Wednesday, April 04, 2012

We Not Naughty (2012) Gala Night & Review

On Thursday, March 29, 2012, the brand new Jack Neo film entitled 'We Not Naughty' had it's Gala Premiere at this location:

Recognize which GSC this is? If not, the answer is Tropicana City mall. Over there, despite a small location, it still manage to conjure up a grand gala evening. With plenty of food at the foyer area (which I did not partake since I've already had my dinner but my partner was more than delighted to get a helping on the buffet table) and a small stage set up to introduce some of the actors and the director of the movie, it turned out to be a much fancy event that I never expected. With the MC on the stage at 8.30pm, the night carried along for the after dinner pre-movie installation:

Our Miss Malaysia World 2011 winner was there to brighten up the evening:

After some giveaways done by the actors with the director Jack Neo himself, the signing of the photo wall commenced and a chance for a photo op:

The movie started around 9pm plus.

The story is about Wei Jie and Jian Ren, 2 troubled youths with their own sets of family problem to deal with living a rebellious life in Singapore.

Wei Jie has a taxi driver dad who got addicted to gambling after being treated to the casino once by his customer and won. His younger sister after being ridiculed and taunted at in school decided to seek revenge on a particular girl which got the girl committing suicide. She then got in trouble even more with her school mates ended up being bullied for that. Wei Jie's younger brother is still an innocent child learning about life. Often being confuse about what's right and wrong by his parents explanation and deceitfulness. Wei Jie is a bright, innovative and creative student which unfortunately wasn't acknowledged by his parents. Of course, the biggest problem would be the dad who's addiction to gambling then led to being in debt with loan sharks causing hardship to the family. Throughout this ordeal, somehow it brought the siblings closer to one another when an accident happened to their mom.

Jian Ren comes from a rich family where his mother, a single parent is also a successful TV talk show host and motivator. Jian Ren has his talents same as Wei Jie too but am not too fond of his family. He's really jealous of his younger brother who has all the commendation and is always looking down on him and his mother who's always paying attention to her career and his younger brother only and so he joins the gangster and later on as a runner for the loan sharks.

These hidden gems were discovered by their lecturer, CK, who at first were angry at them for knocking his wife over at a bus stop, but later through his much perseverance and patience, taking a lot of time to get to know them better and why their behavior is that way, he finally understand their problems and with his never-give-up attitude, is determined to help the 2 back on their feet again and to bring their talent out further.

These challenges of course were not easy to over come and therein lies the story of this movie.

There's a lot of Hong Kong TV series drama elements in there with your overblown problems going out of proportion with a side touch of comedy thrown in which makes this movie as addictive as those Hong Kong TVB series drama. But in my case, I would actually prefer a movie that has less heartache and bickering to watch with and more laughter and jokes inside. Nonetheless, it would generally be an addictive watch to many so I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5.


FiSh said...

not bad worh, malaysian movie gets a rating of 4/5 from you :) i hope it's really hilarious!

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

It's a Singapore movie le.

Xue Ren said...

i want to watch this movie so badly! =)

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Then go and watch it. It's coming out soon!