Sunday, April 22, 2012

World's Best Sandwich Live Cooking Demo With Darren Chin

Last weekend, Sunday, April 15, 2012, there was a live cooking demonstration at 1 Utama on French cuisine and French pastry. The theme of the cooking demo is "From Farm To Table" which ingredients are sourced locally to couple with the French cooking techniques. The main highlight of this cooking demonstration would be the World's Best Sandwich created by Chef Darren Chin.

Chef Darren Chin is the Winner of the 9th Delifrance Sandwich World Cup 2012 and I am happy to be able to find out how it tasted like and what makes it so special. By the way, this is a Malaysian creation since it's by Chef Darren!

The ingredients that are for the cooking demonstration.

Besides the World's best sandwich, Chef Darren also showcased on his preparation of the Lamb Loin and the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables.

He started off with the Lamb a bit due to the lamb being the longest to prepare. He emphasized on the importance of removing the big bone at the back to preserve the juiciness of the lamb.

Course he didn't show the whole process until the part where he stuffs it with basil and rolls it then bags it which he suggested that you can use a cling wrap to roll it up too. Tightly roll it up with cling wrap and freeze it. So before proceeding to steam the lamb (yes, steam!), he puts in a food thermometer to find out the temperature.

Usual temperature before steaming would be around 5 degrees celcius and the temperature that we're looking for to achieve a rare - medium rare lamb would ideally be 55 degrees celcius.

He uses those pau steamer on low to medium fire to steam the lamb:

While waiting for the lamb to cook, he then proceeded to the World's Best Sandwich meat ingredient, the pork (yes, it's non-halal)!
He cooks the caramelized pork with low to medium fire:

When the sauce is at the bottom of the pan, to prevent it from sticking and to reuse it to cook, he adds water:

Since water is a neutral substance, it's perfect to keep the juice from sticking and can reuse to continue cooking the pork.

Chef Darren explaining the vegetables consisting of some coriander and some bok choy.

With the pork ready, he proceeded to prepare the bread by taking out the inside of the bread so that there's plenty of room which is then made into crouton:

He then just proceeded to stuff in the pork, followed by some vinaigrette and some crisp vegetables (carrots and the likes all soaked in ice cold water to maintain the crispness of it) and then he stuffed the croutons in which was basically the insides of the bread that he taken out earlier to give a little crunchiness to the sandwich then finally, some green vegetables for the finish. So that's the World's Best Sandwich.

Once that's done, he worked on the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables he plated the presentation with much effort and concentration:

The ingredients that were used to make the Gargouillou of Young Vegetables:

When it's finished, it's time to go back to the lamb:

Due to the amount of time taken up, a short break then commenced and pastry Chef Hubert LY was next to demonstrate on making the Entremet :- "Agrums", the Passion Fruit Macaron and the Financier:- Classic French Tea Cake.

Chef Hubert cooking butter until it's almost to the point of burn which has a very light color like oil

Due to his heavy French accent, I wasn't able to understand much:

Whisking the egg whites

Piping the base of the cake:

When Chef Hubert was done with his demo, it's time to find out how their food taste like!
Started off with some lamb made by Chef Darren Chin:

Nice soft texture with buttery taste to it (according to me la, of course) and juicy.

A table set with the cuisine made by Chef Darren for the consumption of the guests:

Yes, that's how we eat it, straight from the table.

And a table set on Chef Hubert's masterpiece:

A vegetarian version of the sandwich:

If you want to find out how the World's Best Sandwich taste like, it's now available at Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill at 1 Utama (opposite TGI Fridays at the old wing) and a halal version will be available at Dave's Deli.


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Yup, it was nice tasting the delicacies.

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