Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heineken UEFA Champions League Final Screening

Heineken held a fantastic legendary night for soccer fans (or more well known as football in Malaysia) to view the UEFA Champions League final on Sunday, May 20, 2012. Since the match starts wee hours in the morning in Malaysia which is 2:45am, there was a pre-match party held at GSC Signature which is where the viewing was anyway to rile up the fans.

Watching it at GSC Signature is the biggest screen that I've ever witness soccer on in my life!

Also, this is the first time ever in Malaysia that the match was 'televised' live in HD in an exclusive event hosted by Heineken at GSC Signature cineplex at the Gardens.

I arrived slightly past midnight to find a pumped-up atmosphere that was happening with many restless fans. At the pre-match area, the party atmosphere was filled with activities. In addition to the many Heineken bottles for everyone to guzzle:

there were ample supply of finger food to satisfy the people's midnight snacks craving needs. Some of the items served:

Besides the mingling around, there were also interactive games that were setup for people to play such as foosball:

and a game console:

where you control with the movement of your body!

Guests had chances to exclusive merchandise as well by participating in a foosball competition. Look at the line of people lining up to sign themselves up when they announced it:

By the way, Joey G was the MC of the night:

Some of the lucky winners of the foosball challenge:

Some entertainment by violinist Genervie Kam as well:

DJ Blastique and Heineken Found @ Thirst DJ Search 2011 finalist, DJ Darling Sabrina entertain with tunes that they spin on the DJ decks as well! Yes, there was a DJ deck at GSC Signature. LOL.

All this was part of Heineken's 'Legendary Football' campaign for the UEFA Champions League 2012 Finale in Munich where there was an overwhelming response. Thousands of fans participated in the Legendary Night app game in Heineken’s Facebook page of which only 400 lucky winners won the exclusive invite to the event.

On top of that, Heineken also rewarded the ultimate football fan’s dream to three Malaysians whom participated in a promotion held at Heineken outlets nationwide. Tey Ghee Foo, Tan Eng Heng and Leong Chee Ping all received an all expense paid trip to watch the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final in Munich, Germany.

The doors to the cinema halls opened when the time for the match draws near and we made our way to our respective halls. At the front of each hall, we're handed a doggy bag containing popcorn and another nice cold Heineken for our enjoyment. Oh, notice this buzzer that we're handed during our registration:

By pressing the button, we'll be given more Heineken to enjoy from the comfort of our seats during the match just like how it was portrayed in the TVC:

When we arrived at our seats, we were also greeted with our momento photo that we took at the photo wall:

We were also provided with hot dogs during half time! Truly an amazing experience.

About the match, the UEFA Champions League Final was between four-time winner Bayern Munich and Chelsea who's looking for their first win.

The match started off with a predominant Bayern Munich relentlessly trying to break down Chelsea's defenses. The entire match pretty much went that way with Bayern Munich attacking while Chelsea defended until the 83rd minute came where Müller finally head the ball and it reflected and bounced into the goal past Chelsea's goalkeeper Petr Cech.

All seemed lost and it looks like Bayern Munich had won. The manager substituted Müller out but a surprise came on the 88th minute where Didier Drogba made a powerful header to equalize the game. Suddenly, Chelsea was back in the game again!

On the final moment, an exciting heart stopping moment happened again when Drogba was fouled for challenging Ribery and gave away a penalty. Robben was the penalty taker and just like a scripted movie to keep the excitement of the audience, Robben's shot was saved by Cech.

Extra time saw a spirited Chelsea against a dejected Bayern Munich where both still couldn't manage to gain an extra goal during the extra time.

On a penalty shootout, after the 1st penalty takers on both teams, Bayern Munich went 1-up over Chelsea as Juan Mata's shot was saved by Neuer. All seemed lost again and it looks like Bayern Munich is winning when just like a scripted movie again, Ollic's shot for Bayern Munich was saved by Cech to make the score level again after Cole equalized. The next shot by Bayern Munich's Schweinsteiger proved fatal as it hit the goal post which gave Chelsea a chance to win. And win they did when Drogba buried his penalty kick giving Chelsea their 1st UEFA Champions League title ever. A remarkable match as if set for a movie.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to or for more information.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I thought watching at a mamak is way more comfortable lol PIKOM ICT Mall Grand Launch

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Unless mamak got those awesome comfortable cinema chairs with such a big ass screen, I would say this is better. :P