive oil.

Chicken Burger:

Boneless chicken with lettuce and mayo served with straight cut fries.


Tortilla Chips topped with melted cheddar cheese and spicy chili con carne.
Pumpkin soup:

Duck Confit Spaghetti:

The duck is tasty and complements well with the spaghetti, not too hard to chew like how usually duck is. But tender enough giving flavor with the spaghetti. A little too oily when you reach the bottom though.

Baked Cod:

A little disappointing though.
A little dessert in the midst of our meal:

The picture above is Hot Fudge Brownies. It's topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Here's the big 24 inch pizza:

That's a Comida Pizza. Beef pepperoni, turkey ham, tomato sauce red capsicum, button mushroom, prawn, squid.

Did you know that if you can finish a 24 inch pizza in 20 minutes, it's free? On top of that you get RM50 and a Comida VIP card too.

Some drinks showcase:

From left to right, Virgin Mojito, Tropical Punch and Chocolate Dream.

Hawaiian Pizza:

Pesto Rocket Chicken Pizza:

Don't be fooled by the unsavory green looks, it's actually quite delicious.

All Meaty Pizza:

Beef Bacon, Pepperoni, Chorizo Sausages. All beefy goodness!

Hell's Pizza:

Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Chili flakes. Sounds spicy but it isn't.

Smoked Salmon & Egg Pizza:

Not my choice of pizza though.

The event was attended by Managing Director, Achman Srivastava and Global Venture Development Manager, Claudio Abintate as well as the other members of foodpanda Malaysia team.

Besides Comida, restaurants that are in foodpanda's repertoire include Fatty Crab, Skippy's Pizza, Sarpino's and many more. You can look it up at


Henry Lee said...

the food looks good... i heard the delivery via foodpanda was quite slow... looks like many will still go for mcD or Dominos instead!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I find Comida food decent but wouldn't purposely go there for it.

Usually, I don't order through delivery as I much prefer to go out and eat. LOL.

Isaac Tan said...

ooo, your post is up. >< I'm not sure on how to write this, but shall take yours as a benchmark, ehehe good writeup bro!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. It took me some time to figure out too because I messed up on the food photos. Didn't know which is for which.

Panda said...

Henry - We are still improving, our average delivery time is about 1 hour.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Good to hear you're improving.