Sunday, May 06, 2012

Gone (2012) Movie Review

Jill is a young woman who's paranoid and leaning towards psychotic after an incident where she was abducted and thrown into a deep hole in the woods where the person who abducts her will eventually kills his victims but she manages to escape.....or is it? Her story don't seem to stick with the Portland police department where they had a full investigation done but ended up finding nothing, no deep hole in the woods with human remains and they also found out that Jill had a mental illness case and was admitted to a psychiatric institution after her parents death. Convinced that this was all in her head, the police concluded that it was all in her head.

A year after the incident, Jill is still as paranoid, taking self defense classes and is jumpy at the slightest abnormality from the norm. Her sister who had a big test coming up were the only one who lives with her. She tries to set her in a more relaxed mood.

One night, after Jill's work late at night where she returns home early in the morning, she discovers that her sister is missing. Fearing that the abductor came back and kidnapped her sister instead, she immediately set out to the police department to report it. But the police just dismissed her off and say that it's all in her head. That's when she started desperately using any means that she can get to investigate who the abductor is and recover her sister before she gets killed causing a whole lot of trouble for the police and the people around her. Is she chasing a phantom abductor or she's right on the money about him? Watch the movie to find out!

This movie has a storyline that's rather intriguing which could swing both ways because it causes doubt in both cases, whether the abductor exists or not. Though not much action and not much suspense, the storyline is the thing that holds my attention the most. Unfortunately, it's not enough for me to rate a worthy watch. However, I do give it 3 stars out of 5 because of it's storyline.

If you're interested, the movie will be released in cinemas Malaysia-wide starting May 10, 2012.


Unknown said...

Bro, the storyline is actually one of the most overused thriller storylines of all time haha. Malaysian films ripoff poster designs of Dick Tracy & GTA

Merryn said...

I don't have the leisure to watch this genre ody..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Well, this kind of storyline is used a lot because it's simply works. LOL.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Perhaps one day, you'll be able to again. haha